Chapter 778 - Upheaval of Order

Chapter 778 - Upheaval of Order

“Xu Mu…” All of the surrounding cultivators remembered this name as well. It was something they wouldn’t forget in their life.

“Xu?” The woman beside Tang Yanfeng frowned and her expression became gloomy.

Tang Yanfeng’s face was expressionless as he stared at the sealed dark hole and slowly said, “You also thought of it…”

The woman nodded and said, “Although there are many families named Xu in the Allheaven Star System, most are unknown. For a Corporeal Yang cultivator to appear, and one this strong, it has to be the Xu family from planet Dong Lin! The the descendants of planet Dong Lin haven’t appeared in a very long time. Could this person be…”

The woman’s pupils shrank and she didn’t continue speaking.

Tang Yanfeng silently pondered. After a moment, he calmly said, “He is very strong. Even if he isn’t a descendant of planet Dong Lin, his strength isn’t far away from it. Our Tang family should avoid provoking him!”

“Then what about the two dead family members?” The woman looked at Tang Yanfeng.

“If they died, they’re dead!” Tang Yanfeng’s expression was cold as he turned around and left. He even gave up on the dark hole under the formation.

The woman nodded and followed after. As for the young man who had just entered the Illusory Yin stage, he quickly followed as well. He congratulated himself on making the right decision earlier.

“Someone who can even make the Young Master feel dread is not someone I can provoke! Xu Mu…”

After Tang Yanfeng’s group left, the surrounding cultivators began to hesitate. Although Wang Lin had entered the dark hole, none of them dared to enter the 10,000 feet area. Even though the source of the dust was gone, it was as if this area had really become a land of death.

After a long time, these people retreated one by one. In the end, none of them dared to take the risk. After all, the scene from before had already frightened them greatly.

The name Xu Mu slowly spread among their friends as these people left.

Only the formation on the ground gave off a faint light. After a long time, that light gradually dimmed until there wasn’t any reaction left and it became a dead formation.

When Li Yuan placed this formation, he calculated how to prevent outsiders from entering. His first choice was naturally using the dead formation.

The dark hole under the formation wasn’t big, but deep within it lied a passage. Although it was dark, a cultivator could clearly see everything.

Li Yuan was in front and Wang Lin was following behind as the two walked down the tunnel.

Li Yuan’s eyes lit up and he said while he walked, “Brother Xu, I can confirm that we are the first ones to enter this place after the Celestial Realm’s collapse. Look at the celestial spiritual energy fluctuations coming from the walls. If other people been here and the tunnel had been opened for a long time, all of this celestial spiritual energy would be gone!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak, but his divine sense spread out toward the front. However, he didn’t spread it out too far, because this was, after all, the remains of a celestial, so he needed to be cautious. Otherwise, he might easily cause a restriction to activate and attack.

Li Yuan’s voice was filled with doubt as he quickly said, “Brother Xu, in the dark hole from before, I found three treasures, but there is something unusual about them. I’ll take them out later and we can analyze them.”

“Good!” As Wang Lin spoke, his divine sense slowly spread ahead of them. This tunnel had no branching paths, just one road that went down.

This tunnel seemed to have no end. The two of them had walked for more than half an hour without any end in sight. Li Yuan couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“How deep is this place? Could this place be an overlapping fragment?” With those doubts in mind, Li Yuan moved even faster.

Wang Lin followed closely after and gradually frowned harder. As they continued to move forward, a strange feeling appeared inside his heart. This was a feeling of someone pressing their finger between his eyebrows and causing an unknown pain to appear there.

The deeper they went into the tunnel, the stronger this feeling became. After half an incense stick of time, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He grabbed Li Yuan and immediately stopped.

Li Yuan was startled as he turned around and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin asked, “Does Brother Li have a strange feeling?”

Li Yuan shook his head and said, “I don’t have any feeling. What does Brother Xu mean?”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before he looked at Li Yuan. His gaze fell between Li Yuan’s eyebrows and he suddenly said, “Brother Li, disperse the restriction heart between your eyebrows.”

Li Yuan nodded. The source of his restriction heart was between his brows. The restriction heart slowly dissipated, and the moment it disappeared, Li Yuan immediately became pale. His eyes became fierce and were completely bloodshot.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and the restriction heart reappeared. Only then was he able to calm down. His eyes were filled with aghast as he said, “I felt it!”

Wang Lin’s eyes shined and slowly said, “It looks like it isn’t only me who has this feeling!” With that, he lifted his right index finger and the origin energy in his body surged and he began to draw.

Curved lines began to form as Wang Lin’s index finger moved. These lines released a silver glow as Wang Lin continued to form the symbol. However, the line at the bottom remained broken, as if the symbol wasn’t complete.

Wang Lin asked, “Does Brother Li recognize this symbol?”

“It’s a bit familiar…” Li Yuan stared at the rune and began to ponder. After a long time, he sat down and began carefully searching through all the symbols he had studied and seen.

Half an incense stick of time later, Li Yuan frowned and said, “There are four symbols that are similar. However, this symbol is obviously not complete, so it is impossible to judge which of the four it is! Brother Xu, where did you obtain this symbol?”

Wang Lin didn’t answer, but his divine sense continued to carefully spread. After a long time, he raised his right hand and continued drawing the symbol from the broken ends on the bottom.

Li Yuan stared at the symbol and became more serious. In the end, he was filled with shock as he recognized this symbol.

Wang Lin slowly said, “Brother Xu, this symbol is formed by the tunnel we are in. I spread out my divine sense along the way and was able to draw it.”

“Brother Xu means that someone made the tunnel in the shape of this symbol!” Li Yuan stood up. His cultivation level wasn’t high enough to spread his divine sense to cover the tunnel, but he didn’t doubt wang Lin’s words at all.

“Brother Xu, this is a restriction rune among celestial restrictions. However, this is an extremely rare rune that can’t be used by itself. Only when combined with other restrictions will it have any effect.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “What effect?”

Li Yuan shook his head and said, “Unless we reach the end of the tunnel and see how the rune is drawn, it’s impossible to determine what restriction this is.”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a while as he looked at the passage before him and said, “Since that is the case, let’s go down and see!”

As he spoke, he led the way. As Li Yuan followed behind, his left hand continued to form seals and he continued to deduce the restriction.

Their speed this time wasn’t fast, but they didn’t stop.

As they moved forward, the feeling from between Wang Lin’s eyebrows became even stronger. This made him look very gloomy. After half an hour, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His divine sense had found the end.

When his divine sense clearly saw the end, Wang Lin took a deep breath and immediately rush out. There was a turn before them, and he immediately stopped after the turn. Li Yuan followed closely behind him. At this moment, he saw the end with his divine sense and began to ponder.

The end of this passage was a vortex as tall as a person. It gave off a five-colored glow, and as it rotated, the surroundings were shrouded in this five-colored light.

Li Yuan stared at the vortex as his left hand continued to move. He suddenly stopped and said, “Brother Xu, I have figured it out. The composition of this rune only has one use, and that is healing!

“And if I’m not wrong, this shouldn’t be the only place with runes like. There should be nine in total, and these nine runes form a giant healing formation!

“This can be considered a grand undertaking in the Thunder Celestial Realm!”

As Li Yuan said this, his eyes lit up and he looked at Wang Lin. There was one thing he didn’t say, but he believed Wang Lin would be able to understand.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Healing formation… Brother Li means that at the center of the formation, someone has been healed by this formation over the countless years…”

“What Brother Xu said is correct. Only this answer can explain everything, although I can’t tell if there is really someone using it to heal. If there is someone, then it must be…”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light and he slowly said, “A celestial!”

“Although this vortex leads to the formation’s center, it is sealed from the inside. However, I’m confident in opening it…” Li Yuan stared at the vortex and revealed a strange light in his eyes. He slowly stepped forward and lifted his left hand.

Wang Lin frowned. Li Yuan wasn’t someone who was reckless, so how could he be so thoughtless? Wang Lin stepped forward next to Li Yuan and seized him.

Li Yuan turned around and looked at Wang Lin. That strange light appeared inside his eyes again and he slowly said, “Brother Xu, didn’t you want celestial spells? What’s a better source for celestial spells than a celestial? Perhaps that celestial is really weak right now and we can go in and capture that person!” A restriction formed in his left hand and he pushed it forward.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he directly crushed the restriction. Origin energy surged from his right hand into Li Yuan, causing him to directly pass out.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin turned around and looked at the vortex. He pondered for a moment before grabbing Li Yuan and slowly retreating.

Just after he retreated less than 30 feet, the vortex suddenly stopped rotating. A gloomy aura came out and an eyeball appeared at the center of the vortex.

At the same time, a strange voice echoed inside Wang Lin’s mind.

“Do you want to learn celestial spells…”

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