Chapter 58 - Finished

Chapter 58 - Finished

Elder Ouyang gave Wang Lin a scornful look. He said, “You’re only a little junior. What right do you have to trade with me? If you take out the treasure left behind by the Heng Yue Sect’s founder, I might exchange one drop of poison with you!”

Wang Lin frowned. He secretly sneered. Then, he activated his attraction technique to full force and grabbed.

Elder Ouyang’s face instantly changed. “Junior, you dare!” With that, he waved his sleeve and an old looking flying sword came out. The moment the flying sword came out, wind started to gather and formed a giant sword in the air. The sword swung down.

The moment the sword appeared, a hint of killing intent appeared in elder Ouyang’s eyes. This disciple was simply too strong and he will become a threat to his Xuan Dao Sect in the future. He wanted to take this opportunity to destroy his cultivation.

Huang Long’s face darkened. He realized what Ouyang’s intent was and immediately took out his sword. Wang Lin let out a laugh. His attraction technique reached its limit and the invisible hand he created turned visible.

Two large hands that emitted white light appeared. Swirls of light appeared around the hands and all of the clouds surrounding them scattered.

One of the giant hands grabbed hold of the neck of the centipede. The other hand rose up and blocked the sword that was coming down.

The sword that was swinging down slowed down until it was stopped in mid air. Elder Ouyang’s face was all red as he revealed a look of horror.

The other two elders clenched their teeth. Disregarding their status, one spat out a rainbow colored light that turned into a rainbow colored ribbon. It shot toward Wang Lin.

Meanwhile, the other elder threw out a piece of jade. Eight ghostly fireballs appeared and shot at Wang Lin.

A strong heat wave reached Wang Lin, but his expression didn’t change at all. He created another hand with his attraction technique. That hand created a swirl of wind around him, causing the ghostly fire to fade.

All of this happened very quickly. Huang Long let out an angry roar and formed a seal with his hand. His flying sword, the Purple Moon, flashed toward the rainbow colored ribbon.

Using this time, Wang Lin quickly moved toward the thousand foot centipede. With his attraction technique holding the centipede, no matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t break free. Wang Lin placed his right hand on the centipede’s head and activated his spiritual energy. The centipede let out a painful howl and coughed out a black mist.

All of this lasted only a few seconds. No one even had the time to react yet. Both sects’ elders stood on each side of the centipede, ready to fight. When Dao Xu saw the centipede cough out the poison, he was afraid that Wang Lin wouldn’t have anything to hold the poison, so he waved his sleeve and threw out a white bottle. He shouted, “Disciple Wang Lin, use this to hold the poison!”

After that, he took his flying sword and started fighting the Xuan Dao Sect elder that let out the ghostly fire.

The three elders of the Xuan Dao Sect were all furious that they were stopped by the Heng Yue Sect elders and were unable to stop Wang Lin.

When Wang Lin saw that the centipede coughed out the poison, he quickly moved back a bit. He took the bottle and used his spiritual energy to move the poison into the bottle.

Elder Ouyang furiously shouted, “Heng Yue Sect, you’ve gone too far!”

Huang Long secretly sighed. He put away his sword and backed away. The other elders all did the same.

Wang Lin’s face showed hints of regret. This centipede’s poison could be the cure for his father’s illness, so he was determined to get it no matter what. He clasped his hands and said, “Elder Ouyang, this centipede’s poison is very important to me. I have something that can be considered a fair trade for it.” With that, he threw out a very normal looking jade bottle. The bottle was filled with the river water he had stocked up on from the back mountain.

Elder Ouyang’s face was sullen. He was about to speak when carefully scanned the jade bottle. He frowned and said, “I heard that, 500 years ago, several Nascent Soul cultivators of the Heng Yue Sect created a cultivation ground with spiritual energy several times higher than normal. I guess this liquid came from there?”

When the cap on the bottle was opened, a strong aura of spiritual power leaked out. Huang Long gave the jade bottle a look, then rubbed his beard. He said, “This brat. He even brought out a bottle of river water.”

Elder Ouyang grunted. He weighed the bottle in his hand, then said, “Friend Huang Long, your Heng Yue Sect has a very good disciple. Goodbye!”

With that, he glanced at Wang Lin. After pondering for a while, he sent a message to Wang Lin, “Nephew-disciple Wang, I can let this matter about the centipede’s poison go, but the Heng Yue Sect no longer has any Nascent Soul ancestors behind them, so stay at your own risk!”

With that, he touched the thousand foot centipede. The centipede glared at Wang Lin and flew north.

At that moment, Wang Lin noticed that, on top of that centipede, there was a pair of attractive eyes looking at him.

He was stunned. His mind was still echoing with the words of elder Ouyang. As for the owner of that pair of attractive eyes, after looking at the person once, he didn’t even take it to heart.

After the Xuan Dao Sect had left, the entire pine peak was silent. Huang Long’s eyes swept the area. Smiling, he said, “Today’s exchange is won by my Heng Yue Sect! All inner disciples will be rewarded! All of you can go to the pill house to get a bottle of spiritual energy gathering pills. You all have to follow Wang Lin’s example.

All of the inner disciples started to cheer one by one. As of now, no one dared to call him trash anymore.

Wang Zhuo’s heart was in chaos. He said to Xuan Dao, “Teacher, disciple wants to go into the life and death passage. I will no longer concern myself with other affairs.”

Dao Xu let out a sigh. Wang Zhuo was his favorite disciple, so he knew of the issues between Wang Lin and Wang Zhuo. He pondered for a while, then nodded and said, “Fine. You can take this opportunity to hide from Wang Lin as well.”

Wang Zhuo let out a bitter smile, but didn’t say word.

Huang Long spoke again. “All of you can leave. Wang Lin, come with me.”

Wang Lin nodded. His gaze swept the crowd and landed on third elder brother Lu Yun. He said, “Third elder brother, wait a moment!”

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