Chapter 496

Chapter - 496 Meeting Ling Tianhou again

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Everyone else was the same, and they all stared at the All-Seer for the rest of the story.

Elder Sun pondered a bit, then he let out a sigh and waved his hand. “Fine, your attitude is also strange. If you want to say it, just say it.”

The All-Seer smiled. “In the countless years that the Cultivation Alliance has existed, it has suffered only once, and it was because of that person. This matter was not big. He was the only person that I have ever met that has reached the third step. Unfortunately, he only appeared for a short period of time and then disappeared without a trace.”

The All-Seer continued to teach dao, but almost everyone was still thinking about the “he” that the All-Seer spoke of.

But the All-Seer continued to teach dao and never talked about “him” again. The lesson lasted for three days.

Wang Lin silently listened and gradually gained some understanding.

“After this old man teaches dao once every 10,000 years, I give everyone present a great gift. I’ll demonstrate a mid quality celestial spell for everyone. How much you fellow cultivators are able to comprehend is up to your own fate.”

After the All-Seer said this, almost everyone became very focused; even those powerful cultivators became focused as well. Some of the ones who were not much weaker than the All-Seer were completely focused on him as well.

It has to be said that celestial spells are too rare, and medium quality celestials spells are even rarer.

The reason why so many people came to All-Seer’s birthday celebration, aside from the fact that he was famous, had a lot of friends, and was going to teach dao, was the celestial spell demonstration that takes place afterwards. This tempted every cultivator’s heart.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and intently looked at the All-Seer. Wang Lin had never seen a celestial spell before; the highest he saw was that restriction that was an imitation of a celestial spell.

The restriction was already so powerful, and Wang Lin couldn’t even imagine how strong a celestial spell would be.

Just as everyone was wating for the All-Seer to demonstrate, there was suddenly a thunderous roar from the horizon. Rays of sword energy closed in from the distance like falling meteors.

When the powerful cultivators noticed this, they calmly looked over.

An endless amount of sword energy was coming from the horizon. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it completely covered the sky.

The rays sword energy created waves of sonic booms as they closed in.

Wang Lin had only seen this once before, and that was back in the Celestial Realm, when the white-robed woman from within the pagoda awakened and called for all the celestial swords. The entire Celestial Realm was surrounded by swords back then.

The All-Seer’s expression was normal as he looked into the distance.

At this moment, countless flying swords flew over. They all gave off the cold aura of a sharp blade as they charged toward this place.

Many cultivators who weren’t strong enough got out of the way; they didn’t dare to obstruct them.

A wide passage suddenly appeared in the middle of the crowd.

“Old man All-Seer, how could I not come to your birthday celebration?!” An arrogant voice echoed through the heavens and earth. At the same time, the flying swords that were flying over spread apart, revealing an old man wearing a green robe.

This old man’s eyebrows were white and moved without any wind. Although he looked skinny, he gave off a very shocking aura. There were four illusionary swords flickering behind his back. Every time they flickered, there would be a thunderous roar.

Below him was a serpentine sword that gave off a vicious aura. There was a very thick color of blood on the surface of the serpentine sword. Sword Saint Ling Tianhou used some unknown method to refine the sword so that when people looked at it, their hearts would trembled violently.

Several surrounding cultivators’ faces turned pale, and they backed up once more.

Wang Lin stared at the serpentine sword. That sword was the second rain celestial sword that was stolen by Ling Tianhou!

One of the surrounding cultivators quickly exclaimed, “Sword Saint Ling Tianhou!”

On planet Tian Yun, whether it was individual cultivation or the power of their sect, the Da Luo Sword Sect was the one ranked directly after the Heavenly Fate Sect!

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou revealed a gloomy expression on his skinny face as the countless swords floating behind him released waves of sword hymns.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou loudly shouted, “Disciples! Come out and greet senior All-Seer!”

After he said this, the sword hymns coming from the flying swords behind him became even stronger. Finally, there was a series of bangs as the flying swords turned into gas one by one. At this moment, a cloud of green fog covered the area behind Ling Tianhou. The fog seemed to cover up the entire sky, causing it to change colors.

At the same time, countless pairs of cold eyes appeared one by one inside this green fog. When the green fog cleared, there were suddenly countless disciples standing on flying swords behind Sword Saint Ling Tianhou.

These disciples were all wearing black, and each one had an ancient sword on their back. Their gazes were all like lightning as they stared at the All-Seer.

There were a lot of them. With one glance, Wang Lin guessed that there was at least 10,000 people behind Sword Saint Ling Tianhou.

“So many old friends are here! Eh? Even Elder Sun is here!” Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s gaze swept past everyone until it landed on Elder Sun.

Elder Sun faintly smiled and said, “How could I not come to old friend All-Seer’s birthday celebration?”

Ling Tianhou laughed, then he looked toward the All-Seer and smiled. “Old man All-Seer, what is it? Do you not welcome me?”

The All-Seer smiled. “Forget it. You came at a very good time. I’ll use you as the target of the celestial spell demonstration to let all the cultivators here see. How about it?”

Ling Tianhou’s eyes became cold and he smiled. “That is my intention as well!”

The All-Seer smiled, then he raised his right hand, formed a seal, and said, “Fellow cultivators, the celestial spell I’m about to use is a medium quality celestial spell. I obtained this spell by accident on a deserted planet. It is called the Celestial Guidance Spell. After studying this spell, I found that it was used by people of the Celestial Realm to allow us cultivators into the Celestial Realm. Once it is used, a powerful spell will descend, so please pay close attention!”

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou let out a cold snort. His gaze was cold as he looked at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer faintly smiled as his right hand formed another seal, creating a red light. He raised his left hand to form another seal and then the red light suddenly became even brighter.

The All-Seer’s expression was calm as he pointed at the void. The red light in his hand suddenly flew out and charged into the horizon.

“Medium quality Celestial Guidance Spell!” The All-Seer’s voice seemed to come from the void. There was suddenly a thunderous boom in the sky, and the sky suddenly became red.

The clouds churned in the red sky as if there was an angry dragon inside. Thunder could be heard as lightning moved through the clouds like silver snakes.

The sky was currently like a raging sea as a heavenly pressure silently descended from above.

Under the power of this heavenly pressure, many of the surrounding cultivators’ faces became pale. They quickly landed on the ground and sat down in the lotus position to cultivate.

As Wang Lin stared at the sky, the celestial spiritual energy in his body became chaotic. It was as if there was a mysterious force coming from the sky that caused his body to tremble uncontrollably.

Only the metal celestial spiritual energy that was created after three cycles wasn’t affected and calmly operated as normal.

Wang Lin sent out a command and released the metal celestial spiritual energy into his body. He controlled the metal celestial spiritual energy to not touch the normal celestial spiritual energy as it cycled through his body.

After the metal celestial spiritual energy made one full cycle, his trembling was mostly stabilized. Although his face was still pale, he was able to remain standing up straight.

As for Bai Wei, he lasted for a while before letting out a sigh and descending to the ground to cultivate. In the entire Purple Division, aside from Wang Lin, only Fourth Sister was calmly looking at the sky.

None of the ordinary disciples of the Purple Division could withstand the pressure, so they landed.

Not only the Purple Division, but almost all of the ordinary disciples of the other divisions landed as well. Only those with powerful cultivation were able to barely remain in the air.

However, none of the core disciples of the other six divisions fell from the sky. Some had pale expressions like Wang Lin, but they were able to withstand it.

Wang Lin’s expression returned to normal after the metal celestial spiritual energy finished its third cycle through his body. Fourth Sister turned around and give him a meaningful look but didn’t say a word.

The All-Seer’s eyes revealed a plain expression, then his right finger pointed at Ling Tianhou. However, his finger suddenly moved, and when it stopped, it was pointing at the more than 10,000 disciples standing on flying swords behind Ling Tianhou.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s expression sank. Just as he was about to move forward, the All-Seer faintly smiled and said, “Guiding passage!”

After he said this, thunderous roars came from the clouds in the sky. The entire sky looked like it had been ripped open by a pair of giant, invisible hands, revealing a giant hole. A burst of seven-colored light descended from the hole and surrounded all of the disciples behind Ling Tianhou.

The cold gazes suddenly disappeared from the disciples of the Da Lou Sword Sect. Instead, they were replaced with confused expressions. They lost control of their bodies and slowly flew up into the sky toward the hole where the seven-colored light was coming from.

Ling Tianhou let out a roar as the serpentine sword under his feet charged into the sky.

The All-Seer let out a faint smile as his hand reached out. The serpentine sword suddenly slowed down and began to struggle and release heaven-shaking sword hymns.

Ling Tianhou let out a cold roar and then a red light appeared between his brows. With a flash, the light flew out from between his brows and floated in the sky. It then turned into a giant Qilin beast. This beast was very fierce. After landing on its four legs, its large head stared at the All-Seer before charging at him.

At the moment the Qilin beast appeared, a roar came out from the one-billion-soul soul flag inside Wang Lin’s origin soul.

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