Chapter 810 - Wings of the Butterfly (1)

Chapter 810 - Wings of the Butterfly (1)

This blue-robed man was middle-aged. His eyes were cold but had a demonic glow. His lips were thin and he gave off a harsh aura. His scattered hair made him look like a devil among celestials.

He walked out from the gate of the altar and flew into the air. His figure hadn’t solidified yet. If one looked at him, they would still see the altar behind him.

Wang Lin was floating in the air, and behind him was the butterfly that appeared after the God Slayer War Chariot was activated. The butterfly gently flapped its wings to keep itself afloat.

The eyes of Chosen Immortal Clan members were filled with caution as they stared at the middle-aged man and retreated. Ta Shan’s eyes were cold as he took a step forward and shouted, “Who is this!?”

The blue-robed middle-aged man’s gaze moved from Ta Shan and swept through the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan. His gaze finally fell on Wang Lin and became serious.

“You’re not from here. Where did you come from!?”

Wang Lin’s expression was cold. He was able to see through this middle-aged man’s cultivation at a glance. The middle-aged man was at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage, a bit higher than himself.

At this moment, Ta Shan frowned and rushed forward with his right first. The tattoos on his body flashed and condensed on his right fist as he punched toward the middle-aged man.

Ta Shan shouted, “Who is this!?”

“Bow!” The blue-robed man’s eyes revealed contempt. It was as if he was looking at an ant when he looked at Ta Shan. His raised his right hand and pointed with one finger. A ripple appeared with this finger as the center and began to spread.

Just as Ta Shan closed in, his expression immediately turned pale. He could clearly feel a power inside his body that prevented him from getting closer and attacking.

This power was extremely powerful, as if it was an instinct that was deeply imprinted into his body. When he was 200 feet from the middle-aged man, Ta Shan couldn’t move any closer. His face revealed pain as his whole body trembled and large drops of sweat dripped down.

He clearly felt that the power that prevented him from moving forward came from his own tattoos. The power from the tattoos made it so he couldn’t resist.

It was as if he had met his natural enemy. No matter how strong he became, he still wouldn’t dare to attack the middle-aged man.

He had a very strong feeling while his mind trembled. It was as if the other party only needed one thought to cause him to collapse immediately.

Ta Shan had never felt this feeling in his life. However, the moment this feeling appeared, it was as if it had always been there. It was something that was branded into the life of all Chosen Immortal Clan members.

He couldn’t resist! Ta Shan’s body trembled. When the middle-aged man’s gaze landed on him, he even had the impulse to kneel down and worship the middle-aged man. However, due to his own dignity, Ta Shan clenched his teeth and stopped this feeling coming from his soul and the tattoos on his body.

A growl of struggle that was almost like a roar came from his throat, and his eyes were bloodshot. What came out of his body was no longer sweat, it was blood.

While struggling, Ta Shan lifted his feet and took another step. His body trembled once more as if he was facing the world.

This step had only risen, and before it could land, Ta Shan’s vision went black and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His body could no longer withstand the force. It was as if there was a big, invisible hand pressing down on him and making him kneel.

Two streams of blood came out from his eyes. His eyes contained a mix of sadness and unyieldingness, but his body could no longer stand.

He could only kneel!

The middle-aged man sneered, “You lowerly clan dares to resist the slave imprint! If it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t want to kill you, you would’ve died with just a thought from this celestial! Now scram!”

It was as if Ta Shan’s body was hit by an invisible fist. Sounds of explosions came from his body when he was thrown away. He crashed into the ground more than 1,000 feet away.

Ta Shan struggled to get up. His eyes were filled with an unyielding and murderous gaze as he shouted, “Who are you!?!”

At this moment, not only Ta Shan, but all the Chosen Celestial Clan members sucked in breaths of cold air as they stared at the middle-aged man. What just happened was too strange, and they couldn’t accept it.

The ancestor’s face was pale as he looked at the middle-aged man. He seemed to remember something and his body began to tremble.

The blue-robed man’s gaze was cold with a trace of pride as he calmly said, “Celestial! Why aren’t you kneeling yet?!”

The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan let out a wry smile, and at this moment, he didn’t doubt the middle-aged man’s words. He remembered how the ancestors described their excitement and respect when meeting a celestial in the records.

There was no need to guess this person’s identity. “As soon as you meet them, you will know.” These were words left beyond by the ancestors of the Chosen Immortal Clan.

The old man still hadn’t understood. He mistook that excitement and respect with loyalty. However, when he saw the celestial, he suddenly understood.

“I can’t help but be excited. I can’t help but be respectful…” The old man let out a miserable smile and knelt on the ground as he whispered, “This lowly one greets Upper Celestial.”

He wasn’t the only one to kneel. The hearts of the other Chosen Immortal Clan members trembled as the middle-aged man stared at them. There was a force inside their bodies that made them yield. Even if they died, even if their souls shattered, they still had to yield!

One by one, the Chosen Immortal Clan members knelt down and lowered their heads.

A moment later, there were only two people that hadn’t knelt down: Wang Lin and Ta Shan!

Ta Shan didn’t kneel as he had already knelt once. This time, no matter how much blood came out from his body or how much the invisible force pressured him, he struggled to force himself to not kneel!

Sounds of explosions were coming from inside Ta Shan and blood was spraying everywhere. He had already been injured in his battle with Wang Lin, so right now his body couldn’t bear it anymore. His eyes were dim, but they still revealed an unyielding gaze.

Wang Lin frowned when he saw what was happening. He was able to gain a lot of information from this.

“Whether it is the Chosen Immortal Clan or the Forsaken Immortal Clan, it is obvious both are slaves to the celestials. The slave imprint makes all future generations slaves to the celestials!

“This is a slave imprint that was placed on a clan’s inheritance, just like Li Yuan’s family…” If it wasn’t for the matter with Li Yuan, Wang Lin wouldn’t have been able to see the whole picture.

At this moment, he clearly understood everything.

“The slave imprint is fused with the tattoos of the Chosen Immortal Clan members. This slave imprint is extremely overbearing and is far more powerful than the one used on Li Yuan’s family. After all, the one used on Li Yuan’s family only made his family serve one celestial.

“However, this slave imprint is different. It is very likely that it makes them kneel to all celestials. This is no longer manipulation, but complete enslavement. It makes the entire clan something that belongs to the celestials!

“Moreover, since there are Chosen Immortal Clan members on planet Suzaku, then it is obvious there a lot more of these clan members!” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as a bold idea entered his mind.

“It is likely that countless years ago, before the Celestial Realm collapsed, there was a clan. This clan was very strong, even strong enough to confront the Celestial Realm. However, in the end, they were defeated by the celestials. It is even likely that all four Celestial Realms came together to cast a very powerful spell that turned all future generations of this clan into slaves for the celestials!” Wang Lin could only sigh as he looked at the Chosen Immortal Clan members trembling and kneeling on the ground.

The blue-robed man’s gaze landed on Ta Shan. He then frowned as he raised his right hand and pointed at Ta Shan. A bang came from inside Ta Shan and then a large amount of blood flooded out from his pores and he was covered in blood.

“Kneel and bow!” The blue-robed man’s voice was cold.

Ta Shan’s eyes were bleak, but his they had an unyielding gaze. However, the power of the slave imprint was not something he could resist. It was as if countless mountains had smashed down on him, as he knees shattered and he knelt on the ground.

At this moment, the surroundings were completely silent. Xu Liguo flew far away the moment he realized that something was wrong. He was pondering whether he would resist or surrender if the fiend was defeated.

The mosquito beast was circling the air with its gaze locked onto the middle-aged man. The Thunder toad was looking over from a distance with a cold gaze and its belly was bulged.

The blue-robed man was staring at Wang Lin, but he didn’t do anything rash. He had naturally seen through Wang Lin’s cultivation, and the butterfly next to Wang Lin gave him a very strong sense of danger.

“This person isn’t someone of this lowly clan. How did he come in? From the look of his aura, he isn’t a celestial… Who is he…”

The blue robed man’s eyes lit up and he didn’t provoke Wang Lin. Instead, his left hand pressed down on the altar under him and the gate of the altar opened.

At the moment the gate opened, strands of black fog charged out and turned into hideous fog beasts. The woman from inside the furnace also came out, but she didn’t step out of the gate. She only stared coldly at Wang Lin.

The moment the fog beast appeared, the expressions of the Chosen Immortal Clan members changed. However, the force from the slave imprint made it so they couldn’t get up. It was almost an instinct that they couldn’t resist.

The fog beasts took shape and quickly opened their eyes. Their cold gazes shined brightly as the blue-robed man pointed at the ground.

These fog beasts quickly rushed toward the ground.

This scene caused Wang Lin’s pupils to shrink.

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