Chapter 300 - Celestial Jade (1)

Chapter 300 - Celestial Jade (1)

After throwing out the palm, all of the spiritual energy inside of Wang Lin’s body disappeared. Due to the beast trap, he was pretty used to this situation, so he quickly chowed down some pills. Before the pills even fully dissolved, he took out the jade, opened the formation, and randomly picked a location.

When Red Butterfly raised her head, Wang Lin had already disappeared. A flash of coldness appeared in her eyes.

“This person has access to a transfer array, so his identity must not be normal. Also, his Dao heart is strong, he’s very cautious, has a strange domain, and endless an amount of magic treasures. He must be the most elite disciple of a rank 5 cultivation country…” Red Butterfly’s eyes lit up as she turned around and flew off into the distance, looking for celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin didn’t carefully check the fragment he went to this time; he randomly picked one. When he arrived, he couldn’t help but be startled. This fragment was like a world of fire with lava covering the ground. From time to time, there would be hot bubbles that burst and spread out a pungent smell.

The sky was dark, and every now and then, spacial rifts would appear.

Wang Lin floated in the air as he looked around. This fragment was very different from the other two fragments he had been on. This fragment looked like it was ready to collapse at any moment, especially because of the spacial rifts in the sky that looked like the mouths of devils.

Wang Lin frowned. He didn’t know why the Da Lou Sect’s transfer arrays were all set on these dangerous fragments. Did this mean that the more dangerous the fragment was, the more celestial spiritual energy there was?

Wang Lin flew out of the transfer array with these questions in his mind. He had his divine sense spread out as he flew down to dodge the spacial rifts. Everything was fine until he was 100 feet from the ground and a spacial rift silently appeared beside him.

Wang Lin was surprised because his divine sense didn’t notice it at all. However, he wasn’t new to the cultivation world, so he was able to quickly react. Just as the spacial rift appeared, he was able to force his body to moved to the side.

The rift appeared quickly but disappeared just as quickly. Almost at the moment it appeared, it disappeared.

Wang Lin’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he looked to his side. A huge section of his clothes had disappeared as if it were eaten.

He carefully looked around. At this moment, the amount of danger in this fragment could match the land of the ancient god.

The way that spacial rift had appeared was simply too eerie. Wang Lin wasn’t even able to detect it in advance. Wang Lin pondered a bit before slowly descending. He spent an entire hour descending those 100 feet.

This position was a relatively safe altitude. There weren’t many spacial rifts appearing at this height and the heat from the lava wasn’t very powerful. But Wang Lin’s caution didn’t lower one bit as he slowly moved forward. He wanted to see why the Da Lou Sect had placed a transfer array here.

The surroundings weren’t completely silent. Rumbling sounds came from the ground every once in a while, or the heat bubbles would burst. With these sounds intertwining with each other, it made people feel the heat in their hearts.

As he flew, Wang Lin gradually learned the landscape of this fragment. This fragment wasn’t very large. In fact, it was the smallest of the three fragments he had visited so far. Aside from the hole in the ground to the south-east, there was nothing else unusual about this fragment.

After a long time, Wang Lin arrived above the hole. He looked down and saw that the hole was pitch black inside.

He pondered for a bit and didn’t recklessly enter. Instead, he spent several days completely searching the entire fragment to make sure there was nothing abnormal before arriving at the hole again.

His eyes lit up, and just as he was about to enter, a light appeared in the sky as a transfer array appeared in the air.

Wang Lin revealed a joyous expression. He was just worrying about entering, but if there was someone else willing to go in before him, it would be a lot safer for him.

At this moment, two figures appeared inside the transfer array and each of them had a sword behind their back. After they walked, out one of them immediately said, “Sixth junior brother, this is your first time here, so you must pay attention to the spacial rifts. Remember to always have the Full Search Tactic activated!”

The person beside him quickly nodded, then the two of them carefully flew toward the hole.

On the way down, many spacial rifts appeared near them, but the two seemed to be able to detect them somehow and always moved out of the way ahead of time. The speed at which they descended was several times faster than Wang Lin’s.

The cultivation level of both of them was early stage Soul Formation, so they weren’t able to detect Wang Lin, whose divine sense had already reached the late stage of Soul Formation.

The Sixth junior brother looked at the hole on the ground and asked, “Third senior brother, is this the Celestial Beast Temple?”

“That is correct. This place is one of the 16 Celestial Beast Temples. Ancestor found this place by accident after coming to the Celestial Realm many times, but this place should be known by many people. The last time I came here, there were three groups of people here looking for celestial beast souls,” the third senior brother answered, then he suddenly seemed to remember something and said, “Remember that you can’t use instant movement inside, so you must be careful.”

As the two talked, their bodies sunk and entered the hole.

Wang Lin’s shadow appeared outside. His body disappeared as he silently entered the hole. He spread out his divine sense to carefully check his surroundings and also looked to keep track of the two before him.

“Third senior brother, after so many years, will there even be any celestial beast souls remaining? And even if there are any remaining, it would be hard to obtain them with just the two of us.”

“Sixth junior brother, you don’t understand. If there are any celestial beast souls remaining, they would be very weak due to the lack of celestial spiritual energy for them to feed on. Once we find one and bring it back to the sect, we will have done a great deed for the sect. Back then, ancestor was able to find a Celestial Beast soul here, united the Planet Da Lou, and made the Da Lou Sect famous.”

Wang Lin became excited as he listened to the two of them talk. Although he didn’t know what the Celestial Beast Temple was, going by the name and what those two had said, he had his own guesses on what it was.

This place should be the home of celestial beasts in the Celestial Realm. Not all of the celestial beasts had died in the disaster and some remained to continue breeding.

This was why this place had a transfer array.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he followed behind them. This hole wasn’t very deep, so they quickly landed on the ground. The two quickly flew forward after they landed.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and was shocked. This place was a very large cave. The structure was like a beehive with numerous entrances.

He pondered a bit before flying toward one of the entrances. This entrance was exactly the one the two before him had entered.

As he flew, he suddenly stopped as he saw with his divine sense that the two before him had stopped about 100 feet in front of him. Before the two was a stone statue about a dozen feet tall.

This stone statue was that of a very large bird-like beast.

“Back then, ancestor found the celestial beast soul here. Junior apprentice brother, protect me while I gather the celestial spiritual energy around here.”

After the sixth junior brother heard that, he quickly nodded, then a sword flew out from his back and floated above his head. He carefully observed his surroundings. If there was anything off, he would immediately notice.

Third senior brother looked at sixth junior brother with a look of satisfaction and took a deep breath. After using some unknown technique, the vein in his hand popped out as he pushed the stone statue. After a series of rumbling sounds, the stone statue was pushed to the side and his face became pale. He quickly moved back a few steps and moved his hand, then a gust of wind appeared and blew on the statue.

The stone statue moved again, revealing a fist-sized hole on the ground. Slivers of celestial spiritual energy came out from the hole.

This person quickly slapped his bag of holding and took out a small green gourd. The celestial spiritual energy was quickly absorbed by the gourd.

“Sixth junior brother, the harvest this time is pretty good. There is enough celestial spiritual energy to form two pieces of celestial jade, one for each of us, and enough to meet the minimum requirement set by the sect.” The third senior brother let out a laugh as he slowly pushed the stone statue back in place.

The sixth junior brother nodded, looked at the gourd, and asked, “That must be the Soul Purification Gourd?”

The third senior brother took out a pill and swallowed it. He waved the gourd in his hand and proudly said, “That is correct. This is one of the three Soul Purification Gourds personally refined by the ancestor. With this, one can quickly gather celestial spiritual energy and doesn’t need to waste time refining it.”

Wang Lin saw this scene with his divine sense and his attention suddenly shifted to the gourd. This gourd was a great treasure. If he had this, it would reduce the amount of time needed to spend refining celestial spiritual energy and allow him to gather even more.

He let out a cold smile. From the looks of those two, they belonged to the Da Lou Sect. Since he had already angered the sect, he might as well find a way to steal that treasure.

The two of them were both early stage Soul Formation cultivators, though the sixth junior brother had just reached the Soul Formation stage and his cultivation wasn’t stable yet. However, the two of them must have something up their sleeves, so Wang Lin didn’t act recklessly and waited for the right moment.

These two talked for a bit before flying toward a cave entrance.

This place was filled with twists and turns. If Wang Lin didn’t have his divine sense locked on to them, he would have lost them. After the two of them moved for a long time, the third senior brother stopped as he stared into the distance with a strange expression on his face.

In the distance, there was a corpse leaning against the wall. There was a ball of light in the corpse’s hand emitting waves of gentle light.

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