Chapter 63 - Powerful

Chapter 63 - Powerful

“Break for me! Break! Break!” Pun Nanzi’s expression became serious. His hands were constantly swinging as the giant tornado slammed against the mountain.

All of the people in the surrounding towns and villages were too scared to go outside, so they hid in their houses. The more brave people looked out of their windows and saw a giant mountain floating in the air, constantly slamming down.

Another white jade broke and another Foundation Building elder coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell down.

Pun Nanzi took out a purple gourd. His hand formed a seal and he spoke some complicated chants. The gourd trembled and red liquid came out of it. The moment the liquid appeared, it lit on fire and surrounded the tornado.

“Break!” Pun Nanzi let out a roar and slammed the flaming tornado down. With a boom, numerous cracks appeared on the light screen and began to spread.

Two more white jades broke and two more elders fell down.

Of the eight white pillars, only 4 remained. Aside from the two Core Formation elders, the two Foundation Building elders’ faces were completely ashen and their bodies trembled. They had clearly reached their limit.

Huang Long had already brought all of the inner disciples here. All of their faces were filled with shock and fear. Wang Hao was also among them. His face was still pale, but a lot better than before. When he saw Wang Lin, he walked up to him and stared dumbfounded into the sky, unable to say a word.

Pun Nanzi’s face was dark as he floated in the sky. This defense formation’s strength was beyond his expectation. He knew that this formation wasn’t at full powerful. If there was a Nascent Soul cultivator controlling it, it would be a lot more powerful.

Right now, this formation could only defend and do nothing else, but, if there was a Nascent Soul cultivator here, its power would be terrifying.

As the red faced elder watched his Foundation Building juniors fall one by one, his heart bled. He shouted,“Senior Pun Nanzi, your Xuan Dao Sect has always had a good relationship with our Heng Yue Sect. Do you really want to kill us all?”

Pun Nanzi snorted and said, “Liu Wenju, you went from being just a junior 500 years ago to a core member of the Heng Yue Sect and have even reached Core Formation. It is a shame to destroy this formation. If you open it yourself, things will be easier for you all.”

The Core Formation expert, Liu Wenju, hesitated and the old woman suddenly shouted, in an angry voice, “Senior Pun Nanzi, I can’t obey!”

Pun Nanzi let out a crazed laugh. His face sunk and he shouted. “Fine! This defense formation, break for me!” With that, he waved his hand and the giant tornado rose high in the air. His face turned red as he spat out more Nascent Soul energy and the tornado grew even larger.

“Fall!” Pun Nanzi’s hand seal changed and he signaled the tornado to go down.

The giant tornado released buzzing sounds as it pushed down a bit more.

With a cracking sound, the cracks in the light screen increased and another white pillar broke as another Foundation Building elder fell.

The giant tornado fell another inch and the last Foundation Building elder coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell down.

“Break!” With Pun Nanzi’s shout, the giant tornado pressed down and sunk three inches. The pine peak shook. With a thunderous roar, the entire mountain sunk dozens of meters into the ground.

The stone bridge connected to the Heng Yue Sect broke in half and fell down the cliff.

Meanwhile, the Heng Yue Sect’s defense formation finally couldn’t hold out anymore and shattered into tiny pieces and disappeared.

The last two white jade pillars broke and Liu Wenju and the old woman fell onto the ground with bitter expressions, unable to say a word.

Pun Nanzi let out a cold snort. He slowly floated to the ground and the giant tornado still floated in the air, releasing a powerful pressure.

After Pun Nanzi landed, he said, with a cold expression, “Who here is Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin had already backed up into the crowd of inner disciples. He never thought that the first thing this Nascent Soul expert would do was look for him.

All of the surrounding disciples’ gazes turned to him. Pun Nanzi scanned the group and his gaze fell on Wang Lin. He raised his brow and figured that this must be Wang Lin. Before, his junior Ouyang had mentioned Wang Lin many times and said that their losses were entirely due to Wang Lin. He really wanted to recruit Wang Lin

Pun Nanzi had always wanted the Heng Yue Sect’s land. This time, he thought that, with Zhou Peng, they would win for sure and would take over the Heng Yue Sect’s land without openly using force.

But this Wang Lin’s appearance disrupted his plan and forced him to appear and forcibly take the land.

Pun Nanzi’s demeanor was cold as he asked, “You are Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He clasped his hands and respectfully said, “Disciple is Wang Lin, and he greets senior Pun Nanzi.”

Pun Nanzi nodded his head. He turned to Liu Wenju and the Core Formation old woman and said, “The Nascent Soul ancestors of the Heng Yue Sect have all died fighting in another country. You guys no longer have the ability to keep this Heng Yue mountain. Instead of letting another sect steal it, why not give it to my Xuan Dao Sect?”

Liu Wenju gave the old woman a bitter look and said, “Senior, please consider the good relationship between the two sects and not…”

Without letting Liu Wenju finish speaking, Pun Nanzi interrupted him and impatiently said, “”Leave! Besides the people, nothing else can leave! If you keep bugging me, I don’t mind wiping out the entire sect!”

The old woman became furious and was about to charge in when Liu Wenju stopped her. He took a deep breath and respectfully said, “Junior obeys, but this Heng Yue Mountain has been our sect for thousands of years and junior doesn’t have the right to give it away. Junior can only agree to lend it. If in the future…”

Pun Nanzi sneered. He once again interrupted and said, “Lend? That’s fine. Lend it to my Xuan Dao Sect for 100,000 years.”

All of the inner disciples were furious, but none of them dared to display it. They all felt very depressed and stayed silent. Some of the disciples began to think about themselves.

Pun Nanzi’s face swept the area and landed on Huang Long. He said, “You. Leave behind your Purple Moon Sword. My junior Ouyang has his eyes on it.”

Huang Long endured the humiliation and clenched his hands. He looked toward Liu Wenju and the old woman. When he found that they were waiting for him, he let out sigh, took out the sword, and threw it on the ground.

Pun Nanzi grabbed with his right hand and the purple moon sword flew into his hand. The moment the sword entered his grasp, a purple gas came out of the sword and formed into a giant dragon.

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