Chapter 458 - All gathered

Chapter 458 - All gathered

Wang Lin silently watched Red Butterfly’s body scatter. When it was over, he let out a sigh, landed on the ground, and waved his right hand. The axe flew back to him and was put back into his bag of holding.

Then he reached out and grabbed the Soul Lasher from the sky. After carefully examining it, he put it into his bag of holding as well.

There was a strand of Ascendant level divine sense on the Soul Lasher which Wang Lin couldn’t remove for now. But as long as he had it in his hands, he was confident that after all of this is over, he can use the one-billion-soul soul flag to break the divine sense left on it and truly obtain the Soul Lasher.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin looked once more at the spot where Red Butterfly disappeared and shook his head. Then he took a step and his body disappeared. He started charging toward the spirit mountain in the distance.

At this moment, the red cloud Yunque Zi was in rushed through the spirit mountain and arrived directly at the top of the mountain. Once it got there, the red cloud turned into a tornado and descended onto the mountain peak. Yunque Zi walked out of the red tornado and Zhou Wutai respectfully followed him out.

Yunque Zi saw the old man sitting on the top of the mountain with the little monkey on his shoulder. He frowned slightly, but then he took a closer look and his expression changed.

Yunque Zi stared at the old man and said, “I wonder which fellow cultivator it is to come through possession. Why not come with your real body?!”

The old man opened his eyes. He casually looked at Yunque Zi and said, “You and I don’t know each other, so why would it matter if I came with my real body or not? Or do you think you would be able to recognize this old man?!” The little monkey screeched at Yunque Zi and its eyes glowed red.

Yunque Zi’s eyes were calm as he looked at the monkey and then he smiled. “So it is a puppet…”

The old man’s eyes became red as he stared at Yunque Zi. Just at this moment, the monkey on the old man’s shoulder screeched, the red disappeared from the old man’s eyes, and he said, “I’m Mo Lihai.”

With that, a vicious intent flashed across his eyes before he closed them and resumed his cultivation.

“Although this person looks like he is at the late stage of Soul Transformation, there is a mysterious feeling about him. Normal people wouldn’t be able to detect this; only people who have reached the Ascendant stage can clearly feel this… This person isn’t from planet Suzaku!” Yunque Zi looked at the old man once more before withdrawing his gaze. He then looked at the giant door and silently pondered.

With his understanding of the Suzaku Tomb, he felt very shocked the entire way here. This was completely different from what the previous Suzaku told him.

Those lifeforms were clearly formed by the mysterious power of the Cultivation Planet Crystal. From what he remembered, the previous Suzaku told him that those lifeforms only appeared in the inner part of the Suzaku Tomb.

However, the spirit mountain was still the same; the door was the only way into the tomb of the first Suzaku. The Cultivation Planet Crystal was stored inside the first Suzaku’s tomb.

However, this door was impossible to open without the Cultivation Planet Heart.

If he wants to enter, he will have to wait until it shatters to a certain degree.

As Yunque Zi examined the door, his expression slightly changed. He looked at the bottom of the spirit mountain and then withdrew his gaze.

Shortly after, Qian Feng’s figure quickly moved from the bottom of the spirit mountain to the top. When he appeared, he very cautiously looked at Yunque Zi. Then he moved to the side and found a corner to sit in.

It didn’t take long before several more people arrived. Two of them were eight-leaf shamans. When they arrived and saw Yunque Zi, they were very happy. They quickly went up to him and stood next to him with looks of respect.

There was also a cultivator who arrived. He was wearing a blue robe as well as a fierce mask that covered his face. The mask gave off a blue aura that prevented divine senses from getting through. After he got to the top of the mountain, he looked around and then silently sat on the side.

One hour later, three rays of light were rushing across the sky toward here, but just as the three rays of light got closer, the entire spirit mountain shook. The door also shook violently and more cracks appeared on it.

At this moment, not only was the spirit mountain shaking, but the entire Suzaku Tomb was shaking.

Similar to the first incident, a large amount of earth collapsed into nothingness and a large number of rifts appeared everywhere.

The sky was the same; collapse occurred everywhere.

The three rays of light never made it to the spirit mountain because all three of them died to a rift that appeared close to them.

The shaking this time lasted longer than before; it lasted for 30 breaths of time before it stopped. During this time, the entire outer section collapsed into a void filled with dangerous rifts.

There were still cultivators trying to enter the Suzaku Tomb at the foot of Mount Suzaku, but everyone that entered was immediately killed by the rifts.

Gradually, more and more people entered, but it seemed like the Suzaku Tomb had lost its restriction that was preventing people from entering. After a while, some cultivators realized that something was wrong. It finally became too strange and no one dared to enter that passage again.

In their eyes, that passage had become a demonic beast that devoured cultivators. If you walk in, you will die.

On the spirit mountain in the center of the Suzaku Tomb, even more cracks appeared on the door and some cracks connected together.

After the shaking was over, Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up and he looked at the door. Then he activated celestial spiritual energy and waved his right hand. A giant hand print suddenly appeared and landed on the door.

With one press, the door shook, but the cracks on it didn’t increase and the hand print disappeared.

Yueque Zi frowned and gloomily waited for the next collapse. However, his gaze would occasionally look at the foot of the mountain as if he were waiting for something.

At this moment, a purple figure walked up from the foot of the mountain. This person was a woman wearing a purple veil.

She wasn’t by herself; following her were four old men with tattoos glowing on their foreheads. Each old man was at the late stage of Soul Formation and there were many wounds on their bodies.

This woman was Zi Xin. The reason she and Zhou Wutai could arrive here by themselves was because both of them had several tattoo puppets.

These tattoo puppets were given to them by Yunque Zi for protection.

After seeing Zi Xin, Yunque Zi nodded and signaled her to come over. Zi Xin took a deep breath as she looked at Qian Feng in the corner with deep hatred in her eyes, then she made her way to Yunque Zi.

After Zi Xin arrived, Qian Feng’s eyes never left her. His expression was very ugly and he revealed powerful killing intent. When he looked at Zi Xin, there was a flash of painful struggle in his eyes.

As Qian Feng stared at Zi Xin, he said, word for word, “Bitch Zi Xin!”

Zi Xin looked at Qian Feng and didn’t say a word, but the hatred in her eyes was sky high.

Qian Feng’s breathing was getting rough. He looked at Yunque Zi before forcing himself to calm down. He then looked gloomily at Zi Xin before letting out a sneer and closing his eyes.

Just at this moment, another figure came up from the foot of the mountain and arrived at the top. The moment this figure appeared, a majority of the people on the peak looked at him.

Qian Feng suddenly opened his eyes and a hint of coldness flashed across them.

Zi Xin immediately lowered her head. She backed up a few steps to stand behind Yunque Zi.

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up and he revealed a smile of intrigue.

Zhou Wutai let out a sigh. He was chasing after Wang Lin before to tell him something. However, he didn’t expect to meet Yunque Zi.

The person that arrived at the top of the mountain was Wang Lin!

After Wang Lin arrived, the eyes of the old man with the little monkey flashed red for a moment. He stared at Wang Lin and let out a creepy smile.

The little monkey on his shoulder looked at Wang Lin with a gaze filled with unhidden hostility.

The person wearing the mask also turned his head to look at Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with confusion and then with clarity. He nodded at Wang Lin and didn’t say a word.

Wang Lin looked like a mess right now. His clothes were extremely worn out. Earlier, when he was going up the mountain, the second collapse happened. He had a hard time with all the rifts appearing, so in the end he dug a hole in the side of the mountain and didn’t dare to come out until the collapse was over.

If he had stayed in the air, he would have died.

“Brother Wang…”

“Ceng Niu!”

“Wang Lin!”

Three different calls came from different people at the top of the mountain.

The person who called him brother Wang was naturally Zhou Wutai.

The person who said Ceng Niu was Qian Feng, and as for the last ancient voice, it was Yunque Zi.

Wang Lin calmly looked at everyone until his gaze finally landed on Yunque Zi. This was his first time meeting Yunque Zi after they departed last time.

The messy look from before was completely gone; the current Yunque Zi was similar to Zhuque Zi.

Wang Lin looked at Yunque Zi and Yunque Zi looked at Wang Lin; both were silent.

Shortly after, Wang Lin bitterly smiled and said, “Junior greets senior…”

Yunque Zi let out a sigh. He shook his head and said, “You also came here…”

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and rays of black light flew out of it. Under his command, they flew toward Yunque Zi and turned into wood carvings when they got near him.

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