Chapter 378 - Crazy Recovery (1)

Chapter 378 - Crazy Recovery (1)

Country of Xue Yue, inside the Divine Snow and Ice Shrine.

Li Yuanfeng was currently sitting in the lotus position and cultivating. Around him were five large blocks of ice. Each of these blocks emitted a five-colored light as well as slivers of celestial spiritual energy for him to absorb.

There was a piece of celestial jade the size of a thumbnail inside each block of ice. Thanks to a formation in the ice, the celestial spiritual energy underwent a mysterious change.

Li Yuanfeng currently didn’t look too bad, but his expression was dim and his face was pale.

After a very long time, he opened his eyes and revealed a lingering look of fear.

“What powerful lightning! That lightning contained celestial spiritual energy. Even though I managed to reduce its power by half before it landed on me, it still managed to cause me such injuries.”

Li Yuanfeng tried to kill Wang Lin while Sun Tai and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was fighting. However, he was attacked by Sun Tai’s lightning and spent a lot of effort to finally escape.

He had only reached the Soul Transformation stage by force through a secret technique from Suzaku. He had no hope of having a breakthrough in the future.

As a result, compared to those cultivators who broke through to the Soul Transformation stage themselves, he was too weak.

Li Yuanfeng was stronger than peak late stage Soul Formation cultivators but weaker than true Soul Transformation cultivators, so there was no way for him to stand up against Sun Tai’s lightning.

“I don’t know if Ceng Niu died or not. Even if he didn’t die, my tea domain is not something that can be broken easily.” Li Yuanfeng sneered and his eyes became cold.

“That junior Red Butterfly announced that she was going into close door cultivation for 100 years. Once she comes out, she will definitely be a Soul Transformation cultivator. But at that point, my lifespan will have ended and it won’t matter anymore. Why did the Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor want Ceng Niu’s body? This is very strange! Could there be something I don’t know…” Li Yuanfeng pondered a bit but still wasn’t able to guess the reason.

Inside Pilu, among one of the many mountains used by the Soul Refining Sect’s outer sect disciples, Wang Lin awakened from his cultivation.

“The peak of the late stage of Foundation Establishment!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were bright as he took a deep breath and moved his body. The spiritual frost on his body began to move and entered his body.

Even the frost on the ground and walls turned into faint, blue gas and was absorbed by Wang Lin.

The tea mark on Wang Lin’s face had faded a bit but was still very shocking.

“This pseudo spirit vein eye isn’t enough to meet my needs; I need to find a place with even denser spiritual energy. I believe the spot where the real spirit vein eye is located will be enough.” Wang Lin rebuilt the formations to cover up the pseudo spirit vein eye and walked out of the cave.

It was sunny outside the cave. Looking into the distance, there was a hint of spring. The mountainsides were green, creating an elegant feel. Although the wind was still cold, it contained a hint of warmth.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and was about to leave when his expression changed. He turned to look to the side.

There were countless caves near Wang Lin’s cave. He had been in closed door cultivation this entire time, so aside from the middle-aged man, he hadn’t met anyone else.

Right now, at a cave 100 feet away, another person walked out. This person was wearing light blue clothes made of yarn and had a white veil over their shoulder, giving off a very out-of-this-world feel.

A head full of black hair was moving along with the wind. She seemed very gentle and, along with a hint of pink on her cheeks, looked very elegant.

This woman seemed to have noticed that someone was looking at her, so she looked over. Her eyes contained an unexplainable beauty. After seeing Wang Lin, she let out a smile as a response and then looked into the distance.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He was immediately able to recognize this girl as the person he saw arriving in the sunset.

Wang Lin frowned. “This girl looks familiar… But I’m confident that I have never seen her before…”

The Liu Mei from the Xuan Dao Sect was only an avatar created from the Thousand Clone technique.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and no longer cared about this girl. Although she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life, even more beautiful than Red Butterfly and someone Li Muwan couldn’t even compare to, but she still couldn’t attract his attention.

He jumped down from the mountain and examined it as he floated down. Then his gaze focused on one of the caves on the mountain.

There wasn’t anything special about this cave, and it wasn’t the lowest one. From a distance, he could see the number 743 on top of the cave’s entrance.

“It should be here!” Wang Lin landed and look at the cave.

While he was cultivating, he used the pseudo spirit vein eye to find where the real spirit vein eye was located. Looking at it now, he was able to immediately determine that cave 743 was one the closest to the real spirit vein eye.

“There is someone inside.” Wang Lin saw that the door of the cave was sealed. After pondering a bit, he came up with a plan.

He was about to return to his cave when the middle-aged man walked out of his house. His eyes lit up and he looked toward Wang Lin.

In truth, was watching Wang Lin from the moment he came out.

The middle-aged man’s expression revealed no emotion as he said, “Qian Mu, come here!”

A trace of killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He arrived ten feet away the middle-aged man.

“Peak of the late stage of Foundation Establishment…” The middle-aged man’s pupils shrank and his heart started beating like crazy. He had a hunch that there was something strange about this Qian Mu. Qian Mu’s cultivation speed was too fast. When he got here, he was only at the early stage of Foundation Establishment.

When the middle-aged man next saw him, he was at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment.

Now that the middle-aged man saw him again, he had already reached the peak of the late stage of Foundation Establishment. The middle-aged man licked his lips as his heart pounded. He didn’t hesitate to think that the next time they meet, this person will have already reached his cultivation level, the early stage of Core Formation!

“This Qian Mu either has some heaven defying treasure or his cultivation method is very mysterious!” The middle-aged man stared at Wang Lin and smiled. “Qian Mu, I’m afraid that the next time we meet, I’ll have to call you fellow cultivator.”

Wang Lin glanced at this person and said, “No problem!”

A hint of ill intent appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes, but he quickly hid it and smiled. “Qian Mu, if you can reach the Core Formation stage, you will have a good chance in the competition to become a core disciple a few months from now. Once you become a core disciple, you have to remember to come back every now and then.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “Of course… But the spiritual energy in my room isn’t enough. I wonder if I can change to another one?”

The middle-aged man was startled and was a bit embarrassed. “The caves numbered under 700 require an elder’s permission. However, I can help you apply for it once.”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “You don’t have to go through that much trouble; I just want cave 743.”

The middle-aged man looked at cave 743. He laughed and said, “That is no problem, but, Qian Mu, although cave 743 has more spiritual energy, it isn’t the best.”

“No problem!” Wang Lin laughed and took out two mid-quality spirit stones. “I have constantly had to bother senior. This extra spirit stone is something to show my respect.”

After the middle-aged man accepted it, he secretly sneered. “Right now is not the time, but when night comes, no matter how many spirit stones you give me, I’m still going to find out how you cultivate so fast!”

Although he was thinking about this in his heart, he laughed. He took out a jade, recorded a message, and flicked it. The jade flew out. Under the control of the middle-aged man, it flew into cave 743.

After a while, a person flew out from cave 743. He was wearing black and his face was filled with meat. He looked more like a butcher than a cultivator. He landed before the middle-aged man and clasped his hands. “Senior, what do you wish to speak with me about?”

The middle-aged man said, “Give me your token. I’m changing your room.”

“Change caves? I’m not changing; I’m cultivating just fine in there! Why should I change?” This person snorted. His gaze landed on Wang Lin and he sneered. “Are you the brat that wants to change? Give me 100 mid quality spirit stones or else don’t even dream about it!”

With that, he returned to cave 743 without even looking at the middle-aged man.

“Hmph!” The middle-aged man looked at that man’s back. He decided that after he deals with Qian Mu, he will definitely make that person pay.

“Qian Mu, you can go back first. I’ll find a different cave for you tomorrow.” The middle-aged man’s voice was filled with determination. He clearly wasn’t going to let Wang Lin speak anymore. He waved his sleeve and returned to his house.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he flew back to his cave. He sneered in his heart. If the middle-aged man doesn’t come to bother him, then that means the middle-aged man wasn’t destined to die. However, if the middle aged man gives into greed and comes to him at night, then Wang Lin can only kill him.

It was completely silent late at night as the middle-aged man walked out of his house. He looked at Wang Lin’s cave and greed filled his eyes.

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