Chapter 325 - Breakthrough

Chapter 325 - Breakthrough

He lives, she dies… she lives, he dies...

This was another meaning of life and death. At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly understood something.

The words “You can see a mountain as a mountain, see water as water” gained a new meaning to Wang Lin.

Seeing life as life and seeing death as death was only the first layer of the life and death domain.

Back in the Four Sect Alliance, he saw the entire country be destroyed by Xue Yu. He saw the Soul Formation cultivator who gave him the feather die and staining Xue Yu with his blood. His heart shook. There was a sign of a breakthrough.

Life and death are separated by a thin line. Some are clearly dead, but they are now living in someone else’s heart. Some are clearly alive, but they start dying if they don’t change.

Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled brighter and brighter.

Zhou Yi’s death caused Ting Er to live, but Ting Er’s death brought Zhou Yi life. Life and death really did mess with people.

However, the life and death of those two hadn’t ended; they now existed as a new life in the heart.

See life not as life and see death not as death.

Wang Lin’s eyes were clear. He understood.

He seemed to have seen through the life and death domain. His understanding of the life and death domain rapidly increased. He took a deep breath. He knew that his cultivation was about to make a breakthrough.

The mid stage of Soul Formation was not far away.

After reaching the Soul Formation stage, the understanding of one’s domain becomes key. After one has a breakthrough in their domain, then the breakthrough in their cultivation level will come in less than ten years.

It is like how if a container is only the size of a fist, then it can only hold so much liquid. However, the breakthrough of domain is like increasing the size of the container. Although there is still only a fist-sized amount of liquid inside the container, that amount can now increase. When the amount of liquid reaches the limit of the container, then your cultivation will make a breakthrough.

At this moment, Lin Tianhou quickly flew toward the woman. He reached out with his hand; his targets were the two celestial swords.

Zhou Yi stared dumbfoundedly at the falling woman. His mind was completely blank; there were no thoughts going through his head. However, the old man’s action was like pouring cold water on hot oil. This ignited his anger.

His body charged out and began to release a golden light. The image of a sword appeared around him as he charged forward.

The sky darkened when this image of a sword appeared, and the earth began to crack.

The old man’s expression changed. He no longer dared to go after the swords. He could feel that inside that image of a sword, there was a power that could destroy everything.

Without any hesitation, the old man turned around and let out a roar. He closed his eyes and opened his hands. A sword appeared between them. He threw the sword toward Zhou Yi.


The old man’s sword shattered, and the fingerprint on his chest became bigger.

“This celestial fingerprint is too overbearing. I have been injured today, and I can’t use my full power. I have already obtained a celestial sword, too. I’m leaving!” The old man backed up and tore the space next to him. A large rift suddenly opened in the void. On the other side of the rift was the Da Lou Sword Sect. He was about to enter the rift.

But just at this moment, the sword Zhou Yi turned into became even faster and rushed with full force toward the old man.

The old man’s expression changed greatly as he quickly entered the portal. While he entered, he waved his right hand and the Qilin that was still on the ground finally raised its head. It turned into a ray of light and returned to the old man.

The rift quickly closed, but Zhou Yi was able to enter the rift just before it closed.

Until he kills the old man, he won’t return!

With Zhou Yi chasing the old man, a disaster started for the Da Lou Sword Sect.

All of this happened in only a few breaths of time. After the rift disappeared, the hundred or so cultivators of varying cultivation levels all turned their eyes to the female corpse that was about to hit the ground.

The two swords beside the female corpse caused everyone to breath heavily.

However, just as the female corpse was about to hit the ground, her and the two swords suddenly turned and flew toward Wang Lin in a ray of white light.

Wang Lin was startled. He clenched his teeth and took out the pagoda. The female corpse and the two celestial swords disappeared into the pagoda.

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to Wang Lin. Their eyes were filled with greed.

Chi Hu’s expression was very dark and unsettling. After a bit of deliberation, he took a few steps back.

Wang Lin’s expression was very sullen. He didn’t expect that the female corpse and the two celestial sword would come to him. As a result, he became the target of attention.

At this moment, a black-robed elder walked up and said, “Fellow cultivator, if you give me one of the celestial swords, the eight of us from the Hun Yuan Sect will protect you!”

Seven people appeared behind him. Their eyes were filled with greed. They didn’t stop their steps but continued to walk forward.

“Three late stage Soul Formation, eight mid stage Soul Formation, and the rest are early stage Soul Formation…” Wang Lin took a deep breath as he looked around with a cold gaze. His heart sank.

There were at least 100 cultivators around, and all of them were at least at the Soul Formation stage. This was not a situation he could handle.

A blue-robed middle-aged man walked up. He looked at the Hun Yuan Sect with disdain and said, “Hun Yuan Sect, they’re trash! Fellow cultivator, if you give me one sword, my Sky Devil Sect will ensure your safety!”

“The Hun Yuan Sect and Sky Devil Sect are full of clowns. Those two celestial swords belong to my Everything Heaven and Earth Sect!” A loud laugh came from the middle of the crowd before a person charged out toward Wang Lin.

The moment this person moved, it caused a chain reaction. More than 100 cultivators started charging toward Wang Lin at once.

Wang Lin frowned. The first person was already right in front of him. This person was very old with white hair. The look in his eyes showed how much he wanted the swords. This person’s cultivation level was mid stage Soul Formation.

As soon as the old man got close, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that he couldn’t back down. If he were to back down now, then he would be in a lot of danger. He raised his hand and pointed at the old man. His life and death domain struck.

Just as the old man got close, his eyes suddenly because serious. Wang Lin’s movement caused no spiritual energy fluctuation, but a mysterious domain descended upon the old man.

“An early stage Soul Formation cultivator dares to show off his domain before me?” The old man had a hint of disdain on his face. Instead of stopping, he began to move even faster.

The old man knew that attacking with their domain was a method only Soul Formation cultivators could use, but he also knew that there were a lot of dangers involved with it. Once it goes wrong, it will cause the user’s mind to enter a state of confusion.

However, attacking a mid stage Soul Formation cultivator like himself with the domain of an early stage Soul Formation cultivator was like throwing an egg at a rock.

“You’re courting death!” The old man grinned. He activated his domain from his origin soul to completely wipe out Wang Lin’s domain.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm as he softly asked, “What is life?”

His eyes were completely clear at this moment, and in his heart he was thinking about the cultivator from the Four Sect Alliance who attacked Xue Yu like a moth flying into a flame.

The old man’s face immediately changed. This domain was very strange; no matter how much he used his own domain, he couldn’t stop it. Soon, he was unknowingly merged with the heaven’s life and death cycle.

He was terrified and wanted to retreat, but before he cold even take a step, his face became deathly pale and blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. He quickly sat down and began to cultivate with his eyes closed.

Grey rings suddenly appeared behind Wang Lin and grew larger. A blurry painting appeared inside this ring. However, the ring and the image looked like they would disappear if the wind blew on them.

This painting was in black and white, so it was very simple, but when everyone saw what the image was, they all stopped. Their eyes were filled with shock.

“What kind of domain is this!?!?!”

“What kind of domain did this person use to reach the Soul Formation stage? Why does this black and white painting fill me with fear?!”

“Reincarnation. This is the life and death reincarnation cycle!!”

Although black and white are simple, the black represents death and the white represents life.

Wang Lin’s figure before the black and white painting gave off the feeling of the reincarnation cycle of the heavens. He looked at the old man and asked, “What is death?”

A series of images appeared behind the old man and quickly flashed by. Within the images, one could see two white-haired old men looking kindly at a middle-aged man who was kneeling before them. This middle-aged man was clearly the old man’s younger self. They looked very similar.

This person’s domain was piety!

However, this domain quickly collapsed, and what replaced it was that black and white painting.

The old man’s body trembled. He suddenly opened his eyes and coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His entire body weakened, his eyes dimmed, his domain was broken, and his dao heart was forcibly wiped clean. His cultivation level quickly dropped; he was now a Soul Formation cultivator without a domain.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He walked forward and pointed at the old man’s brow with his finger pointed.


The old man’s head suddenly exploded in a mess of blood and flesh. His body immediately fell over.

“My cultivation is at the early stage of Soul Formation, but just earlier my domain reached the mid stage of Soul Formation. Now that my life and death domain has reached the second level, I would even dare to fight Red Butterfly. As for you…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with a mysterious light as he looked around.

Just one gaze made everyone ponder, but their greed didn’t lessen one bit.

In their eyes, although Wang Lin’s domain was strong, he was only one person, so he would die no matter what.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calmed as he softly asked, “You’re still not going to come out?”

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