Chapter 391 - Yunque Zi

Chapter 391 - Yunque Zi

“Du Tian!”

These two words entered Wang Lin’s ears and caused his eyes to become serious. However, he didn’t have the time to think about it at the moment, so he focused solely on the growth of the spiritual energy within his body.

A large amount of spiritual energy was transferred from the ten soul fragments into Wang Lin through the gold and purple lines. The spiritual energy surged through Wang Lin’s veins.

Wang Lin could feel all the spores on his body open as the most well-hidden impurities within him were being forced out.

Waves of a refreshing feeling filled his body like the spring wind, making him feel very comfortable.

Shortly after, Wang Lin felt the spiritual energy in his body reach its peak. While his domain was still at the mid stage of Soul Formation, his spiritual energy had broken through to the late stage.

For Wang Lin, his domain had always been very powerful. With a mid stage Soul Formation domain, he was able to battle against Red Butterfly’s late stage Soul Formation domain. As his spiritual energy grew, his combat strength grew as well.

If the current him were to meet Red Butterfly again, the battle would be countless times easier than before.

Red Butterfly was no longer a threat in his eyes!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He looked at the surrounding souls and began to ponder.

Du Tian looked at Wang Lin and laughed. “Little friend Ceng Niu, have you absorbed enough from this third gift?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. The fact that this ancestor was willing to give so much meant that there was something big he needed Wang Lin to do. Since Wang Lin had already accepted the gifts, he wouldn’t refuse to help; refusing was beneath him.

However, with Wang Lin’s personality, since he decided to help, he wouldn’t let himself be on the short end when accepting the gifts.

“Senior, I can absorb as much as I can, correct?” Wang Lin calmly looked at ancestor Du Tian.

The old man laughed and decisively said, “That is correct. Little friend Ceng Niu, this old man will not be stingy with this third gift!”

Wang Lin nodded and closed his eyes.

“This little guy is already full; even if he wants to absorb more, he shouldn’t be able to absorb much more…” For some reason, when Du Tian saw Wang Lin close his eyes, he had an ominous feeling.

“Original body… Let us both absorb!” Wang Lin called out to his original body in his heart.

This call crossed a long distance. At this moment, the original body in Chu opened his eyes.

The two purple stars on the original body began to spin.

There was no longer a primary or secondary body between the original and the avatar; both were Wang Lin. It was as if he was split in half. When they fuse, they will become the real Wang Lin.

There was a mysterious connection between the avatar and the original body, which was why the original body was hurt when his origin soul collapsed. Through the same mysterious connection, the original body was absorbing spiritual energy from his avatar like crazy.

The original body’s absorption was several times more powerful than the avatar’s. After all, the original body was walking the path of the ancient gods, which devoured spiritual energy to survive.

The ten soul fragments around Wang Lin trembled and the connection between them and him increase several fold as they felt the powerful suction force from Wang Lin.

The situation changed from the soul fragments forcibly injecting spiritual energy into Wang Lin to Wang Lin actively absorbing from them. This change caused Du Tian’s eyes to widen.

The muscles on his face twitched as he revealed a heartbroken expression.

Ten breaths; in just ten breaths of time, more than half of the spiritual energy within the ten soul fragments was absorbed. Dun Tian’s expression was very ugly and he wanted to stop Wang Lin, but after remembering what he just said, he could only sigh. With his experience as a cultivator, he could immediately tell that Ceng Niu had an avatar. Ceng Niu was currently absorbing spiritual energy along with his avatar.

The original body in Chu was being filled with spiritual energy. At some point, golden lines started coming out of the body and wrapping around him. Soon, a crystal cocoon was formed.

The original body sat inside the cocoon as another star slowly appeared on his forehead and slowly became solid.

Wang Lin was not a greedy person. At this moment, he opened his eyes and stopped absorbing.

Du Tian let out a sigh of relief. He quickly waved the 30-foot-flag in his hand, causing the ten souls to return. He bitterly smiled at Wang Lin and said, “Little friend Ceng Niu, you really didn’t hold back.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He stood up and felt the powerful spiritual energy in his body. He turned toward Xue Yue and his eyes became cold.

Wang Lin’s personality was very decisive. He won’t bother anyone if he’s left alone, but if someone messes with him, he will return the favor 10… 100 fold! He was still someone who would get revenge!

“Li Yuanfeng…:” The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes dissipated as he turned toward Du Tian and clasped his hands. “Thank you, senior, for the three gifts. If there is anything you need junior to do, just say so. I’ll do my best!”

If Wang Lin said this, that meant that he was extremely grateful toward senior Du Tian.

Du Tian faintly smiled. The unhappiness from earlier completely disappeared. He did all of this just for Wang Lin to say this!

“Little friend Ceng Niu, the reason I gave you these three gifts is very important. If you hadn’t come to my Soul Refining Sect, I would’ve gone out to search for you.”

Wang Lin looked at Du Tian and smiled. “Junior has already heard about the rumor that I killed a Soul Formation cultivator of the Soul Refining Sect, so I assume senior is looking for me to question me.”

Du Tian shook his head and smiled. “This is all a ruse. If I were to look for you for no reason, it would attract too much attention. However, if I spread a rumor saying that you killed a Soul Formation cultivator of my sect, people won’t pay too much attention if I start looking for you.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. For this ancestor to be so careful, something unpredictable was going to happen.

Du Tian looked at Wang Lin with a hint of appreciation in his eyes. After a while he said, “Little friend, do you know why there are less than ten rank 5 cultivation countries on this planet even though the country of Suzaku has been in control for so long?”

He didn’t let Wang Lin reply. He revealed a look of helplessness and said, “When the country of Suzaka arrived on this planet, there were six major sects within it. Then the disciples of those six sects spread out and formed the various cultivation countries on the planet. At the same time, the core disciples of those six sects were allowed to form rank 5 cultivation countries.”

“This was the first group of rank 5 cultivation countries. My Soul Refining Sect was one of them!”

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm. His expression didn’t change.

Du Tian raised his head to look at the sky and calmly said, “Time slowly passed. Whenever a rank 5 cultivation country was about to reach the point of becoming a rank 6 country, they would be beaten back to their original state in just one night. The country of Suzaku wouldn’t allow another rank 6 cultivation country on planet Suzaku.”

“My Soul Refining Sect has had three chances to reach rank 6 throughout these countless years, but we were beaten back every time. Now we have long lost our country and can only exist as a sect.”

Wang Lin silently pondered.

“To become a rank 6 cultivation country was the dream of our first generation ancestor and even more so the dream of every generation of the Soul Refining Sect. Back before there was a single cultivator on planet Suzaku, back when the country of Suzaku was only a rank 5 cultivation country on planet Four Saints, all six sects worked hard together. Through bitter struggle, we reached rank 6 and broke free from planet Four Saints. Then we were given planet Suzaku by the cultivation union.”

“Back then, my Soul Refining Sect had three Ascendant cultivators. The other five sects all had several as well. The country of Suzaku was so powerful, but when we arrived here, what we found was not good. There was already another race here that used the power of tattoos, and they were very powerful.”

“It was a bloody battle that lasted countless years. The one-billion-soul soul flag was completed during this battle.”

“Although we ultimately won, planet Suzaku was damaged and the country of Suzaku lost many Ascendant cultivators.”

“This is why the first generation Suzaku created mount Suzaku to become the central control point of planet Suzaku when the six sects split off into rank 5 cultivation countries.”

“After that, it was a nightmare for all rank 5 cultivation countries. All countries that followed Suzaku were ordered to not allow any rank 5 cultivation country to reach rank 6. Right now, the country of Suzaku only has four Ascendant cultivators, and they are very weak.”

“The Suzaku is afraid that the rank 5 cultivation countries will turn on him and become the masters. He is afraid that the planet won’t be secure.”

Wang Lin pondered. After a while, he looked at Du Tian and said, “Senior, what does everything you say have to do with me? Junior is merely a Soul Formation junior.”

Du Tian’s eyes became serious. He looked at Wang Lin and said, word for word, “It does relate to you!”

“Oh, really?” Wang Lin raised his head toward Du Tian.

Du Tian slowly said, “You are one of the four candidates chosen by Yunque Zi to become the next Suzaku!”

“Yunque Zi?” Wang Lin frowned.

Du Tian waved his hand and a wooden carving appeared in his palm. The carving was of a very handsome man. His eyes looked like they were alive.

“... It’s him!” Wang Lin was startled and his expression became strange. It was the old man who gave him the straw hat. The old man’s cultivation was very powerful, and he had his suspicions back then, but now he had an answer.

“He is Yunque Zi. He is the junior apprentice brother of the current Suzaku…” Du Tian looked at the wooden carving and said, “This carving was made by you. It really looks like him…”

“You gave me those three gifts because of him…” Wang Lin’s expression became even more strange.

“That’s only part of it…” Du Tian raised his head. His eyes were filled with a mysterious light.

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