Chapter 314 - Possession

Chapter 314 - Possession

The middle-aged man let out a faint smile. His gaze swept past Red Butterfly and landed on Wang Lin. “This little guy was very quick to react. It seems you had already noticed me on the way here.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he respectfully said, “Junior only had a feeling but wasn’t sure.”

The moment Chi Hu and Red Butterfly heard those words, their expressions became weird.

The middle-aged man said, “The jade coffin here was already taken by me. The three of you should leave.”

Chi Hu bitterly smiled and quickly nodded.

Red Butterfly’s eyes lit up as she looked at the pool of water but remained silent.

The middle-aged man revealed a faint smile and said, “There is a third layer. If you guys aren’t afraid of death, you can try it. The entrance is this pool of water.”

Just at this moment, sonic booms could be heard from the tunnel leading to the surface as a figure came down.

“Haha, so crowded!” The figure stopped in the air. It was the white-haired old man.

The middle-aged man’s expression became gloomy as he stared at the old man and asked, “Sir, what is your intention in following me?”

The old man laughed. “I don’t have any intentions. I’m just a bit interested in the third layer. What, are you not going to let me in?”

The middle-aged man let out a cold snort. He pondered a bit before taking a step down.


The pool of water exploded as the water moved aside, revealing the tunnel below. The middle-aged man quickly entered the tunnel.

The old man’s eyes lit up and he quickly followed.

Red Butterfly clenched her teeth. Her losses were great this time and she was very unwilling to leave without gaining something. Even if it was a forbidden place, she must at least try. With that in mind, she rushed into the tunnel.

Chi Hu looked toward Wang Lin and bitterly smiled. “Brother Ceng, do you intend to go in, or will you leave?”

Wang Lin remained calm. He didn’t respond but asked, “Brother Chi Hu, who is Zhou Yi?”

Chi Hu’s expression became weird. He hesitated for a bit but didn’t speak. Instead, he sent a voice transmission saying, “Brother Ceng, that person is one of the few Soul Transformation old monsters in Suzaku. His cultivation level is very high. However, he has a nickname: Corpse Lover.”

Wang Lin was startled. “Corpse Lover?”

Chi Hu quickly said, “Don’t say it out loud. If he hears you, you will die for sure.” He clasped his hands and said, “Brother Ceng, I’m going down to see. How about we go together?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and nodded. The two of them quickly flew toward the tunnel under the pool of water one after the other.

The tunnel under the pool wasn’t very deep, and because of the two of them were moving fast, they quickly passed through it. When they exited the tunnel, they entered a world of crystals.

This place was covered in white crystals. These crystals released powerful celestial spiritual energy, which was floating everywhere.

In the distance, Red Butterfly was collecting celestial spiritual energy with a gourd.

Chi Hu also revealed look of joy as he quickly took out a green cloth bag. He shook the bag and large amounts of celestial spiritual energy entered it.

At the same time, he landed near a chunk of crystal and hit it. Sounds of metal colliding could be heard, but the crystal didn’t move at all.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He took out the cleansing wood to absorb the surrounding celestial spiritual energy.

The three of them didn’t say a word as they focused all their attention on absorbing celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin’s cleansing wood wasn’t as good as the other two’s treasures, so his speed was lot slower.

But before long, a loud boom echoed in the distance and Zhou Yi’s voice reached them.

“Old guy, don’t push me too far! There is lot of celestial spiritual energy around here, yet instead of collecting it, you are following me!”

“You have the scent of death on you, so of course I need to follow you!”

As the two spoke, two rays of light quickly flew toward the three of them and in the blink of an eye arrived before them.

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up as he raised his right hand and grabbed behind him. A giant swirl suddenly appeared behind him, followed by a powerful suctioning force.

The surrounding crystals began to crackle as countless cracks appeared on them.

Paa, Paa, Paa!

A large amount of crystals broke off and flew into the swirl.

The old man’s expression suddenly changed as he quickly moved his hands. A giant coffin suddenly appeared behind him. The coffin was reddish-purple and only by standing on the coffin was the old man able to resist the suctioning force.

The moment the two of them began to use their techniques, the surrounding celestial spiritual energy became chaotic.

The old man stared at the swirl and laughed loudly. “Imperial Spirit Law, haha, so you are Zhou Yi. That Corpse Lover Zhou Yi. I was wondering why you had such a powerful scent of death on you.”

Then he slapped the coffin and the coffin released a sound like nails scratching the coffin’s lid. This sound was very ear-piercing, it was as if it contained infinite power. At the same time, black smoke came out of the coffin, forming a large hand.

The hand was completely dark as he reached toward the swirl.


With a loud bang, the third layer began to shake violently. The ground began to shatter and countless crystals turned to dust. Spacial rifts opened up in the air like big mouths.

Large amounts of celestial spiritual energy disappeared into the spacial rifts. In the blink of an eye, there was no more celestial spiritual energy left.

Zhou Yi said, with a gloomy expression, “Corpse Sect! You must be the Corpse Sect’s head elder. If the two of us were to fight, this fragment would collapse. If it was just a single fragment collapsing, then the two of us could escape thanks to our cultivation. However, I’ll tell you this, there are a total of six fragments overlapping each other here. If one of them collapses, then all of them will collapse. At that point, even someone who has reached the Ascendent stage wouldn’t be able to escape!”

The old man’s expression changed. His eyes lit up as he disappeared from the coffin. When he reappeared, he was behind Red Butterfly.

Red Butterfly suddenly turned her head. The old man smiled at her. His smiled was filled with darkness.

“Little girl, I’m going to borrow your body for a bit.”

Suddenly, several lines of black smoke came out of his body and drilled into her body like little snakes.

For the first time, Red Butterfly began to panic. She knew that struggling was useless, so she quickly raised her right hand, revealing a jade bracelet. Her voice was sharp as she shouted, “Senior, do you know this object?”

The old man’s eyes became serious. “The symbol of the core disciples of Suzaku, the Open Peace Bracelet.”

The small snakes had already drilled into her orifices and her face had turned slightly greenish-black as she struggled to say, “This bracelet is linked to my soul. If I were to die, it would explode. The celestial fragment would collapse as well, so you wouldn’t be able to escape either! Even if you were able to escape, you would have no place left to live on Suzaku. This bracelet represents the status of a Suzaku core disciple. They will be able to find you through special means. At that point, you will be hunted by Suzaku!”

The old man frowned. He snorted and said, “Little girl, relax. I won’t kill you!” With that, he raised his head toward Zhou Yi and said, “Zhou Yi, I’m going to borrow this girl’s body to fight you. That way, we won’t have any attacks that will surpass what this fragment can withstand. You should go choose someone as well.”

Zhou Yi’s expression was gloomy as he asked, “What exactly do you want?”

The old man sneered, “You have the corpse of a celestial on you. My nose can’t be wrong. I want that corpse!”

Even dragons can have sensitive scales. If someone touches it, it will anger the dragon.

For Zhou Yi, his sensitive scale was that female corpse.

“Ting Er, someone else is here to steal you. Everyone that wants to steal you must die! Die! Die!” Zhou Yi’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he stared at the old man. Then he pointed at Chi Hu and said, “You! Come here!”

Chi Hu’s expression immediately became ugly. He hesitated for a bit but didn’t dare to resist, so he let out a sigh and flew toward Zhou Yi.

A rainbow appeared due to an unknown technique from Zhou Yi that landed on Chi Hu’s forehead, causing him to begin to resist.

Zhou Yi calmly said, “Become my avatar once. Not only will you not die, but you will be able to experience my domain.”

Chi Hu hesitated for a bit before he gave up on resisting. His eyes glowed brighter and brighter as his cultivation level suddenly skyrocketed.

“Haha, among these three little fellows, I chose the one with a natural, five-element body. You chose the ancient Giant Demon Clan. The only one left is a useless normal person. Scram!” The old man laughed as he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He shot the old man a cold look before turning around to leave. He didn’t want to get involved with this mess. Since he was told to leave, he would just leave.

Red Butterfly revealed a poisonous look as she suddenly said, “Se… senior, kill him! If you kill him, I’ll give up on resisting and fully support you! But you must promise my safety!”

The old man was surprised. He raised his head as his eyes lit up and looked like he was about to reach out toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm as he took out the broken restriction flag and sneered. “Red Butterfly, if you wish for this place to collapse, you can try!”

“Restriction flag!” The old man’s eyes lit up as he stared at the small flag in Wang Lin’s hand and took a deep breath.

“It is only short one restriction from reaching a full 99 set. This person is not lying; once it reaches a full 99 set, it will attract divine retribution lightning, but it will attract celestial reibution lighting here, which is even more powerful… Once that appears, no one here will survive, including him.” The old man revealed a trace of dread in his face as he quickly withdrew his hand.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he stopped by the entrance to the tunnel, looking at the four of them from a distance.

“Since I’m already here, then I’m in no rush to leave. Why not see how Soul Transformation cultivators fight?”

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