Chapter 71 - Four Years

Chapter 71 - Four Years

With Wang Lin’s current cultivation, he didn’t need to sleep at all. After lying in his bed for a while, he sat up and looked at the moon outside his window. He waved his right hand and took out a gourd, then drank a big gulp from it.

Wang Lin muttered to himself, “The amount of spiritual energy needed to break through from Qi Condensation to Foundation Building is simply too great. It is time to start gathering dew.”

Situ Nan asked, “That’s right. Hey brat, when do you plan on going to find wood element to help complete the heaven defying bead?”

Wang Lin pondered for a while, then said, “First, I’ll find a place nearby to prepare to break through to Foundation Building. Then, I’ll have to see how things are going with Zhou Peng. If nothing unusual happens, I’ll leave this place.”

The night passed in silence. For the next few days, Wang Lin spent time with his parents. After half a month, Wang Lin left. After the reluctant farewell of his parents, he left in a rainbow colored light.

Wang Lin felt very gloomy when he left. He didn’t know when his next chance to come back home will be. It might be in a few years, or he might not come back ever again.

Originally, the place he planned to use for closed door training was the cave with the hole in the wall, but he decided against it. Unlike other cultivators, he needed water in the cave, otherwise, no matter how rich the spiritual energy was, it would not be a good enough spot. Also, it was very close to the Heng Yue Mountain, so it was too dangerous.

After searching the surrounding area, Wang Lin found a cave near the top of an empty mountain. There was a pool of underground water and lot of animal droppings in the cave. It seemed wild animals visited this area a lot. After carefully checking the cave and making sure that there was no other exit, Wang Lin quickly used the attraction technique and sealed the cave entrance with rocks.

As a result, the cave became completely sealed and Wang Lin began his second closed door training.

After he started his closed door training, time flew by. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years. Without him realizing it, 4 years had passed by.

As for the remaining people of the Heng Yue Sect, they gradually forgot about Wang Lin, thinking that he had died. Liu Wenju and the old woman regretted letting him out.

The one who was most happy about this matter had to be Lu Song, because he managed to become the senior disciple of that small group.

As for Huang Long and the others of his generation, they never had much contact with Wang Lin to begin with. They only noticed Wang Lin due to recent events, so, after 4 years, they had completely forgotten about him.

During the first year of Wang Lin’s closed door training, he kept in contact with Zhou Peng and found that all of the Foundation Building and above elders were in closed door training in the back mountains, so no one found out about what happened to Zhou Peng. In addition to this, he had his status as the senior disciple of the Xuan Dao Sect, so none of the disciples dared to mess with him. This allowed him to gather information and secretly take care of some disciples that had ill intentions toward Wang Lin. With Zhou Peng secretly taking care of these people, Wang Lin gradually faded from everyone’s memories.

The entrance of the cave that Wang Lin was cultivating in was now covered with plants, making the cave impossible to detect.

In these 4 years, the entrance to the cave became a gathering place for various animals. Some even sat outside the entrance and cultivated.

On a certain day, two rainbow colored lights flew toward the cave. Two male and one female appeared from the light as they stopped near the cave. The person in front was a middle aged man wearing black. His body stopped in mid air with a green flying sword under him. The sword released a cold aura that would cause fear in others.

Next to the middle aged man stood a young girl. The girl was very attractive and her voice was very clear. “Third senior brother, you have to help me find a crystal spirit beast. The competition to enter the back mountain is soon and I need a good wood crystal spirit beast to refine into a sword spirit. With that sword spirit, I’ll win for sure.”

If Wang Lin saw this girl, he would find her to be very familiar. This was the female named Xu who was secretly in love with Wang Zhuo. She had now grown from a pretty teenager to a beautiful woman.

The middle aged man was in a trance. He suddenly regained his senses and said, “Junior sister, work hard and strive to get into the back mountain. After I help you capture a crystal spirit beast, I’ll have to go into closed door training.”

There was another teenager who stood next to the girl. He was every young and was clinging to the girl. He said, “Senior brother and sister, you two are flying too fast. I can’t even keep my eyes open. Since we are here already, let’s go down.”

The girl named Xu said, “Junior brother, didn’t you say that you had follow? I already told you that your cultivation isn’t high enough. Just this speed and you can’t stand it.”

The middle aged man turned, looked at the two, and said, “Junior brother, your talent is good, but if you can’t even stand this little bit of hardship, how will you cultivate in the future?”

The youth was clearly very afraid of the middle aged man and said, “Third brother, I know I was wrong.”

The girl named Xu tapped the youth’s head and said, “Junior brother, just wait a bit. Once we capture the crystal beast, we can return to the sect.”

The youth quickly nodded and whispered, “Senior sister, you are one of the Xuan Dao Sect’s geniuses. You managed to go from the 4th layer to the 7th layer in only 4 years. This time, after you capture the crystal beast and refine it into a sword spirit, you will become one of the experts in the Xuan Dao Sect. You’ll have to help me when Li Shan bullies me in the future.”

The girl shook her head and wrily smiled. “Speaking of geniuses, elder brother Liu Feng is definitely one. He has almost caught up to senior brother’s cultivation and is going to break through into the 13th layer soon. There is also elder sister Liu Mei, who has already reached the 12th layer. They were all originally Xuan Dao Sect disciples, so they naturally have access to the back mountain. I am originally from the Heng Yue Sect, so I have to fight for one of the remaining spots in the back mountain. I hope I can win this time.”

The middle aged man let out a snort and disgruntledly said, “That bat Liu Feng only grew so fast because he was able to enter the back mountain. It was only because the ancestor had his eyes on the Heng Yue Sect’s back mountain that he made is this far. If it wasn’t for the ancestor, how could Liu Feng grow so fast? Even if he has great talent, without a great amount of spiritual energy, it would take years to break through.”

The girl named Xu smiled and changed the topic “Third brother, look at this place. I remember it being very different from before. Why are there so many wild animals cultivating around here?”

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