Chapter 379 - Crazy Recovery (2)

Chapter 379 - Crazy Recovery (2)

He had been stuck at the early stage of Core Formation for a very long time, which was why he was kicked out of the inner sect to become a steward for the outer sect disciples.

Wang Lin’s cultivation speed gave him a sliver of hope.

“The sect doesn’t care about the life and death of outer sect disciples at all, so it’ll be fine if I kill him. This person is also a rogue cultivator, so after he dies, no one will search for him. Qian Mu, don’t blame me; blame yourself for cultivating too fast. If I wait until you reach the Core Formation stage, it will be difficult to deal with you, but right now it will be as simple as waving my hand!”

The middle-aged man flew toward Wang Lin’s cave and arrived outside of it in the blink of an eye.

The surroundings were completely silent and the middle-aged man was stunned. Normally, when someone was in closed door cultivation, the door would be completely sealed, but Wang Lin’s door was only half-closed.

Having eliminated the need to use the jade to open the door, the middle-aged man bravely entered the cave. Although he found it strange, he didn’t think a late stage...

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