Chapter 65 - Sect Mourning (Teaser)

Chapter 65 - Sect Mourning

Huang Long touched his bag of holding and looked toward the Heng Yue Sect with a complex expression. Dao Xu stood at his side and said, “Sect head, there will be a time when we will take back the Heng Yue Mountain.”

Huang Long bitterly smiled and said, “The purple moon sword was given to me by ancestor Liu when I became the sect head. I told him that as long as the sword is there, I’ll be there, but now, alas.”

The red faced elder named Ma darkly said, “Sect Head, the Xuan Dao Sect had a Nascent Soul cultivator. Not fighting him was the logical thing to do. There is no need to feel remorse about things like this. The cultivation world has always been like this. Back when the heng Yue Sect...

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