Chapter 531 - Shi Realm

Chapter 531 - Shi Realm

“The Demon Spirit Land is split into nine countries, and each country has an ancient demon spirit sealed within. An ancient demon spirit is formed naturally from the heavens and earth and possesses powerful abilities. Once a cultivator fuses with it, their cultivation increases greatly and they have the chance to learn a powerful spell. According to Lou Yun’s memories, every ancient demon spirit is a rare treasure, and after fusing with it, there is a chance of entering a state called Beginning of the Soul.”

“The so called Beginning of the Soul is a very mysterious state. Once a cultivator enters this state, the speed at which they can comprehend the heavens reaches an unimaginable degree. If this was the only thing it offered, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The thing that makes every cultivator so crazy about it is that once you enter this state, there is a chance that you can create your own celestial spell based off your domain!”

“Rumor has it that the celestial spells left behind by the Celestial Realm were created by powerful cultivators when they entered this state…”

As Wang Lin flew, his eyes lit up. After going through all of Lou Yun’s memories, he had a decent idea about this land.

“It will be very difficult to obtain an ancient demon spirit. According to Lou Yun’s memories, even though this place has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and opens up every 5,000 years, the number of cultivators that have managed to obtain an ancient demon spirit is far too low. Rumor has it that in these countless years, only 10 people have actually obtained an ancient demon spirit.

“The only way to obtain one is to have accomplishments!

“Each country only has one ancient demon spirit. The spirits aren’t controlled by anyone, and they are the symbols of their respective countries. The spirits evolve once every 100,000 years, and if one is merged with someone before it can evolve, it would take a million years to form a new one.

“The rank of each country’s ancient demon spirit is different too. For example, the Sky Demon Country’s ancient demon was just born 100,000 years ago and has the lowest rank.

“The ancient demon in the Nine Extinction country has never been merged ever since it was born, so its strength has reached an unimaginable degree.

“Only those with a lot of accomplishments have the chance to pray before an ancient demon spirit. Only those who have killed countless people have the chance of becoming one’s owner.

“The ancient demon spirits are very mysterious; no matter how many accomplishments people who are born in this land rack up, they can only pray to them but never fuse with them. Only the foreigners have the right to merge with them.

“As for the reason for all of this, no one knows.

“Also, the demonic spiritual energy is the key to fusing with a spirit. If one doesn’t have enough demonic spiritual energy, even if they have the chance to merge with a spirit, it won’t succeed.

“As a result, this created the bloodbath that happens every 5,000 years when the foreigners arrive. The foreigners have to kill because by killing, they will be able to absorb all of the demonic spiritual energy the others have gathered.

“Only by killing others can my competition decrease!”

Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression as he quickly flew to where the primary souls were. He was moving like a meteor as he flew across the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

“The reason why Luo Yun knew all of this was because tens of thousands of years ago, a member of his sect came here. Although that person didn’t obtain an ancient demon, he managed to make it out of here alive even though there was only 10% chance of living.

“After he returned to the Heavenly Ghost Sect, he immediately recorded his 500 years of experience in the Demon Spirit Land. This is why Lou Yun knew all of this. Now his knowledge made it easier for me!

“Lou Yun learned from his ancestor that to quickly find one’s roots here, they must join a country as soon as possible.

“This is the only way to obtain military exploits, but more importantly, once you have military exploits, you aren’t on your own anymore. You will have demon soldiers and demon commanders at your command. This is the best way to gain an advantage at the start!

“The closest country is the Sky Demon Country. Lou Yun went to the ancient demon city earlier and obtained an entrance token of the demon general of the left wing but required him to acquire three ranks demonic spiritual energy to enter!”

“This place uses ranks to measure demonic spiritual energy. Three ranks of demonic spiritual energy is equal to the amount of spiritual energy a Foundation Establishment cultivator needs!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he waved his hand and a crystal appeared in his palm. This was the demon crystal from Lou Yun’s dantian. After checking the crystal, he realized that it contained two ranks of demonic spiritual energy.

“No wonder this Lou Yun wanted to kill me. The demon crystal I absorbed inside the valley just happens to have one rank, and adding the two ranks here, that would make three ranks!”

“However, it ended up benefitting me instead!”

Wang Lin sneered as he moved very quickly. His divine sense detected that the primary souls were not far away.

His body turned into a cloud of green smoke and quickly charged over. However, he suddenly had an idea, and he forced his body out of the green smoke with a pondering expression in his eyes.

“Wait a minute. In Lou Yun’s memories, it said that when fusing with an ancient demon spirit, there is a chance to enter the state called Beginning of the Soul. This sounds familiar… Beginning of the Soul… Beginning of the Soul….Soul…”

Wang Lin’s body trembled and he suddenly stopped and froze in the sky. His eyes were glowing brightly. If someone looked at him from a distance, they would see his eyes glowing so brightly that they could light up an area more than 10,000 feet away.

“Shi Realm! Could it be the Shi Realm!?” Wang Lin’s eyes became even brighter.

“Ji, Dao, Shi!” Wang Lin’s heart beat like crazy.

After obtaining the Ji Realm, Wang Lin once went on a mad search for information regarding it. The largest harvest was from a cave deep under a plain in the Sea of Devils. There was a large collection of ancient books there, and it was there that he got a detailed description of the Ji Realm.

When he was looking for information on the Ji Realm, he also found information on the other two realms, which were just as famous!

Dao Realm, Shi Realm!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he went into deep thought.

“Beginning of the Soul… The three realms are three spiritual energy realms that have existed for a long time. If the Ji Realm was able to transform from spiritual energy into divine sense, then the other two realms should be able to change as well. Could the state of Beginning of the Soul be an effect of the Shi Realm turning into divine sense...”

“If Ji Realm is death, then the Shi Realm is life. If the Shi Realm is converted to divine sense, does that mean my divine sense will have endless life and will never die, or creation…”

“I cultivate the heavens’ life and death domain. If I can fuse the Ji Realm and Shi Realm using the Ji Realm as death and Shi Realm as life, would that complete my domain…” While thinking about this, Wang Lin bitterly smiled and shook his head. It was best not to fantasize too much about it, as it was just too unrealistic.

He let out a soft sigh and put it in the back of his mind. It didn’t matter if this Beginning of the Soul was what he thought it was, because right now it had nothing to do with him, and thinking more about it was pointless.

Wang Lin’s figure moved. With one step, he disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was more than 5,000 kilometers away.

When Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the sky, he was flying over a plain. When he appeared, several ghost-like things flew toward him and circled him.

One was a Qilin beast that roared as it moved.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and focused on a black crack on the ground.

This crack was more than 1,000 feet wide. The crack looked like it was created by someone striking with a flying sword from the sky. However, a long time has passed and most of it has closed, so now only a 100 foot gap remained.

There was wild grass covering the entire area, so unless one looked very carefully, it was hard to see this crack in the ground.

Wang Lin opened his mouth and sucked. The primary souls around him turned into black smoke and were sucked into his body, then they entered the one-billion-soul soul flag inside his origin soul.

After putting the primary souls away, Wang Lin landed next to the crack and coldly looked at it.

“According to Lou Yun’s memories, the heavenly ghost is a unique avatar that only the Heavenly Ghost Sect has. These thing are born from the void and normally have no form, but the members of the Heavenly Ghost Sect use the blood of mortal pregnant women as a lure, the blood of powerful men as a guide, and add a cultivator’s Nascent Soul as a medium. It takes 49 years to summon a heavenly ghost, then they use a secret spell to make it their life-bound heavenly ghost.

Lou Yun had very high status in the Heavenly Ghost Sect. Before he came here, his master gave him the weakest of his nine life-bound heavenly ghosts to protect himself. Lou Yun didn’t have much time to refine it, and that’s is why the heavenly ghost betrayed him.”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he waved his right hand. Two strands of grey gas suddenly appeared and began moving between his fingers. He flicked his finger and the two strands of grey gas shot out toward the crack on the ground.

These two strands of gas charged into the crack like two raging dragons. The heavenly ghost was hiding inside this crack. When he betrayed his master, he suffered a certain amount of consequences, and due to having lost the support of its master’s blood essence, it was extremely weak right now.

But this kind of weakness was only temporary. If it can last for seven days, it would no longer need essence blood from its master. If it can last for 49 days, it will completely regain its freedom and return into incorporeal form. After that, it is free to go anywhere in this large world!

At this moment, it was hiding inside the crack, then its eyes suddenly lit up as it showed itself and jumped at one of the strands of grey gas.

However, at the moment it jumped, the grey gas suddenly collapsed into specks of light. The ghost was startled and wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

Those specks of grey light quickly gathered, and what they were gathering toward was the ghost.

In almost an instant, the heavenly ghost was covered in grey gas. The ghost let out an angry roar and quickly backed up. Just at this moment, the other strand of grey gas arrived before the heavenly ghost and suddenly collapsed into specks of grey light.

Then it gathered once more with the heavenly ghost as the center.

Just like that, in a short period of time, the heavenly ghost was covered in specks of grey light.

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