Chapter 56 - Entering the Stage (6)

Chapter 56 - Entering the Stage (6)

Unfortunately for him, his prayers didn’t come true. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, then his attraction technique formed a hand and caught Yang Yi. Then, an stink bomb was tossed into the air. It flew in an arc and landed on Yang Yi’s head.

Yang Yi felt the space tighten around him as if the air around him was sucked out and a force was pressing him from all sides, making him unable to move. He could only stare as the stink bomb fell toward him.

With a bang, Yang Yi was hit by the stink bomb. His entire face was black and his body emitted a disgusting stench.

He couldn’t be bothered with his face being black or with the stench. His face was filled with horror. When he felt the the squeezing force loosen a bit, he used all the power in his body to break free. His heart pounded as he thought, “This Dragon Capture Hand is too strong. I’ll lose no matter what. Fine, let’s go all out!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled at Yang Yi and said, “There are still more than ten seconds left. You can continue.”

Yang Yi gritted his teeth and spat out a mouthful of red light. The red light grew large and turned into a long, sword-shaped red light and flew toward Wang Lin with strong sword qi.

Meanwhile, he moved again and threw out handfuls of talismans. The talismans all grew and activated techniques that rained down on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered. He activated his attraction technique and formed a hand. He waved it and destroyed all of the talismans in the air. He then created another hand and grabbed the red light.

The red light dissipated and revealed its true form. A red flying sword! The flying sword was stopped in mid air and continued to struggled. Wang Lin scanned the flying sword and found that it had a piece of divine sense inside, just like the stink bomb. He easily erased the divine sense left on it and used a bit more force with his attraction technique. With a cracking sound, the flying sword split in half and fell to the ground.

Yang Yi’s expression changed greatly and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He took a few steps back and said, “Brother Wang’s ancient technique, the Dragon Capture Hand, is very strong, but I don’t admit defeat! What defeated me was not you, but your ancient technique!”

Wang Lin was stunned, but he let out a smile. “Ancient technique Dragon Capture Hand? This is the first time I’ve heard of it!”

“Hmph, you don’t have to deny it. Your Dragon Capture Hand has already been seen through by my uncle-master!” Yang Yi walked down from the stage and all of the Xuan Dao Sect disciples got out of the way. The smell on his body was simply too awful.

Elder Ouyang’s face reddened slightly. He coughed and stiffly said, “Junior Wang Lin, the technique you used is really the Dragon Capture Hand. These ancient techniques are very unpredictable and powerful. I’ve only ever heard of it in some old texts myself. I never thought that the Heng Yue Sect still had a technique that has been lost for thousands of years. No less from a powerful sect from 500 years ago!”

As he kept speaking, even he himself began to believe it. Even though it was not the Dragon Capture Hand, it must’ve been an ancient technique, or it would not have been so powerful.

Wang Lin was dumbfounded. He had practiced this attraction technique for more than 20 years in the dream world, so its power would not be weak.

This was only a small matter. What was important was that these fights made Wang Lin realize his current strength. Situ Nan said before that Wang Lin was at the half circle of the spirit movement stage, which was the 14th layer of Qi Condensation in the cultivation country of Zhao. This meant that he was one step away from reaching the peak of Qi Condensation.

As for why he felt like he was still at the 3rd layer, even Situ Nan couldn’t guess what was wrong. Wang Lin had once brought up what Brother Zhang said about cutting one’s mortal ties, but,with a face full of disdain, Situ Nan told him that there was no such thing. That was only a rumor spread by the juniors of these small cultivation countries. Cultivation was a heaven defying act. These small things don’t matter at all.

He stated that, in his home country, there was a cultivator at the Soul Formation stage, but he couldn’t let go of his family ties, so he stayed home and enjoyed life with his family, and, in the end, he still reached Soul Transformation after a number of years.

This lifestyle becomes very dull after a long time. After all, a cultivator’s life span is much longer than an average person’s, so, to normal people, it looks like cultivators don’t care about these things.

Situ Nan finally concluded that this had something to do with the heaven defying bead. Because Wang Lin cultivated so much in the heaven defying bead’s space, it caused a desynchronization between the dream space and the real world, so, while Wang Lin’s true strength was at the 14th layer, his body only showed that he was at the 3rd layer.

After a while, the desynchronization will be gone, so it was not a big deal.

With the power of the 14th layer of qi condensation and more than 20 years of hard work on the attraction technique, no wonder its power would cause people to have crazy guesses.

Huang Long narrowed his eyes and said to Wang Lin, “Wang Lin, is the technique you used really some ancient technique?” He was currently not in the mood to find what the name of the technique was, but he wholeheartedly wanted to make the Xuan Dao Sect lose face.

Wang Lin shook his head and smiled, “Sect head, the technique junior used is clearly the attraction technique. As for the Dragon Capture Hand, disciple has never heard of it before.”

Huang Long secretly praised Wang Lin for being smart. He looked toward the three Xuan Dao Sect elders and laughed. “Friend Ouyang, I can tell you that this technique is not the Dragon Capture Hand, but the most basic technique of my Heng Yue Sect: the attraction technique. Your disciples can’t even defend against the most basic technique of my Heng Yue Sect, and you guys are making up this Dragon Capture Hand to justify it.”

Elder Ouyang was pretty embarrassed, but, on the surface, he couldn’t back down. He retorted, “Friend Huang Long, you don’t have to deny it. Hmph, I already saw through it. This is the Dragon Capture Hand!”

Dao Xu let out a laugh and said to sect head Huang Long, “Sect head, I think that name is pretty good. How about we change the attraction technique’s name to the Dragon Capture Hand?”

Huang Long’s eyes lit up and gave Dao Xu a praising look. He said “Good! From now on, my Heng Yue Sect’s attraction technique will be renamed to the Dragon Capture Hand. I’d like thank the Xuan Dao Sect for the name!”

Elder Ouyang and the two other elders’ faces were full of bitterness. They shook their heads in silence.

Wang Lin stood on the stage, pondering. After the last two matches, he had gained great confidence in his strength, but the opponents were too weak to test his full power. Although his spiritual energy was at the same level as someone at the 14th layer of Qi Condensation, he was a bit short in terms of technique. He only had proficiency in the attraction technique.

In order to test how strong he truly was, he suddenly said, “Fellow senior brothers of the Xuan Dao Sect, all of you can come up at once.”

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