Chapter 59 - Questioning

Chapter 59 - Questioning

Lu Yunjie shivered. He forced a smile and said, “ Wang do you need something? If you need some spiritual energy gathering pills, I still have a lot left and can give some to you.”

“Third brother, there’s something I want from you: your helper, Wang Hao.” Wang Lin stared at Lu Yunjie. Before, he was not confident enough to go against Lu Yunjie, so he didn’t help Wang Hao. But, after this battle, he had a much better understanding of his own power.

Lu Yunjie’s expression become unsettled. He bitterly laughed in his heart. He clenched his teeth and said, “Wang Lin, that Wang Hao is my helper and is very important to my pill creation, so I can’t agree!”

Huang Long stood at the side, very puzzled, and shouted, “Lu Yunjie, it’s only a helper. How important can he be?”

Lu Yunjie’s face was very bitter. He decided to bite the bullet and said, “Sect head, disciple can’t obey. Wang Hao has already….”

Wang Lin’s expression quickly changed. He moved like lightning toward the Heng Yue Peak.

Huang Long and the other elders were all confused and followed behind. Dao Xu grabbed Lu Yunjie as he followed Wang Lin.

Soon, Wang Lin arrived above the pill house in the main courtyard. He scanned the the area with his divine sense and quickly found Wang Hao’s weak life force in the back room. The moment he entered the room, his anger reached its limit.

In the large room was a giant pill furnace with Wang Hao sitting cross legged inside. His life force was growing weaker and weaker.

Wang Lin didn’t even blink. He moved his hand and sent out his attraction technique to grab Wang Hao. As the hand formed by the technique came closer to the pill furnace, a rainbow colored light came out from the furnace and collided with the hand.

Wang Lin coldly snorted. Immediately, the power of the attraction technique reached its peak and broke the rainbow colored light. Wang Lin gently grabbed Wang Hao and placed him on the ground.

His placed his right hand on Wang Hao’s forehead and remained silent.

At that moment, Huang Long and the other elders arrived as well. The red face elder looked at the pill furnace, then at Wang Hao. His expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Fire Furnace Trail!”

Dao Xu carefully looked at Lu Yunjie, who was in his hand. He threw him on the ground and said, “Lu Yunjie, you sure have guts! Although this Fire Furnace Trial isn’t banned, you can only use it on people outside the sect, and never on anyone inside! Did you forget?!”

Lu Yunjie’s face was completely pale. He kneeled on the ground and whispered, “Disciple came, joined the sect, and became your disciple at age 15. It has been 25 years and disciple is still stuck at the 6th layer. Disciple is unwilling to give up. Once this Fire Furnace Trial is complete, the pill can not only extend my life, but will also give me a chance to break through, so I had to try, no matter what. This Wang Hao is my personal helper. According to the sect rules, I can do whatever I wish, and he is not part of the sect, so I have done nothing wrong!”

Wang Lin opened his eyes. Before, Wang Hao’s life was in critical condition, but after he sent spiritual energy into Wang Hao’s body, he was able to save Wang Hao’s life. After he heard Lu Yunjie’s words, he let out a few snorts.

Huang Long frowned. On one side was the genius Wang Lin, and on the other side was a faithful disciple of 25 years, Lu Yunjie. He found this decision very hard to make. After pondering for a while, he made a decision and said to Dao Xu, “Junior brother Dao Xu, you are in charge of disciplinary actions. How do you want to deal with Lu Yunjie?”

The moment Dao Xu heard this, he immediately understood sect head’s decision and said, “ Lu Yunjie will go into seclusion for 20 years.”

Huang Long nodded and turned to Wang Lin. He kindly said, “Wang Lin, from now on, this Wang Hao will become an inner disciple. Consider it making it up to him. From now on, you can’t go look for Lu Yunjie for trouble anymore. After all, you are all in the same sect.”

Wang Lin glanced at Lu Yunjie and said, “Disciple obeys!”

Huang Long waved his sleeves and said, “Ok, since the thing is resolved, Dao Xu, you deal with the matter here, including Wang Hao’s retreatment. Wang Lin, you follow me.” With that, he walked out of the room and then floated into the air.

Dao Xu looked at Wang Lin and smiled, “Disciple nephew Wang Lin, don’t worry and leave Wang Hao to me. As long as he is still alive, I’ll find a way for him to recover.”

Wang Lin slightly nodded. After taking a look at Wang Hao, whose face had recovered a little, he left the pill house and followed Huang Long.

Wang Lin had been thinking this whole time. He understood fully well why sect head Huang Long wanted to talk to him alone. Before long, Huang Long brought Wang Lin into the main hall. Then, he suddenly shouted, “Wang Lin, you sure have guts!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and said, “Sect head, if you have something to say, just say it.”

Huang Long grunted and said, “During that exchange, what technique did you really use?”

Wang Lin chuckled and said, “Attraction technique. If sect head doesn’t believe me, you can have a closer look.” With that, he activated the attraction technique and grabbed all the tables and chairs in the main hall. After making them circle the room a few times, he put them back to where they were.

Huang Long carefully examined the technique, then began to ponder. After a long time, he suddenly asked, “Before, you were obviously at the 3rd layer and, even now, you still look like you are at the 3rd layer. How do you have so much power? What level are you at exactly? Wang Lin, tell me the truth!”

Wang Lin’s face revealed a bitter expression and said, “Disciple doesn’t really understand. I just kept on cultivating and it became like this. As for what level I have reached, disciple doesn’t know.”

Huang Long stared at Wang Lin and said, in a deep voice, “Wang Lin, you’re still not going to tell me?”

Wang Lin wrily smiled and said, “Disciple really doesn’t know.”

Huang Long secretly sighed. He didn’t want to pressure Wang Lin too much because, no matter what, Wang Lin was still a disciple of the Heng Yue Sect, and he had also just done the sect a great service. He will also very likely become a star among the inner disciples. Thinking about it, his expression became friendly and said, “What was in that bottle you gave to the Xuan Dao Sect?”

Wang Lin chuckled. He waved his right hand and took out two small bottles. He handed them to Huang Long and said, “Sect head is talking about this? Sect head should know these better than me. It’s just the river water from the back mountain.”

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