Chapter 500 - Battling an Ascendant

Chapter 500 - Battling an Ascendant

This roar pierced the heavens. All of the disciples of the other six divisions were shocked. They had never seen a treasure like this before, so after hearing the unyielding roar, Wang Lin’s position in their hearts went up by one step.

Even some of the guests revealed mysterious lights in their eyes. Even some of the old monsters revealed pondering expressions.

Even Sword Saint Ling Tianhou revealed a look of shock when the spirit beast appeared.

Wang Lin floated in the air and shouted, “Devour him!”

The spirit beast let out roar as it charged forward. Its speed was extremely fast, and it was charging toward Chen Tao.

A hint of battle intent appeared in Chan Tao’s eyes, and his hand formed a seal. In an instant, a purple ball suddenly appeared in his hand, and at the moment the spirit beast arrived, the purple ball in Chen Tao’s hand collapsed.

With a boom, the shockwave caused most of the surrounding cultivators’ ears to hurt. Chen Tao stood there unmoving, but there were many holes on his clothes, making him look very disheveled.

As for the spirit beast, it was pushed back several hundred feet. It shook its body and then let out another roar and charged again like crazy. This time several chains appeared on its body, and they were pulled completely straight. One end of the chains were connected to its body and the other to the war chariot.

The battle intent in Chen Tao’s eyes became even stronger as he laughed. “What a good beast! It is interesting!”

With that, he simply tore off the top half of his clothes and exposed his upper body. He slapped his bag of holding and a long, black rope appeared in his hand. This rope was like a living creature. The moment it appeared, there was a fishy smell, and it emitted a desolate aura.

“Beast, my Earth Dragon Tendon survived on a demonic planet by itself for 500 years. It was extracted from a dead demonic dragon. I want to see if you can escape from this dragon tendon!” With that, he took a step forward and swung the dragon tendon directly at the spirit beast, all while ignoring Wang Lin.

The spirit beast let out a roar and charged out. It dodged the dragon tendon, appeared next to Chen Tao in an instant, and attempted to devour him.

Chen Tao let out a laugh, then his body flickered and he moved out of the way. He moved the dragon tendon at an impossible angle and wrapped it around the spirit beast’s neck in an instant.

At the same time, Chen Tao moved himself on top of the spirit beast’s head. He viciously grabbed the dragon tendon and said, “Beast, I want to see where you’re going to run to now!”

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm. He raised his hand and started making seals, then he pointed at the war chariot and softly said, “War chariot, fifth seal, release!”

With that, a flash of black light appeared in Wang Lin’s hand, and at the same time, the giant spirit beast suddenly trembled. Shortly after, a never-before-seen fierceness appeared in the spirit beast’s eyes.

It suddenly raised its head and let out a fierce roar. Not only did this roar contain its unyielding nature, it was filled with the joy of being released after being trapped for tens of thousands of years.

Back when Wang Lin obtained the war chariot, he also got the inheritance to use it properly. However, he was too weak, and it was more likely for it to devour him before even injuring the enemy.

That’s why Wang Lin had never opened the seals on the war chariot.

Today was the first time he opened the first of the five seals, causing its power to increase drastically!

The God Slaying War Chariot was something that could slay celestial gods, so how could it be so weak? Once all five seals have been released, its power will be unimaginable.

However, with Wang Lin’s current cultivation, even just opening the first seal was very dangerous. If he couldn’t control it, then what awaited him was the backlash from the war chariot.

However, because his cultivation had reached the mid stage of Soul Transformation, he had some confidence, or else he wouldn’t have so easily decided to release the seal.

Not only did the aura of the spirit beast change when the first seal was released, but the fierce spikes on the chariot itself also began to change.

Those spikes began to move and grew even longer, making them look even fiercer than before. There were also waves of black light coming from the spikes.

The black light moved along the chains and entered the spirit beast’s body.

The spirit beast let out a crazy roar, and its body suddenly grew several times larger, from few dozen feet to few hundred feet. It stood there as a towering beast and violently shook its body.

For the first time, Chen Tao, who was standing on it, suddenly had a change of expression!

Waves of black light came out from the spirit beast and rushed toward Chen Tao.

Chen Tao held the dragon tendon with one hand and formed a seal with this other hand as balls of purple light appeared around him.

As the black light rushed in, the balls of purple light all collapsed. Among the thunderous explosions, Chen Tao let out a muffled groan.

At this moment, the spirit beast’s giant body was covered by the black light. Then the spirit beast suddenly scattered into rays of black light as if its body had collapsed.

In the end, there was only the dragon tendon holding nothing, and Chen Tao, who had an ugly expression on his face.

Before him were rays of black light spinning in a circle. In almost the blink of an eye, the rays of black light reformed into the giant spirit beast 100 feet away from Chen Tao!

After opening the first seal, the spirit beast no longer relied solely on devouring to attack; it could now use some of its innate abilities.

Although Chen Tao’s expression was ugly, the battle intent in his eyes became even stronger. He suddenly turned around to look at Wang Lin and gloomily said, “Junior apprentice brother, you now have the qualifications to be my junior apprentice brother! However, those qualifications have a price!”

Wang Lin stared at Chen Tao and slowly said, “You don’t have the qualifications to be my senior apprentice brother!”

Chen Tao looked at Wang Lin, laughed, and said, “Fighting this beast is going to waste a bit of time, but as long as I capture you, this beast won’t be able to run!

The opponent was an Ascendant cultivator, so Wang Lin knew that he wasn’t a match, but he couldn’t just give up like this. Even if he loses, he wanted this person to know that he shouldn’t be messed with.

At this moment, Chen Tao rushed over. Wang Lin’s expression was calm, and he didn’t move at all. Instead, he raised his right hand. This time, he extended his pinky.

Situ Nan hesitated for a very long time before finally teaching Wang Lin the last of his three killing spells. Situ Nan told him in a very serious tone not to casually use this spell before he reaches the late stage of Soul Transformation. If he tries to use it at the early stage of Soul Transformation, before it even harms the enemy, he will experience backlash that an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator can’t withstand.

Only after reaching the mid stage of Soul Transformation can he barely use it, but he shouldn’t use its full power, or else he will still suffer from backlash.

Even at the late stage of Soul Transformation, he will have to be careful when using this third killing spell!

Only after he reaches the Ascendant stage can he use this spell as he wishes!

Wang Lin’s right pinky pointed at Chen Tao. At this moment, there was no celestial spiritual energy left in his body, and even his life aura was slowly disappearing. There was now no life left in his body.

This scene shocked a majority of the surrounding cultivators.

Even the All-Seer’s eyes became serious as he took a closer look.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou stared at Wang Lin and revealed a mysterious smile.

“This child is not bad!”

Of the surrounding cultivators, there was a red-faced old man with a giant, red gourd behind his back. He let out an alcoholic burp as he looked at Wang Lin and muttered, “Why does this spell look exactly the same as the one used by that madman I met on the way here?”

When Chen Tao was five feet away from Wang Lin, he was suddenly overcome with a feeling of danger that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. The last time he felt this was when he was facing some old masters.

At this moment, all of Wang Lin’s life aura disappeared. Only his eyes were bright, but they were filled with the coldness of death. This gaze caused Chen Tao to be shocked!

“What kind of gaze is this?! Even those that cultivate the ruthless dao can’t have this kind of gaze!”

Wang Lin softly said, “Underworld Finger!”

Underworld Finger was the last of Situ Nan’s killing spells!

Cultivating this spell is not like the other two spells, both of which can be learned through comprehension. This third spell can only be learned after cultivating the Underworld Ascension Method and using it to enter the underworld. Only after experiencing the transition between life and death can one comprehend this spell.

Back then, Situ Nan was able to gain enlightenment in the transition between life and death while cultivating the Underworld Ascension Method, then he combined it with the celestial spell to create this killing spell.

Situ Nan once proudly bragged that although the power of this spell wasn’t as strong as that broken celestial spell’s, it couldn’t be far off!

It is because of this that this spell requires one to reach the Ascendant stage before they can freely use it.

With a point of his pinky, the sky suddenly darkened and streaks of lightning suddenly flew across it. At the same time, the sky seemed to be opened by a pair of giant hands, and a giant mountain and river scroll appeared in the sky.

This Underworld Finger activated Wang Lin’s domain. Waves of grey gas came out of the scroll like crazy and began to gather at an unimaginable speed, forming a second Underworld Finger.

Some of the surrounding cultivators exclaimed, “Life and death domain!”

At this moment, all of the cultivators’ gazes landed on Wang Lin.

The two Underworld Fingers moved extremely quickly toward Chen Tao.

The battle intent in Chen Tao’s eyes intensified as his body flickered and he raised both of his hands. Two separate half-moon-shaped golden lights appeared in his palms.

At the moment the Underworld Fingers arrived, he blocked both of them.

A heaven-shattering sound echoed from before Chen Tao’s body. The sky seened to be torn by a tornado, and the life and death domain disappeared.

Wang Lin’s body backed up several dozen feet and then he backed up another several hundred feet before he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The celestial spiritual energy in his body was a complete mess as he looked up at Chen Tao and gloomily said, “I give up!”

As for Chen Tao, his expression was normal as he withdrew his arms and looked at Wang Lin with an indifferent gaze. The battle intent in his eyes didn’t lessen but became even stronger as he said, in a serious tone, “Once you reach the Ascendant stage, you and I will battle again, Seventh Brother!”

Chen Tao took a deep breath and suppressed the violent celestial spiritual energy in his body. Wang Lin’s attack was completely outside of Chen Tao’s expectations! If it wasn’t for the fact that he encountered some good fortune on the way back and reached the mid stage of Ascendant, even though he could have withstood the blow, he would have definitely been injured!

The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin. The admiration in his eyes became even stronger and he smiled. “Both of you belong to the Purple Division and are both my disciples, so don’t hold a grudge against each other. Chen Tao, you won today, so you will be the Purple Division’s true disciple!”

With that, the All-Seer pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and a crystal-clear purple crystal appeared from his forehead and landed in his hand.

He then threw the crystal. It flew in a ray of purple light toward Chen Tao and entered the spot between Chen Tao’s eyebrows.

The All-Seer slowly said, “This isn’t your first time obtaining the title, so slowly comprehend it yourself!”

Chen Tao took a deep breath, gave the All-Seer a deep bow, and respectfully said, “Disciple thanks Master!”

The All-Seer nodded, then his gaze fell on the surrounding cultivators. He clasped his hands and gently said, “Everyone, my birthday celebration is now considered finished. Fellow cultivators, if you don’t have important matters to attend to, please rest at my Heavenly Fate Sect for a few more days so we may talk about dao and compare our understanding!”

Many of the surrounding cultivators responded politely, but almost all of them left immediately. In one day of time, tens of thousands of rays of light flew out of the Heavenly Fate Sect and into the distance.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou let out a smile as he took a step and turned into a ray of light, flying off into the distance. As he flew away, he said, “Old man All-Seer, as per our promise, three months from now we will meet outside the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea. You better have the people you will send in picked!”

The All-Seer’s eyes became serious and he nodded. He turned toward Wang Lin and said, “Wang Lin, follow me to worship the ancestral spirit. Afterward, Master will teach you a forbidden spell and give you a life-saving treasure. After that you will be considered a real disciple under me!”

Wang Lin respectfully responded and his eyes lit up.

Forbidden spell! Only after truly becoming a disciple of the All-Seer and worshipping the ancestral spirit can one study the forbidden spell that the All-Seer created from imitating a celestial spell. This is an opportunity that tens of thousands of people wished for.

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