Chapter 288 - The First Sword Sheath

Chapter 288 - The First Sword Sheath

Zhao, outside the Jue Ming valley. Everything was calm. It was as if the event of someone reaching the Soul Formation stage had never happened.

In a few decades, the Jue Ming Valley will open again for people to search for treasure in the foreign battleground.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside the valley and he looked down at it. He let out a sigh as he waved his right hand and a rift three feet long opened before him.

If one looked closely, they would notice that this rift was located at the exact spot that Wang Lin self-destructed.

After reaching the Soul Formation stage, Wang Lin’s first goal was to reform the bag of holding that disappeared when he died.

He didn’t care much about most of the items in his old bag of holding, but he had to get that sword sheath back. As of now, he had already found two more sword sheaths and he believed that there was some type of secret within them.

His body moved and appeared outside the rift. A powerful wind that could easily distinguish life came out of the rift, but it had no effect on Wang Lin.

His right hand reached into the rift and he probed around for the item with his origin soul. Light slowly gathered in his hand and a bag of holding appeared.

As Wang Lin spread out his divine sense, his gaze suddenly became serious. The bag was missing a lot of things, including the sword sheath.

He pondered a little and guessed that it was because it had been so long that even though he reformed the bag of holding, some of the stuff was lost inside this spacial rift.

But he had refined that sword sheath with his cold core, and now that he had reached the Soul Formation stage, he could faintly sense it. He pondered for a bit before stepping into the spacial rift.

After he entered, the rift rapidly closed. It disappeared and the area outside the Jue Ming Valley was quiet once again.

The space within the rift wasn’t empty; it was filled with an oppressive atmosphere and cold wind as well as countless things releasing different colored lights.

There were even some pitch black giant rocks floating around.

Just as he entered this area, he felt like this resembled the space in Tu Si’s memory, only there were no stars here.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and left a mark here. He quickly moved through this space like a meteor toward where he sensed the sword sheath.

As he moved, various gaps in space appeared and tried to suck things in, but this suction force seemed to have no effect on the things inside this space.

Gradually, Wang Lin’s speed became faster and faster as he flashed through the space. In the distance, there was a sword sheath embedded in a black rock.

This sword sheath was the one that belonged to Wang Lin.

Around the sword sheath were four human-looking shadows. The four shadows were sitting around the sword sheath. They were cultivating as slivers of golden energy came out of the sword sheath and were absorbed by the shadows.

When Wang Lin saw this from a distance, he suddenly stopped. His eyes were calm as he waved his right hand.

Suddenly, the sword sheath shook and the inside of the black rock began to move. However, the four shadows suddenly turned to look at Wang Lin with their ghostly eyes.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm and he didn’t say a word.

Seeing that the sword sheath was rising higher and higher and seemed to even be emitting a sound, mouths opened up on the shadows’ faces to suck in more of the golden energy.

At the same time, a shadow suddenly stood up. As he stood up, his body instantly grew into a giant black cloud that charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he sneered. “A mere ghost magic treasure. You don’t know your place!” With that, he pointed with his left hand and a beam of spiritual energy shot out from his finger.

Although this spiritual energy wasn’t powerful, it contained Wang Lin’s domain. The feeling of death appeared as the spiritual energy entered the shadow. Under the power of the domain, the shadow’s life quickly disappeared.

That shadow let out a miserable scream as black gas flooded out of his body. If one looked closely, they would see a mysterious power surrounding the shadow, causing it to shrink. Within a few breaths, it completely disappeared.

However, the moment it was about to disappear, Wang Lin shot out another beam of spiritual energy that entered the dissipating shadow, causing it to reform and transform into a statue of a demon!

This statue was based on a monster known as “You” from Tu Si’s memory. This was formed through his life and death domain. Right after it appeared, it let out a roar and charged at the three remaining shadows.

Wang Lin’s body still hadn’t moved as his origin soul was still emerged inside his life and death domain. He controlled the statue he had created through his domain.

This was the first time Wang Lin had used a real Soul Formation technique that uses the power of the heavens. As for the very powerful techniques, there weren’t many universal techniques for Soul Formation cultivators.

All of the techniques are based off one’s own domain and are created by themselves.

The three shadows around the sword sheath let out screeches. One of them jumped into the sword sheath and flew away with it.

As for the other two, they turned with their ghostly gazes and jumped at the statue. One of the shadows exploded into countless black slivers and entered the statue from all directions.

The other shadow used this chance to get past the statue and jumped at Wang Lin. At this moment, its eyes gave off a demonic aura.

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he gently pointed at his brow. His origin soul came out as he coldly looked at the shadow and reached out with his right hand.

When the shadow saw the origin soul, it let out a scream and turned around to escape without any hesitation. However, it was far too slow, so it was caught by Wang Lin. It struggled and screamed as it was swallowed by Wang Lin’s origin soul.

As for the escaping sword sheath, it was not moving in a straight line but zigzagging. It was clearly trying to avoid Wang Lin’s teleportation.

Wang Lin let out a sneer. His origin soul disappeared and became part of this space. It was as if he could clearly see where the sword sheath was going.

The origin soul silently appeared next to the sword sheath and grabbed it, then returned to Wang Lin’s body.

This was the instant movement ability Soul Formation cultivators could use by fusing with the heavens. Not every Soul Formation cultivator could use this, but it was far more powerful than the teleportation Nascent Soul cultivators could use.

When Wang Lin devoured the shadow, he absorbed its memories as well. This shadow was created by a powerful cultivator by splitting off parts of his obsessions. Then he placed them here to be refined by the cold wind so they could become souls for magic treasures.

These obsessions didn’t have much intelligence. They found the sword sheath by chance as they wandered around. They felt some strange fluctuations from the sword sheath and began cultivating around it.

Holding the sword sheath, Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at the statue. Suddenly, the shadow that entered the statue collapsed and turned into spiritual energy as it dissipated.

As for the shadow hiding inside the sword sheath, it was forced out by Wang Lin. He grabbed the shadow, sent some spiritual energy into his hand, and the shadow collapsed.

He killed the four shadows so that none of them could return to their owner to tell him what happened.

Wang Lin’s body moved and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was where he left the mark. He opened up another rift and entered it.

He appeared outside the Jue Ming Valley. He didn’t pause for a moment and quickly flew away.

One month later, Wang Lin walked out of a transfer array far away from Zhao.

He muttered, “With the appearance of the Rain Cauldron, the opening of the heaven’s gate shouldn’t be far away. Although I have just reached the Soul Formation stage and am still far from the Soul Transformation stage, there is still a chance. Once I reach the Soul Transformation stage, Situ Nan will be able to wake up. He once said that he was the number one cultivator in Suzaku, so he must know about the cultivation planet crystal. He should be able to help me obtain this treasure.”

“It’s just that I don’t know if I can also revive mom and dad once I reach the Soul Transformation stage… but my domain is the life and death domain. The more I understand the reincarnation cycle, the more I understand how difficult it is to go against it. This goal of reviving my parents will be very difficult to achieve…” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

“Forget it. Let’s worry about this later. If there really is no way to revive them, then I’ll find them a place to reenter the reincarnation cycle. This affection is still not repaid, ah…”

At this moment, Wang Lin still needed to refine another restriction flag. There was only one ink stone left, so he had to use it carefully and could not let it be damaged. Wang Lin had tried to repair the damaged restriction flag, but wasn’t able to. It could now only be used to summon the divine retribution.

“In addition to all of this, although I have already reached the Soul Formation stage, I have far too few magic treasures. The celestial realm could open up any time now, so I must be prepared. I must obtain this celestial spiritual energy!”

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