Chapter 772 - Yao Family (3)

Chapter 772 - Yao Family (3)

The youth faintly smiled and said, “He’s going to die soon, but this person is pretty good to have lasted 13 days. The cultivators before him only lasted eight days! Ugly Uncle, catch me an Illusory Yin cultivator next time so I can play for a while longer. That way, my octo soul worms can mature faster.”

The old man’s expression remained neutral as he said, “OK!” It was a very simple word, but it was filled with confidence.

Beside the youth, the pretty girl blinked and smiled. “Cousin, how many more swords does that person have?”

The youth laughed and wrapped his hand around the woman’s waist. “Forget it, these nine swords are all yours! Not to mention these nine sword, there is nothing in the Thunder Celestial Realm I can’t obtain if I want it. Once we find the source of these swords from this person’s origin soul, we can take a trip there.”

The woman smiled and revealed a charming gaze. Her voice was alluring as she said, “Cousin is someone from the Yao family, so you can naturally do it.”

The youth revealed pride. The Yao family was a name even the Thunder Celestial Temple had to respect. As a member of the Yao family, it was as he said. As long as he saw it, there was nothing he couldn’t obtain.

At this moment inside the void, Wang Lin saw the fragment before him. His body flickered and appeared above the fragment.

“I wonder where Brother Li is…” Wang Lin’s divine sense subconsciously spread out, but his expression immediately became gloomy. Killing intent as powerful as when he faced the Blood Ancestor exploded once more.

There wasn’t much focus in Li Yuan’s eyes; it was about to dissipate.

“About to die… whatever, then I’ll just die… It will be a relief. It’s just that I won’t be able to teach Brother Xu the restriction heart…” Li Yuan let out a bitter smile.

He already couldn’t see anything around him. There were several white insects moving inside his pupils. The strange thing was that Li Yuan felt no pain.

“Even if I die, as someone of the Li family, I have to die with dignity!” Li Yuan’s eyes focused once more and revealed firm determination. He turned around and looked at the three people casually chasing him.

There was strong hatred inside Li Yuan’s eyes!

“I have no hatred against the three of you. If you wanted my magical treasures, you could have just taken them, but you toyed with me like this. When I die, I’ll turn into a vengeful ghost to vent this hatred!”

Li Yuan slapped his bag of holding and the remaining three swords flew out, giving off fierce sword energy. With a point of his finger, the three swords flew toward the youth!

“Impudent!” The youth sneered as his right hand reached out and a blood hand immediately appeared before him. With one grasp, he caught all three flying swords.

Li Yuan’s expression was fierce. The moment the youth caught the flying swords, his right hand formed a seal and pressed between his eyebrows. A ray of black light as thick as an arm came out between his eyebrows. The black light immediately divided into countless more lines, and as his hands formed seals, they formed a restrictions.

The moment these restrictions appeared, they divided into 18. In an instant, these restrictions surrounded Li Yuan. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood that landed on the restrictions.

However, there were many white insects inside the blood. It was very shocking.

After absorbing his blood, these restrictions swiftly flew toward the youth. These restrictions were very fast and rapidly approached the youth. At this moment, the youth had barely managed to grab hold of those three swords with his spell.

When he saw the restrictions fall from the sky, the youth didn’t panic. He let out a cold snort and his eyes were filled with contempt. The old man beside him took a step forward and raised his right hand. Dense origin energy immediately surrounded the area.

“Break!” The old man only said one word.

In an instant, the restrictions were surrounded by origin energy and then collapsed. However, after they exploded, they didn’t disappear, they turned back into black lines. The black lines condensed together before flying straight for the old man, carrying a destructive aura.

The old man slapped his bag of holding, causing an ancient mirror to appear, and he pointed it toward the black line. There was a flash. It was as if the entire world had darkened and all the light had condensed around the ancient mirror. The black line immediately collapsed.

Li Yuan’s body trembled and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His body was filled with death aura. He muttered, “It isn’t that my Li family’s restriction is lacking, it’s because I used too much of my restriction heart helping Brother Xu. After that, I had no time to recover it. How else could this broken mirror be able to stop the restrictions?! However, Brother Xu has helped my family greatly, so I don’t regret it! If I die, then I’ll die!”

Li Yuan let out a miserable smile. At this moment, the old man stepped forward and threw a kick without even looking at Li Yuan. There was a crackling sound as Li Yuan coughed out more blood and his body landed on the ground. His eyes were dim. That kick had scattered the remaining celestial spiritual energy inside his body, making it so he couldn’t retaliate anymore.

“Junior Master, this person is no longer dangerous. You can attack now.” The old man stepped back and his expression was cold. He didn’t feel shame at all from attacking an Ascendant junior as an Illusory Yin cultivator.

The youth had just barely managed to get a hold of the three flying swords, and it was only because Li Yuan’s connection with the three swords was lost. He caught the swords and directly gave them to the woman beside him.

The youth stepped forth with a sneer and said, “Let me see exactly where you found these celestial swords!” The youth raised his right hand and pressed down on Li Yuan.

“Hurry up, Cousin.” The woman smiled as she watched all of this. Her eyes were filled with an alluring charm as she played with the celestial sword in her hand.

As for the old man, his expression was as calm as usual.

Just at this moment, just as that youth named Yao’s hand pressed down on Li Yuan, a ripple suddenly appeared beside him! The originally calm old man’s expression suddenly changed at this moment. He charge forward and immediately shouted, “Young Master, retreat!”

The youth was startled.

In an instant, an unimaginable killing intent came out from inside the ripple. This killing intent was so powerful that it caused the entire world to turn cold. There was even ice falling from the sky.

The youth’s expression turned deathly pale. Before he even had time to search Li Yuan’s soul, he immediately retreated. However, at this moment, a figure walked out from the ripple. The moment the figure appeared, the killing intent reached its peak.

Thundering rumbles suddenly echoed in the sky. The moment the youth retreated, the figure from the ripple stepped forth and pointed at the youth’s chest.

A wave of cracking sounds echoed and the youth coughed out a mouthful of blood. All of the bones inside his body were broken and he was thrown away.

The figure closed in once more and the finger landed between the youth’s eyebrows. Rich origin energy entered the youth’s body and caused all the celestial spiritual energy inside his body to collapse in an instant!

Cracking sounds echoed and the youth’s expression became pale. In his eyes, that finger had replaced the world and became the controller of his life.

His body was thrown into the air and flew away in an arc. Cracking sounds still came from his body in the air, and he coughed out mouthfuls of blood that turned into blood mist.

The origin energy in his body surged like crazy. It first destroyed his celestial spiritual energy, then it destroyed his cultivation base, and finally forced all the blood in his body out from his pores.

The current him was like a person made of blood in the air. His body gave off a dense blood mist!

The origin energy inside his body didn’t stop and continued to rage inside his body. All of the muscles in his body were destroyed inch by inch and all of his internal organs were instantly crushed!

This still didn’t end. The origin energy was too strong, to the point that it was impossible to measure. After destroying the internal origins, the origin energy rushed to his head. His skull collapsed along with his brain. At this instant, the youth named Yao’s flesh completely collapsed!

When he was only half way up the air, his entire body collapsed, disintegrated, and dissipated.

His origin soul was filled with confusion and unimaginable fear; he even had the impulse to cry. At the moment his body collapsed and his origin soul appeared, the origin energy exploded. This origin energy tore the origin soul apart and completely destroyed it!

However, the origin soul didn’t dissipate. The origin energy rapidly condensed the origin soul into a fist-sized ball of light. The ball instantly returned to Wang Lin’s hand and he pressed it between Li Yuan’s eyebrows to help Li Yuan nourish his dissipating origin soul.

“Who gave you the qualifications to hurt my friend!?” Extremely cold words slowly came out of Wang Lin’s mouth.

All of this happened in an instant; it was fast beyond imagination. The old man had just moved forward, and before he could get close, everything had already ended.

Cold sweat appeared on the old man’s forehead. His calmness was gone and his indifference had already collapsed. His calmness and indifference had completely disintegrated. His eyes were filled with horror and even a trace of fear. He wasn’t able to clearly see the other person at all earlier. In particular, the rich origin energy that appeared with the ripple made him suck in a breath of cold air.

What frightened him even more was the aura that came from inside the ripple. The aura of the youth that came out was actually perfectly merged with the world.

“Too terrifying… I know all the Corporeal Yang cultivators, but who is he?!” His face was pale and sweat dripped down his forehead. The killing intent from the other person was so intense that it caused his mind to tremble. He subconsciously stepped back a few steps and even had the impulse to immediately escape.

Not far away, the woman was completely stunned. The scene before her caused her brain to become temporarily blank.

“Xu… Brother Xu…” On the ground, Li Yuan’s eyes were filled with excitement as he struggled to speak. “Help me… Kill them!!”

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