Chapter 55 - Entering the Stage (5)

Chapter 55 - Entering the Stage (5)

The discussion of what technique Wang Lin used also happened among the Heng Yue Sect disciples.

Wang Lin stood on the stage, unable to calm his excited heart. He was able to beat Zhou Peng down with his attraction technique three times, causing his confidence to grow. His gaze swept across the Xuan Dao Sect disciples like Zhou Peng did before and said, “Today’s exchange is not over. Who is going to come up next from the Xuan Dao Sect?”

All of the Xuan Dao Sect disciples looked at each other. They all lowered their heads, unwilling to look at Wang Lin, just like how the Heng Yue Sect acted before with Zhou Peng.

All of the Heng Yue Sect disciples forgot the title “trash” they gave Wang Lin. They all cheered and shouted:

“Xuan Dao Sect’s trash, how coming none of you are coming out after seeing how strong our senior brother Wang is? You were all so arrogant before. How come none of you are coming out now?”

“Where did all the drive you guys had before go? Quickly, send someone up so our senior brother Wang can teach them a lesson, then we’ll see if you guys will act cocky again!”

“Liu Feng, you looked so strong before. Come on out! Do you dare to fight with my senior brother?”

“All that the Xuan Dao Sect has left is trash. None of them dare to come out. Brother Wang is invincible!”

“Li Shan, you ***! You sold us those stink bombs with bad intentions, but we all saw through it, especially senior brother Wang Lin. Have you learned your lesson?”

“Did you guys all see? The Xuan Dao Sect is so scared of brother Wang Lin that none of them dare to come out.”

“Senior brother, I mocked you before, but I’m here to apologize to you now, before everyone else. You are now my boss! If you tell me to go east, I definitely won’t go west!”

The scene suddenly became more lively. All of the Heng Yue Sect disciples became excited and started to shout loudly. The earlier battles between the two sects were too depressing for them, but Wang Lin’s performance gave them hope.

By coincidence, the title of senior brother was given to Wang Lin.

Elder Ouyang’s face turned red, then white. He finally felt what Huang Long felt earlier. Then, he finally said, “Yang Yi, you go!”

A tall and thin youth reluctantly walked up. Before he got on the stage, a Xuan Dao Sect disciple shouted, “Second senior brother, go! Go and give Wang Lin a...”

Before he even finished talking, he noticed all the other disciples were looking at him with strange expressions, especially Yang Yi, who gave him a hateful look. The look made him so scared, he didn’t dare to finish that sentence.

Yang Yi secretly cursed in his heart, “This moron, Wang Lin, is so strong that he is able to beat senior brother with one move, yet old man Ouyang still made me come up. So shameful. And I don’t know how many stink bombs that bastard Li Shan sold him either. That Li Shan, I’ll have to teach him a lesson once we go back.”

While thinking that, he turned to Li Shan and shot him a fierce gaze. He then clasped his hands and respectfully said, “Brother Wang, I am Yang Yi. Brother is very handsome and has such high cultivation! You will definitely become famous in the cultivation country of Zhao! Having the chance to battle with brother is really a privilege!”

Wang Lin glanced at Yang YI, but didn’t say a word.

Yang Yi didn’t feel embarrassed. He said, “Brother Wang, we are only here for a friendly exchange between the two sects. How about we fight by touch* to determine the winner? If I can last 100 seconds, then it’s my win.”

Just as he finished, he immediately regretted it and said, “No, 50 seconds. Actually, let’s do 30 let’s go with 20 seconds.”

All of the Heng Yue Sect disciples finally decided that they must properly suck up to Wang Lin, or they just wouldn’t feel safe.

“Get off the stage! You’re the Xuan Dao Sect’s second senior brother, yet you’re so shameless! Brother Wang, don’t listen to him!”

“Yang Yi, are you still a man? From 100 seconds to 20 seconds? Get off the stage and send in someone else. You’re not worthy of fighting our senior brother!”

“How could the Xuan Dao Sect send out such a person?! Simply too shameful!”

Huang Long’s smile became wider. The more he looked at Wang Lin, the more he liked him. He turned to Sun Dazhu and said, “Junior brother Dazhu, this disciple of yours is very good!”

Sun Dazhu’s body trembled. His body felt several pounds lighter. Since when did the sect head call him junior brother Dazhu with such intimacy?  He proudly said, “That is true. I’ve had my eyes on Wang Lin from the moment he came into the sect! Hehe, good thing no one fought with me for him. Hmph, when I took him as my disciple, quite a few people even mocked me!”

Dao Xu’s and the red faced elder’s, along with a few other elder’s, faces turned red and were about to speak.

However, Huang Long fiercely looked at them and said, “Junior brother Dazhu, you have done a great service for the Heng Yue Sect! Don’t worry, your elder brother will deal with this matter for you!”

Sun Dazhu was talking proudly, but, secretly, he was even more shocked and his eyes contained a cold light.

On the stage, Yang Yi didn’t even have time to bother with what the other sect’s disciples were saying. He was carefully examining Wang Lin. He was afraid that he wouldn’t agree to his suggestion.

Wang Lin looked at Yang Yi and said, “Ok!”

Yang Yi secretly became excited. He had always been a calm person. He was not arrogant like Zhou Peng. He thought, “Wang Lin, although your Dragon Capture Hand is strong, and I can’t compare to senior brother, I specialize in speed! Hmph, let’s see if you can catch me in 20 seconds. It will surely be my win!

He clasped his hands toward Wang Lin, then quickly took out a piece of white jade and crushed it. Suddenly, white light appeared around his body and increased his speed. He shot toward the side.

He deliberately avoided Wang Lin. His objective wasn’t fight him, but to use his speed to waste time.

Wang Lin revealed a mocking smile. His divine sense was far above Yang Yi’s and he was easily able to keep up with the speed. His attraction technique was sent out and he slowly took out a stink bomb.

The moment Yang Yi saw the stink bomb, his face changed greatly, and he increased his speed.

Li Shan stared dumbfoundedly at the stink bomb in Wang Lin’s hand as he muttered to himself, “Martial Brother Wang, Elder Brother Wang, Grandpa Wang! Please don’t use it anymore! I have already angered senior brother. If I anger second senior brother as well, my life will be over…”

*Basically is you fight but on a critical blow or something you don't hit them but stop by just before hitting them after breaking through their defenses.

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