Chapter 243 - Teng One

Chapter 243 - Teng One

Teng One didn’t dodge or block. He just allowed attacks to hit him. However, not even Wang Lin could last long while using all these powerful attacks, especially the Ji Realm, which damaged his own Nascent Soul every time he used it.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared and reappeared 100 meters away. He took out a jade bottle and dumped all of its contents into his mouth to recover his spiritual energy.

But at the same time, the skinny man raised his head and moved once again.

Wang Lin’s sense of danger rang in his head as he quickly dodged to the side. Once again, he barely got out of the way as the skinny man reappeared and attacked.

His forehead was filled with sweat as he quickly digested the pills he had just consumed to recover the spiritual energy in his body. He slapped his bag of holding and took out the ancient sword sheath. He then took out a flying sword and pushed it into the sword sheath.

Suddenly, the sword energy rushed out from the sword sheath, forming a giant sword, which landed on Teng One.

The skinny man became dumbfounded again as he allowed the sword energy to crash into his body. His body finally wasn’t able to withstand all the damage and began to collapse.

But just as his whole body was about to collapse, he suddenly seemed to have realized something. He struggled to make his almost collapsed left hand form a seal and said a word that sounded like bones rubbing together. “Condense!”

Suddenly, the body that was about to collapse shined gold and returned to perfect condition.

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he stared at the person, unable to say a word.

The skinny man’s eyes lit up as he stared at Wang Lin with a powerful urge to battle. His hand formed a fist and turned into a blur as he punched toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immediately backed up. But he quickly found that all of the surrounding spiritual power seemed to have been sucked away by a mysterious power. It even seemed to create an imprisoning power. Wang Lin soon felt his speed decrease drastically under this power.

At that moment, Wang Lin’s heart quickly calmed down. He hurriedly took out the bronze mirror and pointed it at Teng One, but the green light released by the bronze mirror had no effect on him. Teng One’s fist hit the bronze mirror. The mirror cracked and released flashes of light.

Thanks to that light, the imprisonment surrounding him weakened and he quickly moved out of the area. At the same time, his heart ached as he shouted, “Explode!”

A large number of cracks suddenly appeared on the Ancient Bronze Mirror, and then it exploded.

This explosion created a huge gust of wind that swept across the area. After the gust of wind passed, Teng One coughed out a mouthful of golden blood. The moment the blood came out of his mouth, his body looked a lot weaker. He had a panicked expression on his face as he chased after the blood, trying to swallow it.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he charged forward instead of backing up. There was something strange about that blood.

When Teng One saw Wang Lin rushing over, he flew even faster and reached out his hands. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he reached out as well. Under the force of both sides, the golden blood split into two halves, each half floating toward one of them.

After Teng One got hold of the golden blood, he quickly swallowed it. Then, he stared at Wang Lin and quickly charged at him.

Wang Lin grabbed the golden blood and ran off without a word.

The two flew very quickly, one after the other. Wang Lin didn’t run in a straight line, but circled the area around the mud pit. He had always felt that Teng One was very strange. When he saw the golden blood, he finally realized something.

Although he didn’t know what this golden blood was, the memories of the Ancient God had something similar.

In truth, this golden blood wasn’t anything special. It was just similar to the blood of an Ancient God, or more accurately, it contained a bit of the blood of an Ancient God.

Aside from the time he reformed his body, none of Teng One’s attacks released any spiritual energy fluctuations at all. His attacks were purely physical.

This method no longer belonged to a cultivator. This person was like a puppet that only knew how to use brute force.

Teng One was also filled with confusion when it came to Wang Lin’s techniques, but under this confusion, there seemed to be a hint of understanding. This person must have cultivated a very strange technique and became like this under the influence of that technique.

There were simply too many cultivation methods in the cultivation world for Wang Lin to know them all, but what he guessed was very accurate. The method Teng One cultivated was very similar to the way the Ancient Gods trained their bodies.

This method didn’t belong to Zhao, but to the messenger in Heaven’s Tower.

After cultivating this method, one’s divine sense and soul fuse with the body, which was why Wang Lin’s Ji Realm lost its 1 hit kill ability.

Wang Lin stared at the golden blood in his hand as his eyes lit up. This person’s cultivation method wasn’t that of a puppet, but an imitation of the Ancient Gods’.

A cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes as he slapped his bag of holding and summoned a dark mist. The dark mist turned into two puppets. These were two of the Nascent Soul puppets he got from old man Ji Mo.

Wang Lin flicked his right finger and two drops of blood landed on the puppets. Suddenly, the puppets’ eyes glowed red as they charged toward Teng One.

The puppets attacked with their hands and feet, trying to stop Teng One.

Teng One’s eyes emitted a ghostly light. He formed a fist and punched one of the puppets. The puppet shook and shattered into pieces.

Although his companion was killed, the remaining puppet was unafraid as it continued to attack.

Wang Lin took this chance and suddenly stopped. He threw the golden blood into the air. His hand formed a complex seal as he chanted in a complex language.

At that moment, even the most educated man would have trouble understanding what Wang Lin was saying, because Wang Lin was speaking in the language of the Ancient Gods to use a technique.

In truth, Wang Lin had a lot of techniques that belonged to the Ancient Gods in his memories, but without the inheritance of power, it was impossible for him to use any of them.

The technique he was using now was one of the few that didn’t require the inheritance of power. It only required some blood of the Ancient God. After Wang Lin saw the blood, he made the decision to use this technique.

As Wang Lin’s chant continued, the golden blood began to boil and emit white gas. As more and more white gas escaped, the golden blood condensed into a strange symbol.

The moment the symbol appeared, the sky darkened and all of the clouds disappeared as a beam of golden light descended. As the golden light descended, a huge figure composed purely of spiritual energy appeared.

This figure was simply large, its head reaching into the sky. As its body solidified, it used a massive amount of spiritual energy from the spirit veins within Zhao. From that day on, 3/5th of the spirit veins became useless.

Large amounts of spiritual energy gathered.

The remaining 2/5th of the spirit veins gradually lost spiritual energy as well, but the amount of blood used was simply too small, so the giant wasn’t able to take physical form and only remained in an illusionary state.

Wang Lin’s forehead was filled with sweat. Using this technique proved to be a huge burden on his body as the purple star on his forehead rapidly flickered. At the same time, Wang Lin struggled to point his right hand at Teng One, who saw that something was wrong and escaped.

Suddenly, the figure nodded and swung his hand toward Teng One, who was running away. The giant hand hit Teng One. Without any time to react, Teng One mysteriously disappeared.

In Wang Lin’s divine sense, the light representing Teng One dimmed.

Shortly after, a drop of golden blood appeared where Teng One disappeared. Wang Lin reached out and the drop of blood flew toward him.

At the same time, that giant figure bowed toward Wang Lin, walked into the sunset, and disappeared. The strange symbol formed by the golden blood also disappeared.

At that moment, all of the Nascent Soul cultivators in Zhao noticed this disturbance.

Punnan Zi, who was currently flying, suddenly stopped and his expression changed greatly. He quickly spread out his divine sense to check.

At the same time, at Heaven’s Tower in the center of Zhao, a fat man opened his eyes mid cultivation as he stared at Wang Lin’s direction with a look of disbelief.

“This… this is the Giant Demon clan’s Heaven Opening Technique!!”

As for Wang Lin, he carefully put the drop of golden blood into his bag of holding and immediately sat down cross legged. He took out bottles of jade and emptied them into his mouth as he quickly activated the Ancient God’s tactic to digest them. The remaining puppet stood there, confused, next to Wang Lin, but if anything were to come close, it would attack.

After one day, Wang Lin opened his eyes and took a deep breath. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had all of those pills, then after using the Ancient God’s technique, it would take him at least half a month to recover.

He stood up, looked at the puppet, and saw that it had taken some damage. According to the jade, the puppet would be able to repair itself, so Wang Lin made a seal and pressed it on the puppet’s forehead and it turned into smoke, which returned to Wang Lin’s bag of holding. Wang Lin looked toward where Teng One died with a complex look. The Teng family was far more powerful than he had thought. If he couldn’t successfully use the Ancient God’s technique according to his original plan, then he would have to use his final resort.

The divine retribution lightning was something he really didn’t want to use because if he used it now, then there was a high chance that his revenge would be stopped short.

This sliver of divine retribution lightning was something Wang Lin had prepared to deal with the messenger inside Heaven’s Tower.

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