Chapter 83 - Stealing Foundation (3)

Chapter 83 - Stealing Foundation (3)

Two days later, Wang Lin was next to a creek, filling his gourd with water while carefully checking his surroundings. His expression suddenly changed as he cursed, “This is never going to end!”

He sent out his flying sword, put away his gourd as he jumped across the river, and ran deeper into the forest.

A moment later, Teng Li carefully chased after Wang Lin, not daring to use any spiritual power. He looked very pathetic. His clothes were torn and his armor had lost its luster. His right arm was limp as he chased after Wang Lin.

His hair was disheveled, his face was pale, and his eyes were filled with rage. His hatred for Wang Lin had reached an unimaginable degree. He had always been treated like a genius ever since he was little and never before had he been put into such a pathetic situation.

All of this was caused by Wang Lin.

The vines 2 days ago almost killed him. He never thought that such small vines could be so deadly. When the liquid the vine shot out hit his armor, it started to dissolve the plate.

If it was only that, then it would be fine. He would have killed it with his flying sword. However, this vine was undying. Every time he cut the vine, it would divide into more.

Even the lightning ball created by the flying sword couldn’t stop the vines.

Then, there were sneak attacks by Wang Lin’s strange flying sword. His right arm was injured by the flying sword.

Finally, Teng Li had to take out his life saving treasure given to him by his grandfather. The treasure was very powerful, but it only had one use. He had never used it once ever since he received it, but he knew that if he didn’t use it now, he wouldn’t be able to save his own life.

In the end, under the power of the treasure, a majority of the vines were destroyed and the rest retreated back underground. Teng Li used this opportunity to finally escape.

Thinking about it now, his forehead got covered in cold sweat. As for Wang Lin, he now hated him to the bones.

Especially the fact that Wang Lin never attacked him head on and always sneak attacked him. With that strange flying sword Wang Lin possessed, Teng Li had to keep his flying sword floating around him at all times.

He carefully checked the river. After hesitating for a bit, he drank some water from it as he was very thirsty after chasing for 5 or 6 days.

The water felt very refreshing and sweet. Teng Li felt rejuvenated and was about to drink more when his heart suddenly skipped a beat. A small green sword quietly appeared before him and stabbed toward his head.

Teng Li quickly retreated without any hesitation as he called his own flying sword to protect him. The two flying swords collided with each other, but the green sword was clearly at a disadvantage. After a while, the green sword gained a few more scratches as it suddenly flashed and disappeared.

Teng Li looked at the hair the small green sword had cut as he screamed at the top of his lungs, “Damn it! I swear that when I catch you, I’ll let you experience all of the torture in the world and then refine your soul!”

Wang Lin was running through the jungle as his face suddenly turned red and he swallowed a mouthful of blood. The green sword appeared next to him. He felt pain in his heart when he saw the new scratches. A cold light flash across his eyes as he kept running.

Late into the night, 5 days later, Wang Lin and Teng Li were still running through the jungle. They had already entered into the deep part of the jungle and on that night, Wang Lin suddenly stopped.

Situ Nan quickly said, “Brat, you noticed it too? There is a very powerful spiritual fluctuation northwest of here. Go check it out.” In these past few days, he had been on his toes using all of his knowledge to help Wang Lin avoid one danger after another.

Without a word, Wang Lin changed his direction to northwest. Shortly after, he arrived at the spot of the spiritual fluctuation.

The scene before him caused his pupils to contract.

Under the moonlight was a giant tree that had been completely uprooted, laying on the ground. The area was clear of everything besides a dead body lying on the ground.

Above his head floated a green bead as spiritual energy gathered from all directions, forming many smaller swirls.

Situ Nan was stunned and said, with a surprised tone, “A green core? Didn’t think there would be a green core from a rank 4 country here.”

Wang Lin asked, “What is a green core?”

“This is the rank 4 country’s demon sect’s special cultivation technique, the Green Core, or the Fake Core. Unlike normal cores, you can have as many green cores as you wish. I remember that there was a mad man from a rank 4 country who had tens of thousands of green cores. Not even Spirit Forming cultivators from rank 5 countries would dare to mess with him. It has to be said that besides the ability to increase your cultivation, what makes the green core deadly is when it explodes. It is really powerful when tens of thousands of those green cores explode at once.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he suddenly asked, “How many green cores does this person before us have? Can you tell?”

“Him? Only one is pretty good for him, and this person is also not a living person. He is clearly a zombie that has intelligence. He was probably a demonic cultivator from a rank 4 country that used a technique before his death to turn into a zombie.”

That zombie had clearly already seen Wang Lin. He didn’t move, but raised his finger and flicked. A green light shot out straight toward Wang Lin’s forehead.

Wang Lin quickly retreated and dodged the green light.

The green light didn’t chase, but made a circle and stopped. The green light projected a blurry imagine that released an unclear voice.

“Leave… this place…. you… die.” With that, the image’s body moved as it disappeared. Soon, the massive amount of spiritual energy fluctuation disappeared without a trace as if it was completely covered up.

Wang Lin carefully backed away without even batting his eyes. After a bit, a cold light flashed across his eyes and he no longer ran away, but spread out his divine sense, waiting for Teng Li to catch him.

Teng Li’s flying sword circled around his body, getting rid of anything in his way. He suddenly noticed something as he smiled. He pointed his finger forward and his flying sword shot out.

Wang Lin’s shadow was within sight. Teng Li became excited as he checked his surroundings. Wang Lin’s actions put him on guard. He sneered, “How come you’re not running?”

Wang Lin pointed with his right finger and the green flying sword appeared. He waved his hand and the green sword shot out. Then, he took out a piece of jade, then spat out a mouthful of spiritual energy onto the jade.

Suddenly, 4 golden characters appeared from the jade.

Teng Li grinned. He bit his finger and flung out a drop of his blood onto his flying sword. Suddenly, the flying sword shook as it released demonic light and grew into a great sword. Countless lightning balls appeared as well, but there were clearly a lot less than before.

The moment the great sword appeared, it released a cold aura as Teng Li swung it down.

Wang Lin’s small sword teleported and arrived behind Teng Li. Right before the sword could strike, Teng Li touched his bag of holding and a bell suddenly appeared and attached to his body.

The small green sword struck the bell and waves of ripples appeared on it.

While the great sword was swinging down, Wang Lin pointed his finger and the 4 golden symbols shot toward it. Wang Lin backed up until he arrived at the place he saw the zombie.

The 4 symbols all exploded after they collided with the flying sword, sending it back up. However, there were simply too few golden symbols, so after pausing in the air for a bit, the great sword continued to swing down.

Crackling sounds came from the ground as the ground clearly couldn’t handle the pressure. All of the giant trees in the surrounding area fell over. Just as the sword came down, Wang Lin’s body was covered in a blue light and he teleported away.

Just as the sword was about to come in contact with his body, he teleported 100 meters away with a stream of blood trickling down from his forehead.

The great sword slammed down into the ground with a bang. Soon after, a ghostly scream appeared and a ghostly figure that smelled like a rotten corpse charged toward Teng Li.

Teng Li’s expression suddenly changed. He already had his suspicions, but he didn’t expect such a creature to be living here. He pointed his finger forward as the lightning balls slammed into the zombie.

The lightning balls were very powerful and lightning was also the weakness of all undead. They immediately exploded when they touched the zombie. The zombie let out a scream as part of its body was blown off, revealing black bones.

Teng Li sneered as he waved his left hand. Suddenly, more than 10 lightning balls appeared around the flying sword. The lightning balls charged toward the zombie, with the great sword following closely behind.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “Not Good!” He didn’t think that the zombie would be this weak and was about to escape.

The zombie also noticed that something was wrong and, in a life and death situation, it let out a scream and spat out a green core. The moment the green core appeared, it immediately exploded.

A wave of energy expanded outward in a ring around the zombie. All of the surrounding plants turned to dust and Teng Li, who was simply too close, bit the tip of his tongue and spat blood onto the bell attached to his body.

In a flash, the bell went from a half transparent state to a more solid form. There were many ancient patterns on the bell.

The moment the wave hit Teng Li, the bell shook violently. It only lasted a few seconds before it cracked.

Using the time the bell bought for him, Teng Li threw out one treasure after another. As the bell broke, defensive layers went up in front of him one by one.

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