Chapter 540 - Leaving

Chapter 540 - Leaving

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out, causing Thirteen’s body to float up before him. He pointed at Thirteen’s forehead and then a strand of demonic spiritual energy entered Thirteen’s body.

“Eh?” Wang Lin’s expression became serious.

One year ago, he made the assessment that all of Thirteen’s meridians had been shattered and that he could no longer cultivate. However, right now he found something very mysterious.

Although Thirteen’s meridians were still shattered like they were one year ago and some of them had even shrunk, for some reason there was a large amount of demonic spiritual energy stored up in his body.

This demonic spiritual energy wasn’t inside his meridians but inside his flesh and bones. If this continued, Thirteen’s body would naturally enter a body refining stage.

However, this person didn’t understand the body refining technique, so a lot of demonic spiritual energy was wasted. Thirteen also didn’t know how to cycle the demonic spiritual energy, so even if he walked the path of body refining, he wouldn’t be able to get far before his body becomes rigid and he dies.

“Strange. One year ago, Thirteen’s body had no demonic spiritual energy, but now he has already reached two stars.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew from Lou Yun’s memories that three stars was one rank, and three ranks was the same as a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

He raised his right hand and sat down. After a while, his eyes lit up, and his origin soul flew out and entered Thirteen’s forehead.

Comparing Thirteen and Wang Lin’s souls was like comparing a firefly to the sun. Wang Lin easily saw Thirteen’s memories of the last year.

Wang Lin saw Thirteen withstand pain that normal people could not withstand, and he was experiencing this pain every night. He was withstanding the pain of trying to absorb demonic spiritual energy when all his meridians were shattered, then the pain of the demonic spiritual energy would enter his flesh. The pain was like millions of small insects eating away at his body.

He withstood this kind of pain for over a year and never stopped once.

All of this was because he wasn’t willing to give up. He wanted to become strong, and he wanted Wang Lin to gaze at him once more!

Wang Lin withdrew his origin soul. He was moved by this. His eyes became very serious as he stared at the floating Thirteen.

Thirteen’s determination earned Wang Lin’s good will, but the only way for Thirteen to recover was the Ancient God Tactic, and that wasn’t something Wang Lin would give to someone else so easily.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin pointed at Thirteen’s chest and inserted some demonic spiritual energy. This caused Thirteen to open his mouth, and Wang Lin threw a pill inside it. After helping Thirteen absorb the pill, Wang Lin sat back down.

Thirteen’s body slowly landed on the ground.

After one incense stick of time, Thirteen began to cough violently, and when he finally got up, he coughed out a large mouthful of black blood. After coughing out the blood, his entire body felt lighter.

It wasn’t until now that he noticed that he was inside the valley. He was very smart, so he immediately noticed Wang Lin before him. This made him feel very excited. As soon as he noticed, he got up, knelt down, and was very respectful the entire time.

“Thirteen greets Ancestor!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at Thirteen and shouted, “How did you obtain the demonic spiritual energy in your body?”

Thirteen’s body trembled. He respected Wang Lin a lot, so he quickly told Wang Lin what he had done in this past year. What he said was exactly the same as the memories Wang Lin saw, and he didn’t hide anything.

Wang Lin secretly nodded, but his expression was still normal as he slowly said, “Thirteen, all of that demonic spiritual energy in your body is useless without your meridians to cycle it. Once you collect too much demonic spiritual energy inside your body, you will die for sure!”

Thirteen’s face was pale and he let out a pitiful smile. He took a deep breath and said, “Ancestor, Thirteen doesn’t want to become a useless person… Thirteen knew that collecting demonic spiritual energy in my body was probably not a good idea. However, it was the only way for me to feel like I wasn’t worthless. I have demonic spiritual energy like everyone else…”

In the end, Thirteen’s voice lowered and he clenched his fist.

Wang Lin looked at Thirteen, and after a long time he said, “I have a cultivation method that can allow you to transfer the demonic spiritual energy inside your body into your flesh. It will then increase your body’s strength to an unimaginable degree. Although you won’t be able to use any spells, your body will become stronger and stronger. This is the body refining method. Are you willing to learn?”

Thirteen’s body trembled violently. His face was filled with joy. He didn’t hesitate and quickly nodded.

“Don’t agree too quickly. Cultivating this body refining method is very difficult and very dangerous. If you mess up, even I might not be able to save you. Cultivating the body refining method is also very painful. Can you withstand it?”

“Ancestor, Thirteen will definitely not let you down!” Thirteen looked at Wang Lin with never-before-seen determination.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then touched his bag of holding. He took out a piece of jade, pressed it against his forehead, imprinted information on it, and threw it at Thirteen. “You have demonic spiritual energy inside your body, so you should be able to see inside it.”

When Thirteen accepted the jade, the excitement in his heart was indescribable. He kowtowed several times before leaving.

It wasn’t until Thirteen left that Wang Lin let out a sigh. In the end, he still didn’t give Thirteen the Ancient God Tactic. Instead, he organized what he knew of the Giant Demon Clan and gave it to him.

“If he can complete the Giant Demon Clan’s body refining method, I’ll teach him the first stage of the Ancient God Tactic. If he can’t, then it just means he is not destined to learn the Ancient God Tactic.”

In the blink of an eye, two more years passed. In these two years, the Soul Refining Tribe grew like crazy. The size of the tribe continued to increase from 20 kilometers. Now it was about 150 kilometers wide, and the tribe had more than 5,000 males.

Within a 50,000 kilometer area, aside from the two tribes with ten thousand members, all the other ones were devoured by the Soul Refining Tribe.

In these two years, Wang Lin acted three times because some of the enemy tribes had someone powerful. However, in the wasteland, no matter how strong they were, they were no match for Wang Lin.

It has to be said that Wang Lin’s plan of starting his own force in this wilderness was paying off. Right now he commanded a force of 5,000 people who knew the soul refining spell. Although they weren’t that powerful individually, they packed a huge punch when they all released their soul fragments together.

If enough time passes by for them to grow, Wang Lin will control a very powerful force!

A stalemate between the three tribes within this 50,000 kilometer area occurred.

Originally, Ouyang Hua wanted to attack one of the big tribes, but he was stopped by Wang Lin. He wanted the tribe members to give up attacking others and focus on cultivating.

Wang Lin’s words were divine to the people of the tribe.

A thing worth mentioning was Thirteen. This child’s perseverance was amazing, and he was able to learn a bit of the Giant Demon Clan’s body refining method. His body was as tough as iron, and during battle he would always charge in the front. No one could stop him!

In four years of time, Wang Lin turned a small tribe in a valley into a large tribe with over 5,000 people. Wang Lin ordered all of them to focus on cultivation because he had other plans. He decided to leave the tribe for a bit!

His target was Ancient Demon city!

Four years ago, Wang Lin had the chance to go, but he didn’t go because the him back then didn’t have a force of his own. Even if he had gone, it would’ve been pointless.

After four years, Wang Lin could finally go to Ancient Demon city without any worries. Even if he couldn’t get a foothold in Ancient Demon city, he would still have the ability to turn the situation for the better.

To make it easier to communicate, he spent half a month making two voice transmission jades. He kept one with him and left the other one inside the Soul Refining Tribe.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he lacked materials, he would have placed a transfer array inside the Soul Refining Tribe. That way, he would be able to return in an instant.

Wang Lin wasn’t going to leave by himself this time. There would be two youths following him, and one of them was Thirteen!

The other person was called Huo Pao. He was from a small tribe and had already awakened his demonic spiritual energy. He had two stars of demonic spiritual energy when he joined and was the number one expert from that small tribe.

Ouyang Hua personally captured this person and forced him to drink the memory wiping soup, then this person became a member of the Soul Refining Tribe. This person was very talented in cultivation. With his starting point of two stars of demonic spiritual energy, he soon surpassed everyone and was closing in on Ouyang Hua.

Right now he had already reached the fifth stage, and he had 97 soul flags along with 31 primary souls. His current strength was not that different from a Core Formation cultivator.

Wang Lin saw a genius in this person. Although the soul refining spell was easy to learn, to reach the Core Formation stage in just a mere four years was something Wang Lin never expected.

One of the big reasons for this was because this person already had two stars of demonic spiritual energy. It also had a lot to do with the demonic spiritual energy in this land, but it was the first time Wang Lin had seen someone with talent like Huo Pao!

If he could reach the Soul Formation stage in 100 years, he would catch up to Red Butterfly in terms of talent! In fact, he would be a head above Red Butterfly!

Wang Lin cared a lot about talent like this, so he decided to keep him around to make him easier to control rather than leaving him in the tribe.

The youth named Huo Pao’s respect for Wang Lin wasn’t any weaker than Thirteen. When he heard that the ancestor would take him outside, he was very excited.

As for Thirteen, the strength of his body had reached a shocking degree. Even if he were to fight Huo Pao, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

This had a lot to do with his determination and effort. After obtaining the body refining method, he spent many days and nights cultivating. In terms of seriousness toward cultivation, he was number one in the tribe.

On this morning at the moment the sun rose into the sky, Wang Lin walked out of the Soul Refining Tribe. Huo Pao and Thirteen followed him like guards.

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