Chapter 310 - Overlapping Fragments

Chapter 310 - Overlapping Fragments

Suddenly, thunderous roars filled their surroundings. Wang Lin took a deep breath as he moved his hands and completed a restriction in his hand. He only needed to throw it into the air to complete the restriction flag, thus causing divine retribution lightning to descend.

Red Butterfly’s expression changed. She looked at the restriction in Wang Lin’s hand and then at the black object in the sky. She felt a powerful sense of danger, something she had never felt before.

She had a feeling that if she allowed him to place that restriction, there would be disaster today.

At this moment, Chi Hu’s face became pale as he looked up at the black object while floating in the sky. He secretly sighed and thought, “That Ceng Niu still didn’t use his full power. It seems like that black object is his real life-saving treasure.”

Chi Hu shouted, “Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly, both of you are my guests. If you insist on continuing to attack, then that means you’re hostile towards me! I will naturally stand with brother Ceng and fight back. Also, if I live to make it back, I’ll definitely report this to Xi Zu!”

With that, an illusion appeared behind Chi Hu. The illusion was that of a 100 feet tall giant that stared at Red Butterfly with cold, green eyes.

Red Butterfly couldn’t help but become indecisive. She secretly thought that Ceng Niu’s technique was not simple. The illusion behind Chi Hu had already solidified. If she were to continue to fight, then this fragment would surely collapse. She hesitated for a bit before pointing to the air and commanding the flower petal to stop.

“Okay, Chi Hu. For you, I won’t kill this person today, but that jade coffin must be mine!”

Chi Hu frowned. Just as he was about to speak, Wang Lin began to laugh loudly.

“Red Butterfly, do you really think I can’t kill you?”

Wang Lin let out a faint smile as he raised the restriction in his hand high up in the air and said, “I only need to send out this technique in my hand and this fragment will collapse. Do you believe me, Red Butterfly?”

Red Butterfly’s face immediately became ugly.

Chi Hu clasped his hands and said, “Brother Ceng, I’ll make the decision. Everything we obtain this time will be equally split between us. How is that?”

“Good, I’ll leave it to brother Chi Hu then.” Wang Lin faintly smiled. In truth, he would like to not use the divine retribution lightning if possible. He only had one of these and, considering the structure of this fragment, it would be hard for even him to escape. In conclusion, it would be bad for him too.

In addition, Wang Lin believed that the best opportunity to kill this woman would be back on Suzaku without all the limitations.

Chi Hu turned around and said to Red Butterfly, “Red Butterfly, please put away your treasure.”

Red Butterfly let out a light snort before waving her right hand, causing the flower as well as the petal to disappear.

Red Butterfly stared at Wang Lin and said, “Ceng Niu, do you dare to battle me once we return to Suzaku?”

Wang Lin laughed and said, “I’m willing to accompany you!”

Wang Lin crushed the restriction in his hand and the black fog turned back into a flag that flew back into his bag of holding. As for the thunder toad, it was also put away. However, it was heavily injured and looked very weak, making the killing intent in Wang Lin’s heart increase.

Red Butterfly looked deeply at Wang Lin. She couldn’t help but admit that this person had the ability to fight against her.

Chi Hu secretly relaxed a bit and bitterly smiled in his heart. If he knew that these two had history, then no matter what, he wouldn’t have called both of them. Red Butterfly was normal, but Ceng Niu could battle a late stage Soul Formation cultivator while only at the early stage of Soul Formation. He was not simple. This type of person will definitely shine in Suzaku and might even be taken as a disciple of Suzaku.

Chi Hu took a deep breath and clasped his hands. “Okay, Red Butterfly and Brother Ceng Niu, please follow me. The location in the jade is still far away from here.” After he finished speaking, he turned and flew away.

Red Butterfly didn’t even look at Wang Lin as she turned into a red cloud and caught up to Chi Hu. She clearly wasn’t willing to follow and stay behind.

Wang Lin revealed a mocking expression as he followed behind them.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “In the end, her mind and heart are too unstable. Although reaching the late stage of Soul Formation in 100 years is indeed a miracle, there are still many problems. Her heart is too weak. It is just flying; what’s the difference between being in front or behind?”

“If I fight her with my current cultivation level, unless I use the restriction flag to trigger the divine retribution lightning, there is no chance of me winning. My life and death domain has a hard time affecting an almost completed ruthless domain. However, if I were to reach the mid stage of Soul Formation, with the control I would have of my domain, I would be able to affect her. At that point, even without triggering the divine retribution lightning, I would have a 70% chance of defeating her.”

Wang Lin’s life and death domain was derived from the heavens’ reincarnation cycle, but he was only at the early stage of Soul Formation, so he couldn’t fully display its power. After all, he had only just started comprehending the heavens.

But once he reaches the mid stage of Soul Formation, his domain will reach another level, allowing him to compete with the ruthless domain.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “I wonder if she has reached a stage where she doesn’t need to rely on techniques. Well, given her dao heart, it is likely she hasn’t. It seems I’m one step ahead of her in that department.”

After reaching the Soul Formation stage, Wang Lin had an increasing feeling that aside from some very mysterious techniques, almost all other techniques were useless. A Soul Formation cultivator could easily control the power of the heavens with a wave of their hand, so the most important thing was to understand how to use their domain.

The life and death domain was very unpredictable. It focused on the word change. However, even just the word change was not easy to understand. After all, Wang Lin had only just started trying to comprehend it.

When he gains the ability to condense all of his life and death domain into one technique, it can be considered mastered. With life and death in each hand to replace the reincarnation cycle of the heavens.

As they flew, Wang Lin carefully recalled his battle with Red Butterfly.

The three of them weren’t normal people, so they all moved fast. Not long after, they arrived at the other end of the fragment under Chi Hu’s guidance. There was a large mountain here.

This mountain was shaped like a dragon with its head in the clouds. The clouds made the dragon’s head look unreal. This was a rare immortal cultivation ground.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the mountain as he slowly said, “Brother Chi Hu, why hasn’t anyone else found the location shown in the jade? Please explain it to us.”

Chi Hu smiled and said, “To tell you the truth, brother Ceng, the reason I’m confident that no one has found the place is because it is not somewhere that can be accessed through the vortex.”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a look of interest.

Red Butterfly’s eyes focused on Chi Hu.

Chi Hu laughed. “The fragment where the image in the jade shows is a very rare overlapping fragment.”

Wang Lin’s expression slightly changed as he immediately understood. When the Celestial Realm shattered, the fragments scattered randomly, so there was a chance of some fragments overlapping, making them very hard to discover.

Even when arriving randomly from the vortex, they would only arrive on the fragment on top. No one would expect there to be another fragment underneath it.

According to this logic, it was pretty safe to assume that no one else had found it yet.

Chi Hu laughed. “Also, even the first layer isn’t some place that can be easily accessed. Due to the harsh weather conditions there, it is impossible to build a transfer formation. Even if someone arrives there by chance, they can’t stay for long.”

Red Butterfly sneered. “How did lord Xi Zu find it back then?”

Chi Hu’s eyes lit up and he said, “Red Butterfly, this involves family secrets, so I can’t say.”

Wang Lin looked at the dragon-shaped mountain and remained silent.

Chi Hu’s body moved and flew toward the mountain. Soon, the three of them arrived at the top of the mountain. Standing on the dragon’s head, Chi Hu spread out his divine sense and said, “One month ago, I came here to check and found that this transfer formation was still intact. Using this transfer formation, we can arrive at the fragment closest to our destination.” With that, he stepped into an empty spot. The spot suddenly lit up and Chi Hu’s body disappeared.

Red Butterfly looked at Wang Lin. Her eyes lit up and then without a word, she walked into the formation.

After Red Butterfly’s figure disappeared, Wang Lin calmly walked into the formation.

Among the many fragments of the celestial realm, in the southern edge, there was a fragment that was filled with raging cold currents and ice covered the ground.

When Wang Lin walked out of the formation in the sky, he frowned. However, looking at Red Butterfly, she revealed a look of comfort. This environment clearly not only didn’t harm her, it felt very good for her.

Chi Hu seriously said, “Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly, this is the path to the first layer of the fragment that is 300,000 kilometers to the east. This is a land of ice and we need your abilities to block out the cold. Once we pass this land of ice, it will be the void. I have a star compass to ensure that the three of us don’t get lost. Brother Ceng, those soul-like things you control are very useful in the void, so please don’t hold back. Once we are past the void, we will have reached the first fragment. After all, there’s no transfer array there, so this is the only way to ensure that the three of us get there.”

Listening to this, Wang Lin finally understood that Chi Hu had invited him for his wandering souls. It seemed there was an obstacle that could easily be passed with wandering souls.

Red Butterfly’s body flew into the air and quickly moved eastward. In the blink of an eye, the three of them disappeared into the distance. However, after flying several kilometers, Wang Lin looked back at the direction they came from and revealed a look of doubt.

Even for the three of them, a 300,000 kilometer journey would take a while.

On this day, the three of them arrived at 300,000 kilometers from the starting point. At this eastern edge of the fragment, the earth seemed to have been torn. Past the earth was the endless void.

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