Chapter 384 - Three method of the Soul Flag

Chapter 384 - Three method of the Soul Flag

The library of the soul refining mountain wasn’t large; it only had three floors.

Looking from a distance, this library seemed very normal. When Wang Lin entered, his eyes focused on an old man sitting inside. The old man was very close to the Nascent Soul stage; he was only one step away.

The old man’s face was yellow, his body was skinny, and he looked very tired. When he noticed that someone had entered, he opened his eyes and said, “Token!”

Wang Lin handed over his token. The old man looked at it and said, “You can look around as you wish, but you’re not allowed to go to the third floor. The time limit is three days.”

Wang Lin nodded and entered the library.

Looking at the first floor, there were rows of shelves with jades, bamboo carvings, and even stone carvings. Wang Lin’s eyes swept past them. There was a wide variety of techniques here and they covered just about everything. There were techniques he already knew and techniques he had never seen before.

Only, there was nothing about refining a soul flag.

After making his way through the first floor, he entered the second floor.

The number of techniques on the second floor was lower than the first. They were scattered around the room with descriptions of each technique.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found the four words “Soul Flag Production Method”. He picked up the jade to check and then frowned.

This jade did indeed contain the method to creating a soul flag, but it was exactly the same as what everyone else did. If the Soul Refining Sect really used this method, there was no way they would be as famous as they were now.

After carefully searching through the second floor, Wang Lin, who had found nothing he needed, looked toward the third floor. He didn’t do anything reckless and returned to the skinny elder. He clasped his hands and asked, “Senior, why can’t I go up to the third floor?”

The old man yawned. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “You can’t go up, so you can’t go up. What’s with all this nonsense?”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he stared at the old man.

The old man frowned. He muttered something and then impatiently said, “You don’t need to stare. You want to look for the method to make the soul flag, right? I can tell you that it isn’t here, and it isn’t in the third floor either. There are only ten pieces of jade with the method to make the soul flag. If you want it, then go steal them. See, that cave over there has one. If you can steal it, you can learn it.”

Wang Lin looked toward where the old man was pointing. There was indeed a cave there.

“There aren’t any rules in the Soul Refining Sect; if you have the ability to kill, kill; if you want anything, steal it; and if you like any women, take them!”

“If you don’t have any ability, then find others who have no ability to cultivate together so you can protect yourself.”

“No rules. One can do as he wishes…” Wang Lin let out a faint smile. This Soul Refining Sect was indeed interesting. Wang Lin waved his hand and a giant invisible hand grabbed the old man.

The old man was startled, but he let out a laugh. The impatient look on his face disappeared and was replaced with battle intent. “Good! Good! In these past 100 years, you are the fifth person to attack me. Okay, I’ll play with you!”

With that, he moved his body to break free.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He casually waved his hand and the old man was thrown by a powerful force toward the wall.

The old man’s head was spinning from the collision. He was about to let out an angry roar when he was picked up and thrown again.

Bang, bang, bang.

The continuous collisions caused the old man to cough out blood. Seeing that Wang Lin was going to continue, he quickly shouted, “Grandfather, please stop. I’m willing to call you grandfather! If you throw me anymore, this old body will break!”

Wang Lin released his grip. The old man fell to the ground and got up after a while. He let out a bitter smile and said, “Junior apprentice brother, with your strength, just go steal what you want. As long as you don’t kill too many people, no one is going to bother you.”

Wang Lin looked at the old man and left. Shortly after, he arrived before the cave the old man had pointed at before. There were some restrictions outside the cave. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found that there was a middle-aged man cultivating inside. There was a side room with two female cultivators cultivating inside as well.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand moved, creating many illusionary restrictions. With a bang, all of the restrictions outside the cave collapsed along with the door.

The old man in the distance shivered. He thought that the soul refining mountain had gained another person that couldn’t be offended.

The middle-aged man let out an angry roar because his cave was destroyed. He flew out in a ray of red light and without a word took out a small, purple flag. Hundreds of souls flew out of the flag.

There were males and females among these souls. They let out bursts of sharp shrills and charged toward Wang Lin.

“Destroying my cave, you’re courting death!”

Wang Lin remained calm. The person who charged out of the cave wasn’t at the Nascent Soul stage; he was at the peak of the late stage of Core Formation like the elder from the library.

However, the soul flag in his hand was a bit different. Wang Lin could clearly see a golden line on the soul flag, and the souls it released had a black aura around them. This was very different from the souls of normal soul flags that looked like they would dissipate if the wind blew on them.

These hundreds of souls were full of energy, and a few of them gave off pressure no weaker than a normal Core Formation cultivator’s.

“Growth!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up because he saw what was different from this soul flag.

The souls inside this soul flag had the ability to keep growing.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he reached out with his hand. The soul flag flew out of the middle-aged man’s hand and into his. He wiped the divine sense from it and imprinted his own, then he immediately felt a sense of harmony within his soul.

With a wave of the soul flag, the souls that were charging at him were all absorbed by it.

The Core Formation cultivator was dumbfounded. He sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately took out a black jade. He placed it on the ground, backed away, and shouted, “I admit defeat, I admit defeat. The cave is yours, the jade is yours, and the flag is yours too. I have two cultivation concubines as well; I haven’t touched one of them yet. You can have them too!”

“I’m giving everything to you, so according to the rules, you can’t kill me.” With that, he quickly backed away.

Wang Lin looked at this person. He didn’t attack but waved his hand. The black jade flew into his hand and he carefully examined it.

At this moment, two women walked out of the cave. Both of them were very beautiful and calm. They acted like this was completely normal and just quietly stood there.

“This is the real method for making the soul flags; however, it seems this isn’t complete…” Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and frowned.

One of the two women, she was wearing a blue dress, saw Wang Lin frown after reading the jade and asked, “Senior apprentice brother, did you notice that the method seems incomplete?”

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the two of them. Both of them were at the early stage of Core Formation.

Wang Lin asked, “Why is it like this?”

The blue-robed woman quickly said, “Senior apprentice brother must be Qing Mu, the winner of the recent outer sect disciple competition. I, your junior apprentice sister, am called Xu Yun. Xu Yun greets senior apprentice brother. As for the reason the soul flag is incomplete, it is because it is split into three parts. Each part matches the name of the three mountains: soul refining, soul extracting, and soul sealing.”

“By combining the three methods together, you will get the real soul flag production method.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He put the jade away and looked at the cave. This place didn’t meet his standards. He spread out his divine sense and flew toward the bottom of the mountain.

The two women were startled. They looked at each other before quickly following Wang Lin. It was very dangerous to be alone in the Soul Refining Sect. Unless your cultivation was very powerful, you needed to rely on others. This was why there were many groups.

Once you lose a battle, you must hand over everything. Once you handed everything over, the other person wasn’t allowed to kill you or else the elders would interfere.

These irrational rules made it so that no one felt like they belonged in the Soul Refining Sect. However, no one knew why the Soul Refining Sect did this.

The senior apprentice brother they relied on was scared away by Wang Lin, so they would naturally need to follow Wang Lin.

As Wang Lin flew, he frowned. He turned around and shouted, “Don’t follow me!” He coldly looked at the two women and turned around to leave.

The woman next to Xu Yun anxiously asked, “Senior apprentice sister, what should we do?”

Xu Yun stomped her feet and snorted. “What else can we do? If he won’t let us follow him, then we won’t follow. Once he finds a cave, we will open our cave near him. Maybe the the others will give him face and not bother our cultivation.”

Near the bottom of the mountain, Wang Lin’s eyes locked onto a cliff. He pointed at the cliff and a flying sword charged at it. It only took a few moments for a cave to form.

After Wang Lin flew into the cave, he casually sent out a restriction and sealed the cave.

Inside the cave, Wang Lin’s gaze locked onto the wall. The reason he chose this spot was because it was closest to the spirit vein.

Although he couldn’t absorb the power of the spirit vein like before, he could still borrow its power. His body disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was before the main spirit vein under the soul refining mountain.

After sitting down in the lotus position, he spread out his divine sense. What he found startled him.

In the deepest part of the spirit vein, there was mass of black gas that blocked out all divine senses. Spiritual energy from the spirit vein was being absorbed by the black gas.

Wang Lin’s divine sense was at the edge of the black gas. He was able to detect screams of souls that would occasionally appear inside the black gas.

“It stops divine sense?” Wang Lin looked around and immediately found that there was a restriction around the black gas.

It was because of this restriction that his divine sense couldn’t enter. After looking at it for a bit, Wang Lin’s eyes became focused.

“This is…. This…. Could this be an ancient, soul restriction?” Wang Lin’s heart trembled.

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