Chapter 411 - An old friend

Chapter 411 - An old friend

“Wang Zhuo…” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he charged over like lightning.

Although Wang Zhuo’s appearance was that of an old man, Wang Lin was still able to recognize him at a glance.

Wang Zhuo’s heart was filled with sorrow. Along the way, more than half of their group of a dozen had died. He had gone through these kinds of battles almost every day and he felt the shadow of death getting darker and darker.

The surrounding countries had all lost; they were either destroyed or became vassals of the Forsaken Immortal Clan.

Rank 3 cultivation countries weren’t the main battleground for the Forsaken Immortal Clan; they were merely places for them to train their weaker clan members.

The country of Suzaku didn’t care too much about rank 3 cultivation countries. At first they only sent some early stage Soul Formation cultivators over, but as the war raged on, they pulled out all their messengers and completely gave up on the rank 3 cultivation countries.

In the eyes of the country of Suzaku, Nascent Soul cultivators were simply too weak.

Wang Lin let out a bitter smile as he watched another fellow sect member die. He watched the four Forsaken Immortal Clan members who clearly had the power of late stage Core Formation cultivators not kill them but instead chase them around.

Just at this moment, a meteor raced across from the sky, giving off a terrifying aura. The four Forsaken Immortal Clan members were shocked and immediately looked over.

In almost an instant, the meteor disappeared and someone with long, white hair arrived from the distance with only a few steps.

The four Forsaken Immortal Clan members’ expressions changed. The four of them realized that this man with white hair gave off an aura that made them tremble. They only ever felt this kind of aura from the seven-leaf shamans in their clan.

“Soul Transformation…” One of the four Forsaken Clan members trembled and exclaimed. Without any hesitation, he turned around and ran. The other three quickly followed him.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he slapped his bag of holding to let the mosquito beast out. The mosquito didn’t even wait for an order before charging out after the four. Screams could be heard from the distance as the four of them became dinner for the mosquito.

All of this happened too fast, so fast that Wang Zhuo and co. were completely dumbfounded.

Wang Lin turned around toward Wang Zhuo and smiled. “Wang Zhuo, do you recognize me?”

“Senior… you… it’s you…” Wang Zhuo was startled and immediately recognized Wang Lin as the person who had reached the Soul Formation stage at Heng Yue Mountain.

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “We haven’t met for many years and you have already reached the late stage of Core Formation. That is worthy of celebration. Forget it, I’ll help you break through to the Nascent Soul stage!” With that, Wang Lin pointed to the spot between Wang Zhuo’s eyebrows.

The seal in Wang Zhuo’s mind was removed as all the memories of his past life flooded into him, causing him to pass out.

Wang Lin blandly looked at Wang Zhuo’s follow sect members. All of them but one were at the early stage of Core Formation while the last person was at the mid stage. That person also had one of the spirit seeds Wang Lin had left behind.

Wang Lin asked, “Where are you guys going?”

The person who had the spirit seed was an old man. His body trembled as Wang Lin looked at him and he said, “About ten of us juniors were sent to the country of Lin to help them. However, they lost to the Forsaken Immortal Clan, so we are killing our way back to Zhao.”

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding. A jade flew out and he injected a bit of his domain inside it. He threw the jade to the old man and said, “Take this jade. It can keep you guys safe until you reach Zhao. Go.”

The old man held the jade like a treasure and bowed many times toward Wang Lin. To him, this jade was his life.

Wang Lin waved his right hand to grab Wang Zhuo and then they disappeared.

The old man took a deep breath and then bowed deeply toward where Wang Lin had disappeared to. This bow was in good faith without any other thoughts.

A middle-aged burly man on the side carefully asked, “Martial uncle, who is that senior?”

The old man’s eyes were filled with reminisce as he said, “He is my country of Zhao’s only Soul Formation cultivator..”

“Soul Formation cultivator… he is someone from Zhao?” The middle-aged man took a deep breath.

“Hehe, you should have heard of his name before…” The old man flew away and the other members of his sect quickly followed.

“Wang Lin. His name is Wang Lin!”

The moment the words “Wang Lin” came out, everyone else, including the burly man, trembled and their eyes became filled with terror.

In the cultivation world of Zhao, the name Wang Lin represented heaven-piercing killing intent and a world-ending catastrophe.

On that day, blood flowed like a river and the land of Zhao was dyed red from blood. No one could forget that day.

Even to this day, the calamity the Teng family faced was still passed down in Zhao’s cultivation world. It forever remained in people’s hearts and became the goal of many young cultivators.

On the top of a mountain, Wang Zhuo slowly awakened. His eyes were filled with confusion at first, but it slowly disappeared. Then he calmly looked at the white figure standing beside him.

“Wang Lin...” A bitter voice came from Wang Zhuo.

“Wang Zhuo.” Wang Lin turned around and smiled.

Wang Zhuo stared at Wang Lin as memories of the past rushed into his head until the moment where his wife died by his hand, then he let out a sigh.

“Thank you…”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “Only you and I are left from the old Wang clan. There is no need to thank me…”

Wang Zhuo hesitated a bit then asked, “You… what cultivation level are you at… could you have reached the Soul Transformation stage?”

“I haven’t reached the Soul Transformation stage just yet.” Wang Lin looked into the distance.

“Time passed by so quickly... I still remember us at the Heng Yue Sect… alas…” Wang Zhuo sighed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Wang Zhuo, what happened on planet Suzaku in the last several years? How did the Forsaken Immortal Clan appear here?”

Wang Zhuo was startled and asked, “You don’t know?”

Wang Lin shook his head. “I wasn’t on planet Suzaku for the last seven years.”

Wang Zhuo’s heart shook. Although Wang Lin had casually said it, it sounded insane to him.

Not on planet Suzaku… That meant that Wang Lin’s cultivation could break through the atmosphere...

Wang Zhuo took a deep breath and told Wang Lin everything he knew.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm, but his heart was in turmoil. The Forsaken Immortal Clan had invaded and almost all rank 3 cultivation countries had fallen.

Rank 4 cultivation countries weren’t safe either. The country of Suzaku was resisting in full force, but they were still being pushed back.

The Corpse Sect was helping the Forsaken Immortal Clan in full force and five rank 4 cultivation countries had betrayed Suzaku.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan had already occupied half of planet Suzaku.

Wang Zhuo said, “Rumor has it that the Forsaken Immortal Clan sent out nine people and five of their identities have already been exposed. There are still four left, but no one knows who they are. They must be at a rank 5 or higher cultivation countries and probably hold very high positions.”

Wang Lin pondered. He never thought that in just a few short years such a big change would occur.

“Soul Refining Sect…” Wang Lin took a deep breath. He had to quickly return to the Soul Refining Sect to see if there were any changes there.

Wang Zhuo’s information was mostly rumors and not facts, so he didn’t know anything about the Soul Refining Sect.

Wang Zhuo pondered a bit and slowly asked, “Wang Lin, can you go back to Zhao and save it from danger…”

“Also, our Wang family still has descendants living in Zhao. In these past several years, I have been secretly taking care of them. I was hoping that mortals wouldn’t get mixed up in the war, but while I was away, I heard that the Forsaken Immortal Clan was looking for mortals with spirit roots. I’m worried that the Wang family might have a child with a spirit root who will catch the Immortal Forsaken Clan’s attention. Sadly, I haven’t been home in many years, so I don’t know if there is anyone like that in the family.”

Planet Suzaku, country of Zhao, a rainy night.

A horse carriage was galloping away outside the capital of Zhao.

A bold, burly man sat at the front of the carriage and snapped his whip. “Ya, ya!” He looked very anxious and kept looking behind him.

As the horses felt pain from the whip, they let out neighs and ran even faster.

“Mother, where are we going?” The tender voice of a child came from inside the carriage.

“Mother will take you to our ancestral home. Only there will Yu Er be safe,” a gentle and enchanting voice answered the child from inside the carriage. This voice also contained a hint of anxiety.

The child named Yu Er continued to say, “Mother! I was studying with the third prince yesterday and he told me that Zhao is very dangerous right now… It seems like someone is fighting with those immortals. Mother, is it like that?”

“Yu Er, take a rest. Don’t ask so many questions.” A man’s deep voice came from inside the carriage.

There were three people inside the carriage: a couple and their child. The woman was wearing a court dress. She was very beautiful and the beauty spot at the corner of her mouth gave her even more charm.

The man’s robe was made of python skin. He gave off an oppressing aura without even being angry. He had been in a high position for a very long time, so he gained a certain aura.

As for the child, she looked to be around six or seven years old, her cheeks were slightly pink, and her skin was very white. She was very cute.

The inside of the carriage suddenly became very quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the driver shouting and the sound of the rain.

Yu Er obediently nodded. She felt tired, so she slowly fell asleep in the woman’s arms.

“My lord, Yu Er…” The woman’s eyes turned red and couldn’t continue.

The man let out a sigh and slowly said, “All of the immortals in the capital have returned to their sects to prepare for battle. The invaders are very powerful, and as far as I know, the immortals of Zhao were defeated and have gathered in one place.”

The woman wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and whispered, “Why are those people looking everywhere for children...”

The man took a deep breath and bitterly smiled. “Last night, I secretly talked with the king and found that they are looking for children with the qualifications to become immortals. I’m afraid that they have something big planned. Alas, if only great-grandfather was here, everything would be better.”

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