Chapter 69 - (Untitled)

Chapter 69 - (Untitled)

Situ Nan muttered a few words. He knew that Wang Lin was very worried, so he didn’t waste anymore time. “There is still a bit of my soul essence left. I can help you teleport once, but only once, because if too much of my soul essence is used up, then I’ll disappear before you reach Spirit Transformation,” he said.

With that, Situ Nan didn’t say anymore. Wang Lin suddenly felt a cold air enter his body. This cold air was overwhelming. It was many times stronger than the time he was teleported by the white light.

The cold air cycled through his body. Every part of his body that the air would pass through started to freeze. Wang Lin became like an ice sculpture and started to lose control of his attraction technique.

Zhou Peng noticed Wang Lin’s change, particularly when Wang Lin stopped chasing him, but he didn’t even dare to turn around. He began to move even faster.

When Wang Lin’s body turned into an ice sculpture, Situ Nan shouted, “Keep your mind calm. I’m about to teleport!”

Suddenly, dark swirls cycled through Wang Lin’s body and, in the blink of an eye, his body disappeared.

Zhou Peng’s divine sense had been locked onto Wang Lin this whole time. When Wang Lin suddenly disappeared, he was stunned. Before he could even understand what had just happened, a black dot appeared 5 meters in front of him. The black dots split up into smaller black dots and each one them turned into a black swirl.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s body suddenly appeared. The ice on his body quickly melted and he said, in a cold voice, “You can’t run away!”

Zhou Peng was shocked. His face became pale. He clenched his teeth and spat out a mouthful of green light. This green light grew until it became a giant python. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out some blood. That blood turned into a bell. He rang the bell and the python grew even larger. Then, it swiped its tail at Wang Lin.

Situ Na said, with a lazy voice, “Brat, there is still a bit of my power in your body. It would be a waste not to use it. I’m going to borrow your body and show you one of my famous techniques.”

With that, blue lights appeared from Wang Lin’s body, forming a blue ball of light before him.

The moment the ball appeared, the sky darkened and a destructive force appeared. With a boom, the ball broke and sent out waves of destructive force.

When the wave touched the python’s tail, the ice traveled all the way to its head. The python fell to the ground, frozen solid.

Zhou Peng coughed out a mouthful of blood because of his connection with the python, but just as he coughed out the blood, the blood froze into red droplets. Then, Zhou Peng’s body also slowly froze, until he became an ice sculpture.

Situ Nan proudly said, “It is unfortunate that there are no more people. This technique of mine works best when there is a lot of people. Hey kid, this is the power of the Underworld Ascension Method. Can you see how strong the cold energy of this technique is?”

Wang Lin’s body moved. He caught Zhou Peng’s frozen body. Without stopping, he rushed away from the Heng Yue Mountain.

After finding an isolated place, he placed Zhou Peng’s frozen body to the side and asked Situ Nan, “Is Zhou Peng already dead?”

Situ Na slowly said, “This little baby is not dead yet, but he is close. If you want him to die faster, you can just break the ice, then he will die for sure.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After pondering for a while, he said, “Before, you said you would teach me a puppet technique. Teach me that technique now.”

Situ Nan let out a laugh. He was very happy with how things were turning out. He hadn’t told Wang Lin what the puppet technique was like or where it was from. Actually, this puppet technique was a demonic technique. He thought that Wang Lin was lacking killing intent. With his lack of killing intent, even if Wang Lin had ten lives, it wouldn’t be enough to survive in the cultivation world. Situ Nan had been trying very hard  to change Wang Lin’s nature and it seemed he was finally having some success.

Situ Nan was very happy. “This puppet technique must be performed by you. I’ll tell you how it’s done once you find a secluded cave,” he happily said.

Wang Lin grabbed Zhou Peng. He searched around until he found a cave and went inside.

Situ Nan slowly said, “I’ll release the ice now. Zhou Peng is in a near death state. You must open up his body, take out his inner organs, and start refining them.”

Wang Lin was stunned. He hesitated for a bit, then said, “Take out his inner organs and refine them? This…”

Situ Na secretly laughed and said, “This is a necessary step for making puppets. If you can’t do it, then I can’t help you.” He secretly thought, “Brat, you have never seen blood, so how will you ever be bloodthirsty? This puppet technique is actually not this complicated, but this is a good opportunity to open your eyes a bit. Kid, you will definitely be my demon sect’s member. You can’t escape it!”

While thinking that, Situ Nan quickly shouted, “I’m going to remove the ice. You have half an hour, so don’t waste any time. Think about what he was planning to do to your parents.”

With that, the ice surrounding Zhou Peng quickly melted and turned into blue light. The blue light returned to the heaven defying bead.

Wang Lin hesitated for a while. He thought that if he didn’t solve this problem now, there will definitely be more problems in the future. He clenched his teeth and waved his hand over Zhou Peng’s body to cut it open. The strange thing was that there was no blood dripping out.

While suppressing his sense of nausea, Wang Lin followed the directions Situ Nan gave him. He was forming different seals with his hands as his divine sense focused on the task. This half an hour felt like a whole year. When Situ Nan proudly said it was over, Wang Lin couldn’t help but rush out of the cave and puke.

Situ Na laughed. “Good. This first step is over. Now, this second step is the most important step. You must surround his body with your divine sense and refine it for 3 days and 3 nights. Once you do that, the puppet can be considered complete. You will need to perform some techniques during those 3 days. I’ll explain them one by one, so listen carefully.”

Wang Lin’s face was pale as he bitterly nodded. He took a deep breath and returned to the cave.

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