Chapter 537 - Untitled

Chapter 537 - Untitled

The grey-robed old man silently pondered. He didn’t have a good opinion of his fellow tribe member who went to Ancient Demon City and got a position there.

Shortly after, just as he was about to open his mouth, the ground started trembling as if there was a giant dragon moving underneath. Then loud rumbling came from the five-kilometer-wide area of the tribe.

The white-robed old man’s face sank and then he walked out of the room.

There was a person floating in the sky. He was wearing a white robe that was flowing in the wind, and his long hair flowed behind his head, giving off a demonic aura.

He was Wang Lin, who came in anger!

At this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes were cold, and the celestial spiritual energy in his body was surging as he floated in the air. He took one step and a shockwave echoed across the area.

The five-kilometer-wide area below him showed signs of collapsing, and cries of shock and terror came from below.

However, at the moment the ground began to collapse, a green ripple appeared from the five-kilometer-wide area. The ground immediately returned to normal and a powerful force charged directly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort as he raised his right thumb and pressed it down. He increased the power of the death finger to its peak.

This finger caused the surroundings to be covered in a death aura; even the sky dimmed and showed signs of collapse.

His thumb pressed down and collided with the ripple in the sky. The waves of ripples immediately began to curve and move around Wang Lin’s finger as he pressed down. It was as if there was suddenly a fork in the river, forcing it to split to two sides.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Break!”

With one word, a black light shined from Wang Lin’s finger. The ripples immediately collapsed, and this quickly spread until all of the ripples dissipated.

Wang Lin floated in the sky and coldly looked at the tribe below him. Everyone within the five-kilometer-wide area walked out of their houses and raised their heads to look at him in terror.

Wang Lin wasn’t one to kill indiscriminately. Among these people, two of them caught his attention.

These two were both old men; one was wearing grey and the other was wearing white.

At this moment, the grey-robed old man’s heart felt very bitter, and he let out a sigh of regret. This time they had messed with a person they shouldn’t have. The fact that this person could negate the rebound force from the formation with just one finger meant that his cultivation wasn’t weak.

As for the white-robed old man, he was in shock. His gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with disbelief.

“Why would such a powerful person appear in this land of savages? His cultivation level is about the same as the elder in the general’s manor. I’m afraid I’m not his match…”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he slowly said, “Who sent me the challenge letter? Come out!”

His voice was calm at the start, but when it descended to the ground, it roared like heavenly thunder in the surrounding five kilometer area. The grey-robed old man suddenly turned completely pale, his body swayed back, and he took a few steps back. Then blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth, and the shock in his eyes reached its limit.

The white-robed old man was barely able to stand still. He clenched his teeth and shouted, “Who are you!? I’m the deacon of the general of the left wing in Ancient Demon City!”

Wang Lin’s cold gaze fell on this person and he coldly said, “It should be you. I can feel the aura of the soul flag on you. You are dead!”

The white-robed old man’s heart trembled as he clenched his teeth and said, “Yes, it was this old man who took those small flags! If you have the skill, then break the formation and take them!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the old man and calmly said, “Do you think this formation can stop me?!” Wang Lin touched his bag of holding and a giant, heaven-splitting axe that was glowing black appeared in the air.

The moment the giant axe appeared, thunderous roars came from the sky, and balls of lightning appeared around the axe

The white-robed old man’s pupils suddenly shrank, and the grey-robed old man exclaimed, “Foreigner!!!”

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he grabbed the heaven-splitting axe and swung down at the speed of lightning.

A ray of of axe energy 100 feet long fell on the formation along with several balls of lightning.

There was a bang so loud that even the people in the valley were able to clearly hear it.

Wang Lin didn’t stop with one swing. He continued to swing the axe down on the formation like a primordial demon war god.

The white-robed old man’s face was completely pale, and the regret in his heart had reached its limit.

Green light flashed violently around the five-kilometer-wide area. Every time the axe fell, the flashes of green light would negate the axe’s power and even absorb some to increase the formation’s strength.

As a result, it created an endless cycle. This formation wasn’t just a little bit stronger than the one around the valley.

After enduring for a few breaths of time, the white-robed old man finally let out a breath of relief. His expression gradually returned to normal as he looked at Wang Lin, who was still swinging the axe, and sneered. “How could the formation here break because you say it will break?!”

The grey-robed old man next to him also let out a sigh of relief. He was very clear on the power of the formation, and right now it seemed like the foreigner was not powerful enough to break it.

Wang Lin’s expression was still cold. The power of this formation was beyond his expectations. He backed up and he stared at the formation.

“I won’t be able to break through this formation by force in a short period of time, and even if I used restrictions, it would take a very long time to study it.”

As if he had seen through Wang Lin’s concern, the white-robed old man laughed and said, “Even if you have heavenly spells, this formation is not something you can break. I suggest you quickly leave before you humiliate yourself any more!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the person, revealed a hint of contempt, and coldly said, “Really?”

With that, he threw the axe. His time his target wasn’t the formation, it was the edge of the five kilometer area the formation covered.

The axe moved like lightning and suddenly landed on the edge of the five kilometer area, causing a loud bang. Because it was outside the formation, the axe left a deep ravine on the ground like it was cutting through tofu.

Wang Lin raised his right hand, pointed at the ground, and drew a circle.

There were more rumbling sounds as the axe moved underground at a very fast speed under Wang Lin’s command. It moved around the formation and dug out a large circle around it!

The white-robed old man was startled, as he wasn’t sure what this foreigner was doing.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he took a deep breath, raised his hand, and shouted, “Rise!”

This word was like thunder when it shot out from Wang Lin’s mouth. A mysterious power suddenly surrounded the area covered by the formation, and it began to tremble violently.

Wang Lin shouted once more, “Rise for me!” The veins on his arm bulged out as he raised his arm.

A series of thunderous roars came out from underground like never before. At this moment, a shocking scene unfolded!

The area surrounding the formation was dug out from the ground by an invisible hand and was lifted into the air!

Waves of dirt and dust were kicked up, and the surrounding area was immediately covered in dirt.

When the dirt seemed to have calmed down, it could be seen that the five-kilometer-wide land was floating several dozen feet off the ground, and a large amount of dirt was falling from it.

A giant basin had suddenly appeared on the ground!

Earlier, Wang Lin controlled the axe to dig out these five kilometers of land. This allowed him to raise this land into the air with a spell.

The inhabitants of the village all screamed in fear. They had never seen something like this in their lives, and it was beyond their imagination.

The grey-robed old man’s body became soft and fell to the ground. His face was completely pale, and the fear in his eyes returned once more.

“This person is a madman… All foreigners are madmen… He… He dug the land the formation protected out from the ground…”

The white-robed old man’s body was trembling. He could have never imagined this foreigner would think of something like this.

The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes was strong. He couldn’t break the formation quickly, but he could refine it!

He held the land with his hand before letting out a roar and throwing it into the air. The floating land mass suddenly flew up at a quick speed.

Waves of cries of fear echoed once more.

Wang Lin’s body moved like lightning and he appeared under the land. He held up this five-kilometer-wide area like a giant and began walking forward.

If anyone was around, they would see a mysterious scene they would never forget in their life.

They would see a white-robed young man holding a five-kilometer-wide land mass quickly walking away.

His speed was very fast, so after several hours, he saw the valley from a distance.

The people of the valley quickly came out with Ouyang Hua leading the way to greet Wang Lin. However, they were all shocked when they saw the five-kilometer-wide piece of land Wang Lin was carrying and the green light of the formation that surrounded it.

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