Chapter 666 - Woman Dressed as a Man

Chapter 666 - Woman Dressed as a Man

Wang Lin was prepared to be low key during his time on planet Ran Yun. This would allow him to safely cultivate and quickly raise his cultivation level so he could return to the Alliance Star System.

However, low key didn’t mean that he was going to be like a real low level cultivator and endure.

True low key was to not be afraid of others knowing about him and treating what happened around with complete indifference. He would not participate in any of the situations outside.

This kind of low key with this kind of attitude would create an invisible force that would prevent the top existences on planet Ran Yun from offending him.

This was the result Wang Lin wanted. His steps were gentle as he returned to the housing in the northern part of the city. The youth was still cultivating under the rock. It looked like the youth had been cultivating seriously all day.

As soon as he got near, the youth opened his eyes and softly snorted. “You, stop!”

Wang Lin was startled. He stopped walking and looked at the youth.

“Do you know what is most important to cultivators? I’ll tell you: it is diligence!” The young man looked at Wang Lin and said, “Although your talent isn’t good, if you are diligent, there is a chance for progress. I have guarded this place for many years, and some of the cultivators that came here have already reached the Soul Formation stage. They never left early in the morning like you and gave up time that could be spent cultivating to waste time wondering around.

“Your talent isn’t good, so you should be more diligent. Otherwise, you won’t be able to form your nascent soul in your lifetime!”

This lesson made Wang Lin even more startled and he revealed a wry smile.

When the youth saw Wang Lin’s expression, his tone became better. The contempt in his eyes also lessened and he said, “It’s not me looking down upon you. You must remember that in the cultivation world, you must not look down upon yourself if you want others to respect you. The spiritual energy here is very dense. If you’re done taking care of matters, go into closed door cultivation for a decade, then maybe there will be a day where you reach the Nascent Soul stage. By then, I believe you should be able to have some power and responsibility in your family, like me.”

Wang Lin rubbed his nose. Ever since he became a cultivator, everyone he met had been cunning and selfish. No one would have bothered to say those words to him. After he became powerful, due to all his killing, no one dared to say those things to him.

Even senior Dun Tian didn’t have too much time with Wang Lin before he died.

At this moment, when he was suddenly scolded by this person, he felt melancholy and quickly nodded in agreement.

The youth’s expression became even better, but he was still serious as he said, “If you have any problems with your cultivation, you can come and ask me. Remember one thing: having no talent isn’t terrifying, what is terrifying is laziness. Us cultivators walk against the heavens. We can’t relax our hearts and our bodies. If we do, how will we be able to walk against the heavens to cultivate? Go inside, hurry up and cultivate.”

If anyone who knew Wang Lin saw this, they would be stunned by this scene.

Wang Lin’s wry smile became even wider. As he entered the gate, he turned around to look at the youth. From the back, the youth looked somewhat thin, and the large clothes on his body seemed unbalanced.

At this moment, a gentle breeze flew by. It lifted the youth’s hair, and the youth subconsciously moved his hair behind his ear.

He seemed to have noticed Wang Lin’s gaze. He turned around to look at Wang Lin before turning back around and no longer bothering with Wang Lin.

This youth was a woman disguised in men’s clothing. Her face was covered with a spell. Wang Lin saw through this the day before, but as for her actual appearance, Wang Lin didn’t break past the spell to see.

After returning to the house, Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position. He slapped his bag of holding and one thousand celestial jades immediately flew out. His hand formed a seal and sent out several rays of light toward the large amount of celestial jades. The rich celestial spiritual energy was immediately restrained to the area around Wang Lin without any of it leaking out.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to cultivate. Strands of celestial spiritual energy entered his body and slowly cycled through him.

Time slowly passed. Three days later, Wang Lin opened his eyes. The one thousand celestial jades around his body had turned to dust and disappeared. He opened his eyes and looked around.

“Still not enough celestial jades. Ascendant cultivation can’t compare to Soul Transformation at all. Back at the Soul Transformation stage, I could still bear the cost, but now at the Ascendant stage, the amount of celestial spiritual energy required is too large!

“Even with the two hundred thousand jades from the Sun family, I still won’t be able to reach the mid stage of Ascendant. As for the late stage, the amount required will be unimaginable. There is also the peak of the Ascendant stage and breaking into the Yin and Yang stage…” Wang Lin’s eyebrows knitted tightly together. This was something he didn’t understand. Celestial jades were already very scarce, and Soul Transformation cultivators needed to use them on a daily basis. As the countless years passed, a large number of celestial jades would be consumed.

The Celestial Realm was already gone, so where did all these celestial jades come from? Wang Lin had thought about this before but couldn’t think of anything.

“Also, this is only the first step of cultivation, yet it requires such a large number of celestial jades. How many celestial jades would a cultivator in the second step need? Wouldn’t someone like the All-Seer need be the same amount of celestial jades as several Ascendant cultivators…” Wang Lin’s eyebrows knitted tighter.

“Could it be… That the second step doesn’t need celestial jades? Or is it that there is a special way to replace celestial jades?” A bold guess entered Wang Lin’s mind.

As he pondered, he moved his head. There was a gentle breeze and the old man in black from the Sun family appeared outside the house.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and removed the restriction on the house. The old man quickly entered, and after hesitating for a moment, he also lowered his cultivation level to the Core Formation stage. He entered the room with a bitter smile in his heart.

“Senior, I was in a rush last time, so I didn’t introduce myself. Junior is Sun family member Sun Qiming. I am the person in charge of the city here. I was wondering if I may learn Senior’s name.” The old man was extremely respectful. For the old ancestor to personally come out, this was someone he couldn’t offend.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Xu Mu.”

“Senior Xu, the two hundred thousand celestial jades have been prepared by the family. Please check them.” The old man quickly took out a bag of holding. The old man couldn’t help but sigh. Two hundred thousand celestial jades were gifted just like that by the old ancestor. This immediately showed how abnormal this person was.

After taking the bag, Wang Lin didn’t check it. He believed that that fellow Ascendant cultivator from the Sun family wouldn’t try to cheat him on this.

After the old man handed over the bag of holding, he quickly said, “Senior can rest assured; junior has already given the order to make sure yesterday’s matter doesn’t spread. No one even knows that junior came here today, so no one will disturb Senior’s cultivation. In addition, if Senior wants to go into closed door cultivation, there are better places in the city.”

Wang Lin calmly said, “No need. You can go.”

The old man quickly and respectfully backed up. After hesitating a little, he said, “Senior, in seven days, the Ran family’s Whole Treasure Pavilion will have an auction. It will include a rank 8 fake god pill…”

Wang Lin’s gaze coldly swept the old man. The old man immediately trembled and swallowed the latter part of his sentence.

The room was completely quiet and time passed by. However, to the old man, it felt very long; it was as if each breath lasted a year.

This silence created a silent pressure that made the old man tremble. He didn’t want to do this, but the family ordered him to test this person’s cultivation, so he had to bite the bullet and ask the question. However, there was a hint of hope in his heart that this silence wasn’t because Senior Xu Mu saw through his words but was tempted by the rank 8 fake god pill.

Shortly after, Wang Lin slowly opened his mouth. “Bring it here!”

The old man’s face was pale as he stared at Wang Lin. He immediately reacted and took out a red token. He whispered, “This is a token for the auction.

“You can go.” After receiving the token, Wang Lin closed his eyes.

The old man quickly left the house and let out a breath of relief. Cold sweat had already soaked his clothes, and at this moment, Wang Lin’s cold words entered his ears.

“There won’t be a second time!”

The old man’s expression suddenly became pale. He quickly turned around and respectfully bowed before disappearing in a breeze. In a remote part of the city, he reappeared and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. At the moment Wang Lin’s words entered his ears, he knew that all his thoughts had been seen through by him. This level of scheming made him terrified.

He acted according to the what the family told him and used the rank 8 fake god pill to test Wang Lin. If Wang Lin took the token, then it meant that Wang Lin was most likely an Ascendant cultivator. If Wang Lin wasn’t tempted, he was to evacuate all family members inside the city without any explanation.

He had already gotten his answer, but his heart was unsettled.

“Rank eight pill…” Wang Lin pondered as he held the token.

Wang Lin knew the ranking of pills very well; after all, Li Muwan was an alchemy grandmaster. There were nine ranks for pills, and each rank had low, mid, and high quality. Rank 9 pills could be considered god pills, rank 8 were fake god pills, and rank 7 were celestial pills.

Back when Wang Lin formed his nascent soul, he swallowed a high quality rank 6 pill.

“The ranks of these pills were made up by the later generations. Although names like ‘celestial’ and ‘god’ sound amazing, they can’t compare to the real celestial and god pills. The differences are like heaven and earth.

“To be more accurate, rank 9 pills are the limit. If one reaches the second step, pills become ineffective unless they obtain real celestial and god pills. However, with my current cultivation level, a rank eight pill is still effective.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he made his decision.

“That black-robed junior wouldn’t dare to test my cultivation with the pill. It must be the Sun family’s Ascendant cultivator. He couldn’t see through my cultivation and used this gentle method to test my cultivation.

“If I wasn’t tempted, that would mean that I have already stepped past the first step of cultivation.” Wang Lin touched the bag holding containing two hundred thousand celestial jades and then put this matter in the back of his mind.

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