Chapter 427 - Ancestral Spirit Tree

Chapter 427 - Ancestral Spirit Tree

The fifth ancestor remained quiet but slightly frowned.

At this moment, the two corpse deacons’ hands formed seals even faster and faster. Then they coughed out blood, but the blood didn’t land on the coffin; it formed two blood-people. The two blood people charged directly into the coffin.

A large corpse floated out from the coffin accompanied by a lot of scraping sounds. This corpse was more than 100 feet tall and was rotting; there were parts where you could see the white bones.

Some giant maggots were still moving inside the body, making it look very disgusting.

However, the head of the corpse kept in really good condition, especially between the eyebrows where the purple axe was very noticeable.

Just at this moment, a calm voice came from the distance. “Forsaken Immortal Clan fifth ancestor, this old man Chu Yunfei is here to do battle with you!”

The moment this voice reached them, an earth-shattering bang came from outside the black cloud. Soon after, a powerful pressure appeared outside of the black cloud and shattered it.

10,000 feet away stood the Heavenly Jade Sect’s Ascendant cultivator whose eyes were like lightning. Behind him was a large amount of cultivators with cold gazes and eyes filled with killing intent.

The fifth ancestor’s eyes became cold as he waved his right hand and said, “Kill!”

With that one word, all of the Forsaken Immoral Clan members charged out and a battle began.

Chu Yunfei arrived beside the coffin, hit it with his palm, and said, “Corpse Sect, you guys are courting death!”

The Forsaken Immortal Clan fifth ancestor reached out and pulled the giant corpse toward where the clan members were giving their offerings before Chu Yunfei’s hand could land on it.

With a bang, the large corpse landed on the ground, creating a shockwave that kicked up the dust on the ground.

The coffin was turned to dust by Chu Yunfei’s palm.

The fifth ancestor quickly said, “Activate the reincarnation tree!” Then he quickly charged toward Chu Yunfei and waved his hand. Black clouds quickly came and surrounded him and Chu Yunfei.

There were flashes of light coming out from the inside the black cloud as well as shock waves due to celestial spiritual energy being used. Anyone who got caught in the shockwaves was immediately turned to dust.

After the fifth ancestor charged out, one of the elders quickly jumped over the clan members and landed on the large corpse. He didn’t seem to mind the maggots on the body as his right hand reached out and a ball of golden light the size of his fist appeared in his hand.

At this moment, one of the mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator’s eyes lit up and he got around the person he was fighting before charging toward the person with the golden light. He shouted, “Drop that golden light!” Then he waved his hand and a flying sword flew out.

The eight-leaf shaman suddenly raised his head to look at the middle-aged man that was charging at him. Without any hesitation, he pressed the golden light to the giant corpse’s chest.

The golden light flashed as the flying sword went through the chest of the eight-leaf shaman. The eight-leaf shaman’s face was deathly pale, but he continued to press the golden light into the chest of the corpse.

Then he let out a laugh and wiped the wound on his chest. He licked the blood from his fingers and quickly charged out to battle the middle-aged man.

The golden glow on the corpse of the Giant Demon Clan corpse became bright and brighter.

Chu Yunzi, who was fighting the fifth ancestor, frowned as he backed up and shouted, “Destroy that Giant Demon Clan corpse.”

The surrounding cultivators all charged toward the corpse.

However, the Forsaken Immortal Clan members threw themselves in the way as they didn’t care about their lives. Some were even willing to blow themselves up to stop the cultivators from getting in.

The golden glow became brighter and brighter. At this moment, the corpse of the Giant Demon Clan corpse began to shrink. The golden light was like a plant on the earth, growing as it sucked nutrients from the ground.

This process lasted for ten breaths of time before the Giant Demon Clan corpse was drained of all energy and then turned to dust.

Chu Yunfei charged out from the black cloud toward the golden glow. The fifth ancestor sneered inside the black cloud and didn’t attempt to stop him.

When Chu Yunfei arrived, the golden glow suddenly shattered and a 1000-foot-tall reincarnation tree appeared.

A powerful shockwave spread from it and completely covered the entire eastern part of planet Suzaku.

Zhu Yunfei’s expression changed greatly as he quickly backed up. However, he was hit by the shockwave, so blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Fifth ancestor sneered as he charged toward Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei’s eyes lit up as he decided to not fight again. He charged out of this place while shouting, “Retreat!”

The cultivators that were fighting with the Forsaken Immortal Clan all sighed and quickly retreated.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan members were about to chase when the fifth ancestor said, “Don’t chase, protect the Reincarnation Ancestral Spirit Tree!”

Elder Sima, who hadn’t acted at all, looked at the reincarnation tree with a mysterious light in his eyes. He said, “According to the deal between the two of us, where is the item?”

The fifth ancestor pondered a bit before pointing at his brow. Then a tattoo the size of his palm flew out from between his eyebrows.

This tattoo was very complicated; just looking at it would make your eyes spin. However, it contained a hint of a very primal and destructive power.

“This tattoo is one of the tattoos passed by down the ancestors. When I reached the nine-leaf stage, I completed it!” With that, he waved his hand and the tattoo flew toward elder Sima.

Elder Sima’s expression became serious as he slapped his bag of holding and took out a jade box. This box didn’t give off spiritual energy but celestial spiritual energy and it was covered with powerful restrictions.

He carefully placed the tattoo inside the jade box before letting out a sigh of relief and putting the box in his bag. He then laughed and said, “Fifth ancestor sure is decisive. I hope the other ancestors do the same.”

“Since my Forsaken Immortal Clan made a promise to your Corpse Sect, we won’t back out on our side of the agreement!” The fifth ancestor coldly looked at elder Sima.

As Sima laughed, his eyes lit up and he suddenly said, “I’ll pass on a message from my Corpse Sect’s sect master. In my Corpse Sect, we still have a Giant Demon Clan corpse who once cut down many of your nine-leaf shamans. His body has already reached the mid stage of Ascendant. If you are interested, you can contact us at any time!” After saying that, he didn’t even wait for a response before quickly leaving.

The two corpse deacons quickly followed and the three of them disappeared from the black cloud.

The same scene happened in the north, south, and west edges of the Suzaku continent as well.

Unfortunately, aside from Zhuque Zi, who successfully destroyed the reincarnation tree in the west, the south and east failed. However, a strange scene unfolded at the northern tree.

Situ Nan’s figure moved like a ghost and silently entered the black fog. No one noticed him arrive, not even the fourth ancestor who was in charge of this place.

The moment the Reincarnation Ancestral Spirit Tree started growing, Situ Nan went inside it and became like a parasite.

He absorbed all of the nutrients meant for the tree, causing the very rare Reincarnation Ancestral Spirit Tree sprout to collapse.

This strange scene caused all of the Forsaken Immortal Clan members to be stunned. The furious fourth ancestor had to sacrifice tattoos to finally find Situ Nan.

Situ Nan laughed arrogantly at the fourth ancestor and disappeared, leaving behind only a voice in the wind. “Damn, that was nasty! If I knew it was this nasty, I wouldn’t have eaten it!”

The Forsaken Immortal Clan fourth ancestor’s hair turned white and his eyes were so bloodshot that blood was about to drip out. He let out a roar as he charged out and chased after Situ Nan. Situ Nan hadn’t just devoured a Reincarnation Tree but an Ancestral Spirit!

This was one of the five Ancestral Spirits that the Forsaken Immortal Clan spent tens of thousands of years nurturing. Once an Ancestral Spirit has grown and then is combined with a special spell, it can call upon a spirit body from the void. The spirit body will then fuse with the Ancestral Spirit to create a ten-leaf shaman!

However, an Ancestral Spirit was just devoured right under his nose. His head was filled with rage and his anger had already reached its limit.

“I’m going to kill you!” the fourth ancestor shouted as he chased after Situ Nan like crazy.

Situ Nan was escaping very quickly as he laughed. “The first generation Suzaku’s method is a bit shameless, but this old man likes it. When this old man has a body, I can teach it to Wang Lin and the two of us can both devour the Ancestral Spirits. Although I’m afraid that with Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, he can’t withstand it!”

“I will kill you!” A fierce roar from someone whose heart seemed to have been torn came from behind Situ Nan.

The hatred coming from the roar behind Situ Nan couldn’t be described in words.

Wang Lin had already heard the roar from the distance. He immediately put away the mosquito beast and quickly flew off to the side instead of waiting for Situ Nan in one place.

When Situ Nan’s divine sense spread out, he found Wang Lin and teleported to him. He appeared beside Wang Lin and quickly said, “You’re too slow; I’ll carry you. There is a crazy dog chasing after us. Once this old man has a body and has digested the power from the Ancestral Spirit, I’ll definitely boil that little crazy dog.”

With that, he grabbed Wang Lin and quickly flew off.

Situ Nan’s speed was very quick. In the blink of an eye, he and Wang Lin had left the Suzaku Continent and were on their way to the north pole.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan fourth ancestor seemed to have his heart set on chasing after Situ Nan.

As Situ Nan flew, he showed no fear at all; he would often slow down to allow that fourth ancestor to catch up.

“This old man has devoured their Ancestral Spirit and then, after I fuse with that body, I’ll devour this little crazy dog too. This should reduce the recovery time by a lot! I will benefit personally and wipe out a shaman that is similar in power to an Ascendant cultivator, so it can be said that I didn’t forget the first generation Suzaku’s kindness!” Situ Nan laughed.

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