Chapter 493 - Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic

Chapter 493 - Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “Fourth Sister, I wonder when you will be able to teach Junior Brother that teleportation spell.”

The Fourth Sister looked at Wang Lin before letting out a smile. She touched her bag of holding, took out a piece of jade, and threw it at Wang Lin.

“I originally planned to release you after Master’s birthday celebration, but I didn’t expect you to be able to break out on your own, Seventh Brother. I was helpless on this matter, and I hope Junior Brother won’t hold it against me. In that jade, aside from the teleportation spell, there is also a restriction that Master taught me back then. This restriction is something Master managed to create after studying a low quality celestial spell, so its power is great. This will be considered a gift to make up for my earlier actions.”

Wang Lin accepted the jade, then he looked at Fourth Sister and nodded after pondering a bit.

Unless it was absolutely needed, he didn’t want to have their relationship completely break down. After all, she was at the late stage of Soul Transformation, and she hadn’t shown any malice towards him after all this time. Even three months ago, she only sealed him with a restriction and didn’t try to harm him.

As for Bai Wei, he faintly smiled and said, “Seventh Brother, it looks like the Purple Division’s true disciple position belongs to you for sure. Senior apprentice brother will toast to you now as an early congratulations!” He picked up his wine cup and took a sip.

Wang Lin faintly smiled, then he also picked up his wine cup and drank. He stood up, clasped his hands, and said, “I still have some matters to attend to. We will meet again tomorrow.”

Bai Wei nodded and smiled. “Go ahead, Seventh Brother; you don’t have to worry about us.”

Fourth Sister also nodded. She smiled but didn’t say anything.

Wang Lin took a step and then turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

After he left, Bai Wei and Fourth Sister talked for a bit before parting ways.

On the way back to the Purple Wei Pavilion, Bai Wei’s eyes revealed a vicious light. He looked toward the Heavenly Sect’s main sect and muttered to himself, “Master is too unfair to have planted the demon seed inside senior brother. Now that the demon has awakened, it won’t be long before senior apprentice brother’s cultivation recovers. If that happens, then I won’t be able to get my revenge. How can I deal with this matter?”

He returned to the Purple Wei Pavilion with a frown on his face.

While Wang Lin flew, he met several cultivators from other sects and greeted them. After a while, he finally returned to the Purple Forest Pavilion.

After being away for three months, the Purple Forest Pavilion was still the same as before. He directly went into the third floor and took out a piece of jade.

This jade was the one that Fourth Sister gave him, which contained the spell and restriction.

A restriction that could move tens of thousands of kilometers was a life-saving technique. When he first saw it, he knew he wanted it. He checked the jade and then began to frown.

Shortly after, he withdrew his divine sense and revealed a pondering expression.

“So this is how this great teleportation restriction works. It uses the split second of time distortion that happens when you teleport. First, one seals themselves with this restriction so that in that one instant, they can use teleportation multiple times to produce a mysterious force. Then once the seal is released, all of the force explodes forth and creates a teleportation several times more powerful.

“Although the concept is simple, there are a lot of problems when actually using it. If the amount of times you seal yourself isn’t controlled well, it is very likely that you will send yourself into a spatial rift.

“Aside from that, there is no way to teleport to an exact location. Presumably, Fourth Sister used her late stage Soul Transformation divine sense along with her understanding of planet Tian Yun to be able to teleport us to that forest.

“However, overall, this spell is quite unique!”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, stood up, and took a step forward. At that instant, his body became illusionary, and at the same time, his hand formed a mysterious seal. He raised his hand and a silver light surrounded the area.

At the moment the silver light appeared, Wang Lin felt like there was water moving around him; it was as if he had just sunk into the ocean. Then, the space around him began to feel solid.

He carefully memorized this feeling, then his eyes lit up and he took a step forward. Normally, this step would allow him to travel several thousand kilometers.

But now it only caused his body to move forward one step.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and then he took another step. After that, he didn’t stop and kept stepping forward as if he was climbing the steps to heaven.

A total of seven steps!

These seven steps caused Wang Lin to float even higher. When he was about one foot above the ground, the silver light around him flashed and disappeared.

At the moment the silver light disappeared, Wang Lin felt a powerful tearing force gathering around him from all directions. At this moment, his body moved outside of his control and disappeared.

50,000 kilometers away, a burst of silver light came from a mountain, and at the same time, a loud bang came from inside the mountain.

Wang Lin walked out from a cloud of dust covered in dirt.

He revealed an excited look as he muttered to himself, “The power of this greater teleportation restriction is indeed great. I was right to come to planet Tian Yun. If I was still on planet Suzaku, how could I learn his kind of spell?

“I’m afraid only Ascendant cultivators can teleport this kind of distance.”

At this moment, Wang Lin’s heart felt very carefree. He raised his head to look at the moon before letting out a laugh. He shook his entire body, causing all the dirt to disappear without a trace.

Under the moonlight, Wang Lin’s figure turned into a ray of light as he charged into the sky.

As he flew, he took out the jade and checked the second restriction Fourth Sister gave him.

As he checked it, his eyes revealed a mysterious light. He stopped in the sky and began to frown.

“The second restriction doesn’t have a name, and it’s a way of using celestial spiritual energy. The celestial spiritual energy won’t move through normal channels in the body; instead, it moves in a spiral and is released as such. There is a total of nine spins, and the longer it spirals in the body, the stronger the technique is.

“According to Fourth Sister’s note, when Master gave her this spell, he said it was created from the low quality celestial spell, Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic.

“This technique is an imitation, so even if you manage to reach nine full turns, it is only as strong as three turns of the celestial spell.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and didn’t try to use it right away. He spread out his divine sense to find a quiet place to begin his careful study.

Wang Lin wasn’t a reckless person. With how easily Fourth Sister handed it over, he had to make sure it was legit before he decided to cultivate it.

After carefully studying for a long time, Wang Lin was able to use his own knowledge and the three killing spells that Situ Nan created from a celestial spell to confirm that this restriction was real!

“Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he revealed a decisive look. He then took a deep breath, activated his celestial spiritual energy, and split a part of it off. According to what the instructions said, he placed the celestial spiritual energy in a few remote locations and began to try to make it spin.

If Wang Lin hadn’t reached the Soul Transformation stage and his body was still that of a mortal, there would be no way for him to cultivate a celestial spell. However, right now his body had already been refined by celestial spiritual energy, so he had lost his mortal body and gained the body of a celestial.

Although the talent of this celestial body was not the best and was only mid quality, it was enough for Wang Lin. The talent of this celestial body was several times better than his mortal body’s.

This was why Wang Lin favored using magical treasures rather than spells, because cultivating spells had a lot to do with one’s talent and spirit root.

Certain spells can never be learned if you lack the talent. Someone without talent can try tens of thousands of times, but for someone with talent, one time is enough.

The celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body began to spin under his control, and soon it made a complete cycle, meeting the requirement for one spin.

As soon as one spin was complete, a sharp force was created. Wang Lin immediately spread out his divine sense to study it, and he gradually gained some understanding.

What the Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic created was a celestial metal force!

Wang Lin pondered a bit as he controlled the celestial metal force to slowly spin. He wanted to complete a second cycle.

The second cycle was much slower than the first cycle. After three incense sticks of time, it was completed.

When the second cycle was completed, the sharp force increased more than 10 fold. A sharp pain came from inside his body, and only after a long time did it slowly start to fade.

Wang Lin carefully observed it for a long time, then he clenched his teeth and began the third cycle.

The third cycle took almost an entire hour. When the third cycle was completed, an enormous amount of celestial metal energy moved through his body, and he could feel heart-shattering pain coming from his organs.

The remaining celestial spiritual energy in his body quickly washed over him, causing the pain to slowly disappear. At this moment, the celestial spiritual energy that had completed three cycles was no longer white; it now released a golden glow. It was completely separated from the other celestial spiritual energy as if there was a strict hierarchy being enforced. When the normal white celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body encountered the golden celestial spiritual energy, it would move aside as if it were afraid of it.

In the end, Wang Lin gathered the golden celestial spiritual energy in his left hand and allowed the celestial spiritual energy in his body to move like normal. However, no celestial spiritual energy went to his left hand; it was as if that was a forbidden area.

“The celestial spiritual energy created from this Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic is interesting. Now I just don’t know what its power is like…” His eyes lit up, but he didn’t use it. Instead, his hand formed a seal to active the greater teleportation spell. When the silver light appeared, he took seven steps.

The silver light disappeared and Wang Lin disappeared along with it.

There was a flash of silver light outside of the Purple Division, and Wang Lin walked out of it in a mess. After all, this was only the second time he had used this technique, so he was not used to this kind of teleportation speed.

After reappearing, Wang Lin flew toward the Purple Forest Pavilion. Right now the night was almost over. The horizon was starting to glow white and a new day was about to begin.

This was the day that the All-Seer would teach dao, and it was also the most anticipated day of all the guests who came to the All-Seer’s birthday celebration!

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