Chapter 809 - This Lowly One’s Inferior Clan

Chapter 809 - This Lowly One’s Inferior Clan

An ancient dragon origin soul was very amazing in the eyes of these people!

When the ancestor looked at Wang Lin’s origin soul, his eyes revealed a complex gaze. He let out a sigh as he walked forward and clasped his hands. “Upper… Upper Celestial, this lowly one would like to inquire…”

Wang Lin didn’t look at the old man. He arrived next to the war chariot. After staring at the sixth rune for a moment, Wang Lin devoured it without any hesitation. Then he directly devoured the seventh rune as well.

This scene caused everyone’s eyes to narrow and they all looked more closely.

At this moment, Xu Liguo’s eyes turned. He immediately flew into the air, pointed at the Chosen Immortal Clan members, and shouted, “My master is refining a treasure. Unless you step over my dead body, you can’t even take half a step into this area!”

These words were filled with force, especially given Xu Liguo’s expression of him rather dying than letting anyone disturb his master. He gave off a powerful aura that spread like a storm.

The ancestor quickly retreated a few steps and respectfully said, “We will not go within 1,000 feet. We just have a few questions…”

Before the old man could finish speaking, Xu Liguo shouted, “Shut up. Unless you step over my body, you can’t bother my master even a bit. My entire life was given to me by master. It was master who saved me from the abyss. It was he who taught me spells and allowed me to gain my inheritance. It was my master who gave me my current power. If you want to disturb my master, I, Xu Liguo, will never allow you!!!”

Xu Liguo’s words were filled with excitement and his eyes revealed an expression that showed that he would stand up to anyone, no matter how strong, if they were going harm his master. He was even willing to die without wrinkling his eyebrows. He was a hero!

The ancestor’s body trembled, these words had another meaning when they entered his ears. In truth, their entire clan were servants to the celestials.

“This person knows the meaning of loyalty, and my clan also understands this!” The old man looked at Xu Liguo with respect and thought, “I didn’t expect this spirit to be so loyal. Upper Celestial is lucky to have someone so loyal!”

Ta Shan stood next to the old man as he stared at Xu Liguo. He felt very complicated about this matter.

“It isn’t that my clan isn’t loyal, but the people we were loyal to have forsaken us… unlike this spirit, who has someone worth being loyal to…”

Xu Liguo’s show was very lively, but it was completely ignored by Wang Lin. Thunder filled Wang Lin’s origin soul and bombard the last two runes. They were going through the final phase of refining.

As the rumble of thunder echoed inside his origin soul, one of the runes began to crumble. This didn’t happen instantly but was a continuous process.

During this process, the God Slaying War Chariot under Wang Lin’s origin soul flashed a black light that was gradually becoming more intense. In the end, it was as if it could devour light.

Under the flash of black light, when people looked at Wang Lin, their minds would tremble.

This scene aroused great shock in the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan. They were unable to calm themselves down.

Xu Liguo was still acting righteously. While the others weren’t looking, he snuck a peak at Wang Lin and thought, “What is so great about that? Your Grandpa Xu can do it as well. It’s just devouring runes; I even devour people.” Xu Liguo was filled with disdain, but his eyes only showed respect. His face was filled with admiration and his body was even trembling.

Looking at it from the surface, he looked like a loyal servant that had become excited due to his master’s spell.

When Ta Shan saw Xu Liguo’s expression, he let out a sigh and his heart felt even more complicated. As for the ancestor, he secretly nodded and felt that Xu Liguo’s loyalty was very respectable!

In truth, these Chosen Immortal Clan members had been living here without contact with anyone from outside for too long. Although they weren’t stupid, they couldn’t be compared to Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo was very slick and good at adapting to change. His near 1,000 years of experience allowed him to refine his skill even more. If someone could easily see through him, then he wouldn’t be Xu Liguo.

Time slowly passed. After several hours, Wang Lin’s origin soul suddenly moved and the sound of thunder inside his origin soul suddenly intensified. When the rumbling reached its peak, it suddenly stopped.

Wang Lin’s origin soul’s eyes shined brightly and the final two runes were absorbed. Now there was a very important decision placed before him.

“Should I refine it into my life-linked treasure?” While Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment, the seven runes fused together to form a unique rune near his chest. The moment the rune appeared, the black light gathered from the war chariot and imprinted on Wang Lin’s chest.

“God Slaying War Chariot, seal release!” This divine sense message spread out like thunder and all the black light seemed to go into Wang Lin’s body. Then the countless thorns began to flash and an illusory shadow quickly formed.

This was a soul beast that was almost 1,000 feet tall. The moment it appeared, it let out a roar and all the Chosen Immortal Clan members’ expressions turned pale. The plants between their eyebrows flickered rapidly and they all couldn’t help but retreat. Only those few with powerful cultivation were able to hold still for a bit before they had to involuntarily retreat as well.

All of the mosquito’s hair stood up and it let out bursts of roars. Likewise, the thunder toad’s belly swelled up as it prepared its most powerful spell.

Only Xu Liguo still struggled to shout, “Unless you step over my dead body…”

However, before he could finish, the large beast turned its head and looked at Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo was so terrified that he swallowed the second half of that sentence.

“Your Grandpa Xu has the inheritance of the ancient sword spirit. Once I finish absorbing it, let’s see who will be afraid!” Although Xu Liguo inwardly cursed, he quickly retreated. He was very fast, so he was far away in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he stared at the beast before him. His origin soul flew back into his body and then his body flew into the air.

As the soul beast let out a roar, it withdrew its gaze and looked at Wang Lin before rushing over. It was too fast. The moment it moved, it was already before Wang Lin, and it tried to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm and he didn’t retreat. Instead, when the beast closed in, he softly said, “Collapse!”

There was a bang and the soul beast collapsed into countless fragments that filled the area, but it immediately reformed. Its eyes were filled with hatred and it let out another roar before charging toward Wang Lin again.

Wang Lin’s voice was calm and he said once more, “Collapse!”

This time, as soon as the soul beast charged out and let out a roar, its body collapsed.

“After fusing with the seven runes, if you refine it as a life-linked treasure, then you can naturally control it. However, if you choose to not to refine it as life-linked treasure, then the seven runes can be used to collapse the soul beast seven times. This will give you seven chances to make the soul beast yield.

“If the soul beast still hasn’t yielded after seven times, then you must refine it as a life-linked treasure, or else it will be impossible to use this treasure!” These words from the celestial jade appeared in Wang Lin’s mind.

After the soul beast collapsed two times, its eyes became even more fierce. It let out a violent roar and then its body reformed and rushed out once more. This time its body split into countless parts and attacked Wang Lin from all sides.

Wang Lin frowned slightly. He was a very cruel and decisive person. After 1,000 years of cultivation, he had developed his own ways of doing things. It was obvious that the soul beast still hadn’t yielded yet because he hadn’t hurt it enough!

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he calmly said, “Collapse! Collapse! Collapse!”

After these three words were said, the soul beast rushing over immediately collapsed and was pushed back. Then, immediately after, the second collapse occurred.

A miserable groan came from inside the collapse, and at this moment, another collapse occurred. The three continuous collapses had sent the soul beast into unimaginable pain.

If the collapse wasn’t continuous, it could still withstand it, but these three continuous collapses caused fear to appear in its heart.

The moment that fear appeared, its body began to reform and there was some hesitation. At this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold and he calmly said, “Collapse!”

With a bang, the soul beast that had just reformed collapsed once more. The fear that had just appeared increased like crazy. In the end, it almost occupied the soul beast completely.

Its body reformed once more and its eyes revealed respect. It no longer dared to resist and it lowered its head in surrender.

Wang Lin’s body flickered and stepped into the air. A moment later, he arrived on top of the head of the soul beast. He bit his finger and pressed the special imprint used to activate the war chariot on the head of the soul beast.

The soul beast’s body trembled and started to shrink. Wang Lin jumped off and looked at the soul beast as it quickly shrunk. A moment later, it turned into a ball of fog that was only the size of a fist. It then quickly turned solid like a cocoon.

A wave of cracking sounds appeared and cracks appeared on the cocoon until it finally collapsed. A five-colored butterfly gently moved its wings and set off some five-colored dust as it flew out from the cocoon.

This butterfly was very beautiful, and it made Wang Lin’s eyes narrow.

Just at this moment, the transfer array at the bottom of the Mysterious Yin Furnace flashed and a person walked out. This person’s body flickered before they charged toward the gate. He appeared near the gate and charged out.

This was a man wearing a blue robe and his eyes were cold.

“What is a lowly servant of this realm doing?”

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