Chapter 409 - Dao Heart

Chapter 409 - Dao Heart

“Little White, where is uncle?” Zhou Ru was sitting on Little White’s back with a bunch of fruits in her hands.

Little White shook his big head and let out a growl in response.

Ever since Zhou Ru had woken up one year ago, she hadn’t seen Wang Lin. Only Little White accompanied her.

Little White was currently carrying Zhou Ru as they walked through a mountain range. At this moment, the ground suddenly began to tremble. Little White let out a low growl as he backed up a couple dozen feet.

The ground began to shake even more violently and then suddenly a lifeform that looked like a worm but countless times larger sprang out of the ground. It let out a roar and pointed its head at Zhou Ru.

The part of this creature that was above ground was already over 100 feet tall. Its entire body was red and had bamboo-like sections. It looked very terrifying.

There was no fear on Zhou Ru’s face though; instead, there was some excitement. She threw the fruits away, hit Little White’s head, and said, “Little White, you have to look carefully; whether we can find uncle or not depends on this.”

Little White rolled his eyes and let out a roar at the giant worm.

The more than 100-feet-long worm moved. It opened its large mouth and charged toward Zhou Ru. It moved very fast and they could smell its fishy breath as it approached. There were also countless sharp teeth in its mouth. If one were to get caught by that mouth, there wouldn’t be any bones left.

There wasn’t any trace of fear in Zhou Ru’s face; she instead became more and more excited. Her large eyes weren’t even looking at the giant worm and instead she raised her head to look at the sky.

Even Little White didn’t retreat another step. There was a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Just at the moment that the giant worm charged forth, a giant figure appeared in the sky. This figure let out a humming sound and then arrived beside Zhou Ru at an unimaginable speed.

It was a giant mosquito. Its sharp mouth quickly stabbed into the worm. With a swing, the worm’s entire body was dragged out from underground and thrown into the air.

At this moment, the mosquito moved again and in a flash stabbed its sharp mouth into the head of the worm. Then all of the worm’s blood was sucked dry by the mosquito.

The mosquito threw the worm to the side, then he looked at Zhou Ru and Little White before flying off into the distance.

Zhou Ru quickly shouted, “Little White, chase, quickly, chase!”

Little White didn’t hesitate and immediately started running.

Wang Lin let out the mosquito beast one year ago to protect Zhou Ru.

He didn’t want to see Zhou Ru, but he wouldn’t just leave her alone on this dangerous moon.

During this past year, the mosquito had saved Zhou Ru countless times. At first Zhou Ru was scared of the mosquito, but now she felt a sense of familiarity toward him. Whenever she saw him, it was like she was seeing Wang Lin.

She had no memory of what happened one year ago and she also had no memory of having a Nascent Soul in her body; it was as if it had never happened.

Wang Lin wiped away those memories when he returned her soul to her body.

Zhou Ru was an innocent child; she shouldn’t have to suffer for Li Muwan’s failed awakening. Wang Lin wasn’t the type to blame others in anger, and he wanted to let her live a full life.

However, Wang Lin’s heart was still thinking about what happened one year ago, so he didn’t want to face Zhou Ru. This feeling was very complicated for him.

Zhou Ru felt very bad for not being able to see uncle, so she started her journey to find him. The moon was very small to Wang Lin but very big to her.

During this year, she and Little White had traveled across more than half of the moon. Although she hadn’t seen Wang Lin once, she felt like she was getting closer to her uncle.

Unfortunately, Little White was far too slow compared to the mosquito, so the mosquito’s figure soon disappeared into the distance. However, Zhou Ru knew that the moment she meets danger again, that big mosquito will rush over.

“Hmph, that big mosquito flies too fast. Little White, you’re too slow.” Zhou Ru pouted as she looked into the sky.

Little White let out a roar filled with grievance. He thought, “That mosquito is flying in the sky. If it were running on the ground, I’d definitely be faster.”

Zhou Ru was about to continue speaking when a gentle breeze landed on her, sending a surge of warmth through her body. Zhou Ru was startled as she looked around and whispered, “Little White, don’t you think this is strange? Every three to five days there is this warm breeze. Each time it lands on me, I feel warmth travel through my whole body and then I won’t feel hungry even if I don’t eat.”

Little White shook his head and let out a low growl as a response.

Zhou Ru’s journey continued. What she didn’t know was that Wang Lin was at the top of the mountain with his divine sense withdrawn.

During this past year, although he had gone crazy, he didn’t forget about Zhou Ru’s safety. He would spread out his divine sense every few days to check on Zhou Ru’s condition and then send some spiritual energy into her body to prevent her from getting hungry.

Wang Lin raised his head toward the sky. His eyes were currently very bright. Wang Lin had never had this type of gaze before; it was a gaze that could penetrate the heart and see through life and death.

“So the domain of life and death is like this… The things in this world, if I want to control them, then I can.” Wang Lin’s right hand reached forth and all the clouds before him gathered toward his palm. Soon, a small ball made of clouds appeared in his hand.

This ball of clouds was filled with lightning.

Feeling the immense power inside the ball, Wang Lin let out a deep breath.

Although this ball of clouds couldn’t destroy the heavens, it could kill any Soul Formation cultivator. If the Soul Transformation Li Yuanfeng were to revive, he would be destroyed by this ball as well.

“The life and death domain has reached completion and my cultivation has broken through the Soul Formation stage. I only need one more step to reach the Soul Transformation stage. I have already taken half of that step…” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the ball of clouds disappeared.

“I need to prepare to reach the Soul Transformation stage!” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm.

Soul Transformation cultivators can be considered a real powerhouse. It is said that Soul Transformation cultivators are wanted by many on any cultivation planet.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor was merely at the early stage of Soul Transformation, but it allowed him to control an entire clan and become their leader.

Li Yuanfeng was raised to the Soul Transformation stage by force but became the pillar of Xue Yue.

One could see the value of a Soul Transformation cultivator.

After all, the Ascendant old monsters were always in closed door cultivation and there were far too few of them. Thus, Soul Transformation cultivators become the real backbone of any power.

If we put it in the context of the mortal martial arts world, they would be the top-class experts that are admired by everyone.

Among cultivators, the significance of these people are amplified by more than a thousand fold.

This was a Soul Transformation cultivator.

Even Tianyun Zi never would have expected that the little cultivator who he had good a feeling about that was on the edge of the Soul Formation stage would be preparing to enter the Soul Transformation stage only 200 years later.

If Tianyun Zi knew this, then Wang Lin wouldn’t merely be an honorary disciple for 100 years, he would become a real disciple with certain privileges.

“Situ, once I reach the Soul Transformation stage, I’ll have the power to awaken you...” Wang Lin took a deep breath as he pointed at his brow. Shortly after, his body began to disappear as he went inside the heaven defying bead.

Inside the heaven defying bead, Situ Nan’s large soul was floating there. Wang Lin appeared next to it and silently stared at it.

After absorbing the two arms, Situ Nan’s soul was no longer transparent; it was now more solid. His soul gave off a powerful pressure. This pressure was several times stronger than ancestor Du Tian’s.

“Situ…” Wang Lin silently stared at Situ Nan for a very long time before taking a step and appearing in the eastern part of the heaven defying bead.

There was another Nascent Soul here.

However, this Nascent Soul’s eyes were closed as if she were sleeping. She was surrounded by spirit liquid that continuously entered her soul to provide her with energy.

“Wan Er…” Wang Lin’s eyes became gentle.

The spirit liquid surrounding Wan Er was the dew from the heaven defying bead. Wang Lin had gathered this dew over the past year. Its purpose was to help repair Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul, and with the passage of time, it will make her Nascent Soul even stronger.

“Wan Er, you waited for me for 300 years. I, Wang Lin, have no way to repay you. I’ll protect your Nascent Soul until you awaken, until my death.” Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul for a very long time...

“If everything I do can be exchanged for a chance at a miracle, then I’ll wait 1 year, 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years… until my death.”

Wang Lin looked tenderly at Li Muwan as memories of the past flashed across his mind.

Memories are like water in your palm; it doesn’t matter whether you have your hand open or if it’s holding it tightly, it will still leak drop by drop until it’s all gone. However, the coolness of the water is unforgettable.

Wang Lin walked up and gently kissed her forehead. His warmth was slowly transmitted to Wan Er.

Wan Er’s body trembled...

She felt Wang Lin’s lips and his warmth. This warmth contained an unerasable joy, a silent call, and a sense of protection that will never fade.

Love is like a river; the left shore is the joyous laughter that can brighten up 1000 years of sadness and the right shore is an eternal silence lingering under the candlelight. What flows between them is years of fading loneliness.

Wang Lin turned around and left the heaven defying bead. Although he left the heaven defying bead, his heart remained there for all of eternity.

On the top of the mountain, under the starlight in the middle of the night, the lonely figure under the rain seems like it is about to be shattered by the wind.

The uncertain sadness is what always gets blown away by the wind, but the loneliness of having no family or friends is the fire that the wind can never extinguish.

The lonely figure raised his well-structured face to face the darkness in the sky, to face the brightness of the stars. There he saw the figure of a woman that will forever remain in his heart.

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