Chapter 334 - Lifting a Mountain

Chapter 334 - Lifting a Mountain

The four of them slowly flew across the outer part of the Sea of Devils until they arrived at the Fighting Evil Sect near Nan Dou City.

Before them was a giant mountain. The top of the mountain had been carved into the head of a dragon by someone. From above, it looked like a giant dragon coiling around the mountain.

However, the dragon was a mess right now. Not only were there parts of the dragon missing, but the head of the dragon had been split in half by someone.

Li Muwan looked at the dragon from the distance and silently pondered.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. When he scanned the area before, he found that the Fighting Evil Sect was no more. There were no longer any cultivators remaining. Instead, it was filled with some low ranking demonic beasts.

Li Muwan whispered, “Wang Lin, do you still remember back then when you brought me all the way here?”

Wang Lin nodded and said, “Time passes and people change.”

Li Muwan turned toward where the cave they once lived in used to be and said, “I wonder if the cave from back then still exists.”

Wang Lin let out a faint smile and wrapped his arm around Li Muwan’s waist. Both of them disappeared in a ray of light. Lu Fei and Tie Yan quickly followed them with their divine senses spread out. After all, this was the Sea of Devils, not Chu.

Far behind Wang Lin and Li Muwan, Lu Fei sighed. “It seems the rumor that elder Li lived in the Sea of Devils for a while was true.”

Tie Yan replied, “Maybe this is how sect master and elder Li met. Brother Lu, it seems like your cultivation has improved a bit.”

Lu Fei smiled. “I can only get about 1000 feet closer to the pagoda. I’m still very far.

Tie Yan remained silent. He had only gone 500 feet closer. He decided that after returning, he would work even harder.

Wang Lin flew at supersonic speeds while holding Li Muwan. The sonic booms he created traveled very far, shocking all the cultivators that heard it.

Not long after, Wang Lin and Li Muwan arrived at where the cave was.

However, the mountain the cave was in had completely disappeared.

“Time passes, people change.” Li Muwan’s eyes dimmed.

“In only a few hundred years, the dragon formation was destroyed, the cave disappeared, the memories of the past faded with time…” The deathly aura around Li Muwan suddenly became stronger. She bit her lower lip and said, “I don’t want to go to Hou Fen anymore. After we buy the pill recipes, let us go home.”

Lu Fei and Tie Yan stood behind them. They both secretly sighed and remained silent.

Wang Lin stared at Li Muwan and whispered, “The cave didn’t disappear!”

With that, he waved his right hand and the power of a Soul Formation cultivator spread out. Thunderous roars echoed in the sky and the ground suddenly cracked open.

Shortly after, a powerful force rose from underground, causing the ground to crack even more. A bump appeared on the ground, and it grew larger and larger.

In the blink of an eye, a mountain appeared.

This mountain looked exactly the same as the one they lived in back then.

The creation of this mountain made the ground shake violently. Everyone within 10,000 kilometers felt this shaking, alerting every cultivator in the area. Some of the self-proclaimed powerful cultivators all flew toward the center of the shaking.

More and more cultivators gradually arrived, only they didn’t dare to get close. They stared at it from 10,000 feet away in terror.

Wang Lin pointed at the mountain and a cave suddenly appeared in its center. After a bit of manipulation by Wang Lin, the cave was exactly the same as the one from back then.

“Wan Er, the cave didn’t disappear!” Wang Lin turned around and looked at Li Muwan.

Li Muwan stared at the cave and let out a smile. This smile made the deathly aura around her regress a bit.

Inside the cave, Li Muwan was like a happy little girl looking here and there. She would often grab Wang Lin and speak of the past.

Li Muwan laughed. “I waited for you for three years back then. I didn’t expect there to be a group of people chasing you when you returned.”

“Also, back then when you returned, you were carrying a dragon with you. A dragon! I have always wanted to ask how you got it, but back then you were so cold that I was too scared to ask.” Li Muwan tenderly looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin rubbed his nose. He silently smiled.

After staying in the cave for three days, Li Muwan reluctantly left. Wang Lin took Li Muwan and they flew toward Devil Rebel City.

This trip to the Sea of Devils made Wang Lin happy. The deathly aura on Li Muwan had definitely regressed.

Using the ancient transfer arrays, they appeared before Devil Rebel City after eight days of travel.

After paying a few spirit stones to enter, Lu Fei quickly found an inn for the four of them.

Tie Yan had traveled through the Sea of Devils when he was young, so he was much more experienced than Lu Fei. Wang Lin ordered Tie Yan to go to the Treasure Refining Pavilion, and he returned with an invitation.

“Sect master, the auction is in seven days. This is the invitation.” Tie Yan respectfully handed the invitation to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin and Li Muwan explored Devil Rebel City throughout these seven days. Li Muwan felt very happy in those few days. In fact, aside from back during the worry-free days when she was still at the Lou He Sect, this was the happiest she had ever been.

After seven days, the auction that was held every ten years by the Treasure Refining Pavilion started.

Inside the largest three-story pagoda in Devil Rebel City, countless cultivators sat in the first floor.

When Wang Lin’s group arrived, two Foundation Establishment disciples of the Treasure Refining Pavilion accepted the invitation and lead them inside to the great hall.

The middle-aged man who previously sold the recipe to Wang Lin was also in the great hall. He was casually talking to a few cultivators he was familiar with, but his expression slightly changed when he spotted Wang Lin. He quickly said goodbye to his friends and walked toward Wang Lin. He stopped three feet before Wang Lin, bowed, and respectfully said, “I’m honored that senior would come. Senior, this place is messy; let us go to the third floor.”

The surrounding cultivators that knew the middle-aged man were shocked. This person had a very high position in the Treasure Refining Pavilion, and a bright future ahead of him. He almost never talked like this to anyone, making this a rare sight. Everyone’s gazes turned toward Wang Lin.

Everyone was shocked when they inspected Wang Lin.

In their eyes, Wang Lin looked like a mortal without any spiritual energy, but how could he be a mortal if he could come here?

As for Li Muwan, who was next to Wang Lin, she was a late stage Core Formation cultivator with a weak body.

What shocked everyone the most were Lu Fei and Tie Yang!

Late stage Nascent Soul cultivators!

Even inside the Sea of Devils, late stage Nascent Soul cultivators were rare. In the great hall right now, less than five people had reached this cultivation level.

No matter where in the Sea of Devils, these were the kinds of people that could cause an earthquake with just a simple stomp of their feet.

The appearance of these two normally wouldn’t be such a big deal, but from where they stood, it seemed like they were the servants of a mortal. How could everyone not be shocked by this?

Adding on the respectful attitude of the middle-aged man, this person’s status skyrocketed in people’s hearts.

Under the middle-aged man’s careful guidance, Wang Lin’s group went up to the third floor. The entire third floor only had three rooms, and each of them was very luxurious. Two of them were already occupied. Wang Lin’s group entered the room on the right.

The middle-aged man accompanied them for a while, but after seeing a trace of impatience on Wang Lin’s face, he quickly left.

When he walked out of the room, his back was covered in sweat. He took a deep breath and then quickly left.

After Wang Lin left the Treasure Refining Pavilion that day, he asked the old man about Wang Lin. That old man was a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator, but he cowered after just one look from Wang Lin. A cultivator like this had to have reached the legendary Soul Formation stage. The middle-aged man couldn’t think of another reason the old would cower like that.

Soul Formation cultivators were an existence that no one dared to mess with in the Sea of Devils.

The reason the Treasure Refining Pavilion was able to take root and grow in the Sea of Devils was because they had a Soul Formation cultivator.

This was why when he saw Wang Lin today, he was willing to act humbly. After all, his status meant nothing before someone like this.

He quickly went downstairs and stopped outside a room on the second floor. He said, in a low voice, “Disciple Xu Luo has an urgent message to pass on to ancestor.”

A feminine and charming voice said, from inside the room, “Come inside!”

The middle-aged man took a deep breath and quickly walked inside.

After a very long time, the middle-aged man walked out. His expression had returned to normal and he returned downstairs to talk with the cultivators he was familiar with again. All of those people kept on trying to get information on Wang Lin, but the middle-aged man just dodged the questions.

At this moment, 10,000 kilometers outside of Devil Rebel City, in an underground cave, sat an old man. This old man was busy cultivating when he suddenly opened his eyes and pointed at the air. An image formed before him and a very beautiful girl appeared in the image.

This girl was extremely beautiful. There was a hint of a very special kind of beauty to her, and her eyes were very charming.

The girl respectfully said a few things before saying her goodbyes and disappearing.

“A suspicious Soul Formation cultivator?” The old man’s eyes lit up and then he suddenly disappeared.

This person was the one that Wang Lin met when he was only a Core Formation cultivator, and also the same person he met when he went to the Chaotic Broken Stars the second time. It was the cultivator with the turtle.

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