Chapter 818 - Heaven Avoiding Coffin (2)

Chapter 818 - Heaven Avoiding Coffin (2)

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. When he the Heavenly Chop flew out, he raised the celestial sword and used 10 more Heavenly Chops that chased closely behind the first 10.

With a bang, the celestial curtain trembled and cracked. Immediately after, a second Heavenly Chop arrived and the celestial curtain shattered. Wang Lin threw the celestial sword and shouted, “Stop!”

The celestial sword was too fast and shot out like lightning. The black-robed man frowned as he had already arrived above the Celestial Sealing Stamp. He lifted his right hand and was about to grab the celestial sword.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s “Stop” echoed like thunder.

The black-robed man’s head was normal, but his bone hand paused. At this instant, the celestial sword flashed by and severed his entire right arm!

When his right arm was detached from his body, it mysteriously turned into bone dust and dissipated in the void.

Wang Lin’s timing was extremely accurate. If it...

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