Chapter 53 - Entering the Stage (3)

Chapter 53 - Entering the Stage (3)

Wang Lin was also shocked and didn’t recover for a long time.

Zhou Peng was in rage because he thought that he had been careless earlier. How could a mere 3rd layer kid beat him? This time, he didn’t say a word and summoned the giant python again. He formed a seal with his hand and the python was about to open its mouth.

Wang Lin’s attraction force was sent out again. The python let out a whining sound as it disappeared. Zhou Peng’s right cheek was swollen. He coughed out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying again.

The moment he landed, he charged back onto the stage. His hair was completely disheveled. Ignoring the blood in the corner of his mouth, he ripped off his clothes and removed the yellow talisman from his chest. His cultivation suddenly rose and his hair flowed in the air in a strange manner.

“Wang Lin!!! That didn’t count! I didn’t use my real strength! Lets fight--”

Wang Lin was now confident in his strength. Without waiting for Zhou Peng, he used the attraction technique and swiped him again.

Pa! Zhou Peng, who was still raging, was hit in the face again and he coughed up more blood. This time, he didn’t immediately get up. The spiritual energy in his body was in chaos. He struggled, but couldn’t get up, and the sense of shame drowned him. He wasn’t able to catch his breath and passed out

Everyone was completely silent. Besides the deep breathing of the surrounding disciples, there was no other sound.

Huang Long finally recovered from the shock and his face revealed a look of ecstasy. The more he looked at Wang Lin, the more he liked him. He thought, “This Wang Lin is my Heng Yue Sect’s lucky star. This brat has already become this strong and he didn’t want to fight. He really needs some scolding! I also need to carefully question him on how he did it.”

Sun Dazhu took a deep breath. He finally recovered a bit and thought, “Wang Lin must have some secret. That gourd must not have been the only one! Wang Lin, you have deceived me well! Hmph!”

Dao Xu was stunned. The first time could be considered luck, but the next two fights were real fights. What shocked him the most was that after the Zhou Peng took off the yellow talisman, his cultivation climbed to the 12th layer, which was same as him, but was still sent off the stage with one slap by Wang Lin’s attraction technique.

What level has this Wang Lin achieved? He stared at Wang Lin for a long time. No matter how much he checked with his divine sense, he couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s cultivation.

The red faced elder finally recovered and thought, “When Wang Lin was accepted into the sect, it was I who approved him. Hmph, it seems my eyes weren’t wrong!”

The middle aged man who accepted Wang Lin’s fourth uncle’s piece of metal also thought, “Fate! This is fate! It seems me and this kid have some fate, or I wouldn’t have pushed for him to join the sect. I have done a good deed for the Heng Yue Sect! I have to talk with the sect head later.”

Standing next to him was a yellow faced middle aged man. He nodded and thought, “When I tested this kid before, I knew that his perseverance was great. It seems he is not normal. Hmph, if he wasn’t stolen by Sun Dazhu, he would be my, Zhang Rencai’s, disciple!”

Wang Zhuo’s mind was finally clear now. He was no long floating on a cloud, but bitterly thought, “It turns out he was this strong...all those times I mocked him...he must be thinking of ways to get revenge on me...what do I do?!”

The female named Zhou’s eyes lit up. She was completely convinced that Wang Lin had been hiding his strength. She remembered when she thought that he was still at the 3rd layer and she said all those emotional things to him. Her face turned red. She thought, “This Wang Lin is really… he is already so strong, but lied to me when he said he was only at the 3rd layer. Later, I must get an answer out of him! Hmph!”

The female named Xu blinked many times while staring at Wang Lin, then looked at Wang Zhuo and thought, “How can he compare to brother Wang Zhuo? Right now is the time for brother Wang Zhuo to show off, but this Wang Lin is too strong! He was able to send the other sect’s head disciple off stage with one slap not once, but three times. He really vented for us all.”

One of the inner disciples secretly laughed and checked out few of the surrounding disciples and thought, “This Wang Lin turned out to be pretending to be a pig planning to eat a tiger this whole time. Too devious. Fortunately, I never mocked him before, or it would have been really bad. Hehe, I’ll be able to see many good shows from all these people that used to mock him a lot.”

One of the disciples that mocked Wang Lin a lot thought, “It’s over! I used to point and laugh at him so much, but now he can kill me with just one finger! Your cultivation is already so high, but you still pretend to be so weak! Too shameless! Alas, this Wang Lin is known to hold grudges among the nameless disciples and was nicknamed the Black Hearted King. I should go and suck up to curry some favor later…”

Another disciple that used to mock Wang Lin a lot nervously thought, “This Wang Lin must be a cool headed genius. That must be why he didn’t even bother to respond when he was the object of my ridicule! This must like how when a dog bites a person, a person won’t bite the dog back. Right, it must be like this. Brother Wang Lin is a genius, how could he bother with someone like me?”

The pill house’s 3rd senior brother sucked in a breath of cold air. His expression was unsettled as he thought, “This is bad. I heard that this guy and Wang Hao are relatives and that their relationship is pretty good… How to deal with this? If this was three days ago, I could have let Wang Hao go and not have angered him, but now...ah Wang Hao has already become like that. If he goes and finds Wang Hao, that means I have to face his anger...This Wang Hao can’t be kept alive! If I let him go, then he might come back at me for revenge! After the exchange is over, I’ll go kill him and pretend he died from something else!”

Lu Song lowered his head and looked at the purple clothes on his body. He bitterly laughed and thought, “The inner disciples of the Heng Yue Sect are about to go into an upheaval. This Wang Lin is not simple. His schemes are very deep. He probably has been keeping his cultivation hidden just for today. Hehe, I’m afraid Wang Lin’s name will spread across the cultivation world of Zhao soon. I must make him a friend and not an enemy!” With that, he decided on how he will treat Wang Lin in the future.

Zhang Kuang’s face was filled with a bitter look. When he got the spirit water, he just thought it was water containing a lot of spiritual power, so he didn’t go after Wang Lin.

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