Chapter 836 - The Moongazer Serpent’s Secret

Chapter 836 - The Moongazer Serpent’s Secret

As the roar echoed, Wang Lin’s expression turned pale. He felt pain in his origin soul, as if it was being torn apart. If he still had the Ancient God Leather Armor on, it wouldn’t have been this strong, but the pain right now caused blood to come out of his orifices.

Feeling a sense of danger, Wang Lin let out a wry smile and slapped his bag of holding. The Ancient God Leather Armor appeared and shrouded his origin soul. It was as if a barrier was suddenly formed around his ears. Although the roar was still strong, the impact on his origin soul had been reduced to a point where Wang Lin could withstand it.

However, the aura coming from the Ancient God Leather Armor caused all the tentacles on the smaller Moongazer Serpents to wiggle in excitement. They all rushed toward Wang Lin like crazy.

Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb. He was stuck in a difficult situation. If he took off the leather armor, his origin soul would collapse under this roar. However, if he wore the leather armor, it would attract large amounts of small Moongazer Serpents.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed as a cold aura came from the soil in front of him. A crack suddenly appeared and a Moongazer Serpent more than 100 feet long rushed out toward Wang Lin. From Wang Lin’s view, its large mouth wasn’t simply going to devour the aura from the leather armor.

After 1,000 years of cultivation, Wang Lin didn’t have the habit of comforting himself. He didn’t think that the Moongazer Serpent was going to recognize him as its owner just because of the ancient god aura!

At this moment, Wang Lin’s expression became serious, his eyes became cold, and he quickly retreated. The Moongazer Serpent rushed toward him and constantly devoured the aura coming out from Wang Lin’s body.

Cultivators couldn’t feel this aura, and those beasts with inheritances from ancient times were unable to detect it. Only a few creatures aside from the Moongazer Serpents could detect an ancient god’s aura.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder. It was likely that when this Moongazer Serpent was devouring the ancient god’s aura, it would devour him as well!

Just as he retreated, an even colder aura surrounded the area. Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy and he immediately changed directions.

A crack appeared in the earth behind where he was and a 1,000 foot Moongazer Serpent rushed out. This Moongazer Serpent had all of its tentacles wrapped around its body and its mouth open wide as if it was very excited. There were even large amounts of saliva coming out from its mouth as it tried to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin changed his direction as cracking sounds came from all directions. More than 10 cracks appeared and different sized Moongazer Serpents charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. As he retreated, origin energy gathered in his body and then suddenly surged out. This created a vortex that collapsed, causing him to retreat even faster.

A large number of Moongazer Serpents was chasing after him. These Moongazer Serpents’ eyes were filled with excitement, but underneath them were terrifying glares.

They wanted to devour the aura of the leather armor. Even more, they want to devour Wang Lin so they could forever have that aura that excited them!

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb as he was chased by the Moongazer Serpents. He revealed a wry smile and then stopped. Hundreds of cracks appeared before him and Moongazer Serpents rushed out. Combined with the ones behind him, the large group of Moongazer Serpents trapped him.

Just as these Moongazer Serpents charged out to devour Wang Lin, Wang Lin revealed a vicious gaze and a loud roar echoed through the Moongazer Serpent’s body.

As the roar echoed, all of the smaller Moongazer Serpents charging at Wang Lin stopped. They retreated, creating a passage.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, but just at this moment, cracking sounds appeared. A large Moongazer Serpent suddenly came through the passage. It was too fast and the aura it gave off was no weaker than the Blood Ancestor’s. At this instant, it caused Wang Lin’s expression to change greatly.

As that Moongazer Serpent rushed out with an incredible speed, it directly swallowed Wang Lin. It then quickly drilled into the earth and left.

All of the Moongazer Serpents followed after it into the distance.

That Moongazer Serpent was grey and its eyes were filled with ruthlessness. It was too fast, especially inside its mother’s body. In only five minutes, they arrived at a mysterious place.

There was no soil here, only a large vortex. Every time it completed a cycle, it would release bursts of cold energy into the surrounding area.

If Wang Lin could see the vortex, he would recognize that this was where the head of the Moongazer Serpent was located! I was also where the Moon Essence was located!

After arriving here, the Moongazer Serpent suddenly opened its mouth and spat. Wang Lin was immediately launched out. He didn’t even have any chance to resist before he disappeared into the vortex.

The large amount of Moongazer Serpents lied down and remained motionless.

Inside the vortex, after Wang Lin entered, his eyes lit up. The moment he was swallowed by the Moongazer Serpent, a mysterious power immediately entered his body and stopped his origin energy from operating. It was as if his origin soul was cut from his body and he had gone from a cultivator to a mortal!

This caused Wang Lin’s mind to shake greatly. However, he immediately noticed that the Ancient God Leather Armor gave off a suction force that immediately absorbed this mysterious power.

As a result, his origin energy resumed operation.

After Wang Lin was thrown into the vortex, he was finally able to clearly see around him. What he saw made him suck in a breath of cold air and he was shocked.

This was a long and narrow space. Tentacles were sticking out from the void and were slowly swaying. Wang Lin saw a large furnace bound by countless tentacles as if they were absorbing its aura. A large bulge would occasionally move through the tentacles.

This furnace was the one that belonged to Greed!

This furnace only made Wang Lin suck in a breath of cold air. What shocked him were the people entangled by the tentacles!

These people were all naked and very thin. There were male and female, old and young, all densely packed. Almost every tentacle was wrapped around a person!

All of these people’s eyes were closed and there was almost no vitality from their bodies, as if they were corpses. The tentacles wrapped around them were clearly absorbing their vitality!

Wang Lin didn’t know any of them! He could vaguely feel that not all of them were cultivators, there were mortals among them!

For example, the boy that looked to be only six or seven years old. Although his body was completely dried up, Wang Lin was still able to tell that he was a child!

At this moment, he was only skins and bones without any sign of life. His face still maintained an expression of extreme pain and despair.

A chill appeared inside Wang Lin’s heart and surrounded him.

His gaze went into the depths of this area, and it was endless. Wang Lin could imagine that there were more tentacles there and that every tentacle had a person entangled!

“Moongazer Serpent…” Wang Lin silently pondered.

He could have guessed these people were gathered by the Moongazer Serpent over the countless years and became a source of life for the Moongazer Serpent.

There was even a terrifying idea inside Wang Lin’s mind.

“Back when the Moongazer Serpent was planet Yun Xia, there were ruins of cities on it… Planet Yun Xia once had cultivators and mortals. Did they… really move away…” Wang Lin took a deep breath and revealed a complicated expression.

His gaze was still on the boy.

Just at this moment, countless tentacles appeared in the void and moved like lightning toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. If he didn’t have the Ancient God Leather Armor, he would be like these mortals. He wouldn’t be able to resist at all as the tentacles sucked away his life.

However, right now killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He didn’t touch the tentacles but quickly dodged and charged toward the large furnace.

Unless he had to, Wang Lin wasn’t willing to destroy these tentacles. If he did so and was detected by the Moongazer Serpent, it might do something new.

As he rushed out, the tentacles missed. Wang Lin’s body was like smoke when he arrived near the large furnace. The furnace gave off an ancient aura that slowly spread out.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The aura inside the furnace was even stronger. The tentacles around the furnace were only wrapped around the surface as if they were unwilling to go inside.

At this moment, countless more tentacles appeared in the void and headed toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate and went directly into the furnace. Just as he went inside, a powerful force came out from the vortex at the entrance.

Shortly after, a woman’s charming shadow appeared inside the vortex. Her face was pale and her eyes were closed. She had clearly lost consciousness. As soon as she appeared, half of the tentacles went after her. They wrapped her up and continued to absorb her vitality.

The moment Wang Lin entered the furnace, he was able to clearly see the woman’s appearance. She was Yao Bingyun!

Yao Bingyun’s clothes showed traces of corrosion as the tentacles wrapped around her. Even her bag of holding wasn’t able to escape and had collapsed.

Yao Bingyun’s clothes were in tatters, revealing large amount of skin. At this moment, her eyelashes trembled and she opened her eyes...

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