Chapter 239 - Large Tree Wish to Fall

Chapter 239 - Large Tree Wish to Fall

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the youth that emitted a powerful murderous aura. If this youth was turned into a devil, it would be his most powerful devil.

The youth didn’t act rashly, but looked at the countless bodies behind Wang Lin. Then, without a word, he turned and ran. He was very fast and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin let out a faint smile and quickly chased after him.

Teng Nine ran for 1000 kilometers in one go, but that sense of danger was still there. This sense of danger made his skin crawl.

This feeling became stronger and stronger until Teng Nine’s eyes finally lit up and he slapped his bag of holding. He took out a grey bead and threw it behind him.

The moment Wang Lin saw Teng Nine slap his bag of holding, he took out the restriction flag. 10 restrictions immediately appeared and formed a wall, protecting Wang Lin.

Then, the bead landed on the wall of restrictions and exploded.

Teng Nine didn’t reveal a happy smile at the result and instead that sense of danger became even stronger.

Just as he was running away, he suddenly felt every hair on his body stand up. He dodged to the side without any hesitation and saw a flash of red lightning that almost touched his body go by.

Teng Nine’s eyes were filled with fear because he felt imminent death from that red lightning. He believed that if he hadn’t just dodged that red lightning at that moment, he would have died.

But before he could rejoice, hundreds of streaks of red lightning suddenly appeared all around him, completely blocking his escape.

Teng Nine’s body stiffened and he didn’t dare to keep flying. He slowly turned to Wang Lin and said, “Senior, junior is willing to serve under you and never betray you. I’m willing to give you my soul blood to show my loyalty.”

Wang Lin stared at Teng Nine and slowly shook his head. He didn’t say anything, but used his divine sense to make the cage of red lightning around Teng Nine slowly shrink.

Teng Nine’s forehead was filed with sweat as he took out countless magic treasures and sent them out, but no matter how many he threw, none of them could break through the red lightning. The divine sense on every magic treasure would break the moment they touched the red lightning.

Every time the divine sense on a magic treasure shattered, he would feel pain in his head. Gradually, the fear on his face became even stronger.

“You have to die because your name is Teng!” Wang Lin’s voice slowly floated over as a faint killing intent spread out from him.

Teng Nine’s body shook. His eyes turned red and let out a roar as he charged towards the red lightning. The moment his body touched the red lightning, he didn’t immediately die, but his figure looked very weak.

How could Wang Lin be willing to kill such a good candidate for turning into a devil? He let out a smile as he thought about how good it will feel when he turns the Teng family members into devils.

As the red lightning rapidly closed in, Teng Nine’s mind collapsed as he felt the sense of hopelessness.

This feeling became even more powerful and as the feeling reached its peak, just as Teng Nine was about to destroy his own soul, Wang Lin moved. He jumped off the mosquito beast and went through the red lightning. His hand reached toward Teng Nine’s throat and viciously squeezed.

With a cracking sound, Teng Nine’s eyes almost popped out as he was filled with despair and died. Just as he died, Wang Lin’s left hand formed a strange seal and placed it on Teng Nine’s forehead.

“I take your soul in the name of a soul devourer!”

A ray of red light came from Teng Nine’s forehead. It tried to escape, but was quickly caught by Wang Lin and thrown into the soul flag.

Wang Lin casually threw Teng Nine’s body backwards and looked at the soul flag with satisfaction. It has to be said that Wang Lin dreamed of having an army of devils like he did in the foreign battleground. With that army, he would have the power to start his own sect and would not fear even people with higher cultivation levels than him

It was just that souls that could be turned into devils were simply too rare. In these 400 years, besides Teng Nine, he had only found three.

Xu Liguo was man made, so he had a lot of defects. If it wasn’t for the fact Xu Liguo had gained intelligence, which made him different from the other devils, Wang Lin would have already killed him to feed to the other devils.

Wang Lin was very happy with the second devil early on because it was fierce and powerful. But as his cultivation got stronger, the second devil just couldn’t keep up and wasn’t strong enough anymore.

The 3rd devil was made from the spirit ape. While it was powerful, it was not fierce enough.

These three devils were very different from Wang Lin’s vision of a devil that he got from the foreign battleground. None of the three matched the power and ferocity of the wandering souls from the foreign battleground, so none of them were satisfactory products in Wang Lin’s view.

However, now it was different. If the soul inside the soul flag becomes a devil, then its power and ferocity will not be a problem. Even if it isn’t as good as the wild wandering souls of the foreign battleground, the difference won’t be too big.

“If the other Teng family members’ natures are all like this, then I will have to thank Teng Huayuan for training such perfect devil candidates for me,” Wang Lin muttered to himself as his eyes lit up and he flew toward his next destination.

With his divine sense, he could feel that besides one person, who was at the border of Zhao, they had all moved. They clearly wanted to return to Teng Family City.

If it was before he saw Teng Nine, Wang Lin would have let them all return to Teng Family City and would’ve killed them all there. But after experiencing Teng Nine, how could he let other perfect candidates like Teng Nine get away? Although the mosquito beast was fast, it was not fast enough for Wang Lin. He took out a pill and ate it as he jumped off the mosquito beast and charged toward the next target.

Teng Eight was casually flying in the air. His eyes were calm and he didn’t feel tense at all. In fact, he didn’t want to return to Teng Family City, but the murders in the past few days had caused the entire Teng family to panic.

More importantly, the Teng family ancestor was indifferent about this matter and hadn’t left Teng Family City at all. Thus, this whole thing became even more strange.

This was the reason Teng Eight was going back to Teng Family City, to check on the situation.

As he flew, he had his divine sense spread out so he could react to even a blade of grass moving. But Teng Eight didn’t believe that the person that had been killing the Teng family members would dare to come mess with him. After all, the strongest Teng family members that had been killed were only at the Core Formation stage.

Teng Eight believed that he could’ve killed all of them as well. After all, he was at the mid stage of Nascent Soul. With his cultivation level, he could casually go anywhere in Zhao.

Although he wasn’t a match for those late stage Nascent Soul old monsters, he didn’t fear them. In the entire country of Zhao, he only feared two people.

Of the two, the first person wasn’t Teng Huayuan, but Teng One. Teng Huayuan was only second. In fact, every time he thought of Teng One, he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his body.

Aside from those two, he wasn’t afraid of anyone else. In fact, he hoped that that mysterious person would appear before him.

He was the 5th person to hold the name Teng Eight. That means that for a long time, everyone that challenged him was killed by him.

While he was flying, Teng Eight’s eyes became more serious as it became dark and dark clouds gathered. Just as he was about to move faster, he was startled as a young man dressed in white appeared before him without a second’s notice.

Teng Eight’s heart shook. It has to be said that his divine sense was spread out the whole time, yet he didn’t notice this young man at all. This could only mean that this young man’s divine sense was far above his own.

But a powerful divine sense didn’t mean one’s cultivation or technique was powerful. So, without any hesitation, Teng Eight slapped his bag of holding and flying swords flew out. More and more flying swords flew out as if his bag of holding was endless.

As the flying swords flew out one by one, the youth didn’t do anything. The youth’s eyes made Teng Eight feel extreme disgust.

Wang Lin stared at Teng Eight and his eyes lit up. This person’s murderous aura was even stronger than the last one’s; however, this person had learned to hide it, so it was not showing as much.

Wang Lin’s mouth moved and revealed a satisfactory smile as he slowly walked forward. Teng Eight let out a snort as he moved his hand. A cold light flashed across his eyes as he formed a seal with his right hand. He pointed at Wang Lin. The swords let out a hum and flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin revealed a sarcastic smile as the flying swords flew toward him. His body shook as his soul devourer soul left his body and formed a black fog,. All of the flying swords that touched his soul immediately lost the divine sense in them and fell to the ground.

Teng Eight revealed a horrified expression and was about to back away, but he was too late. Wang Lin had already charged toward him in his soul devourer form and the black fog quickly invaded Teng Eight’s body.

Teng Eight let out a terrible scream. The scream was so terrible that it would turn someone’s face pale. As he screamed, his body involuntarily thrusted in all directions and black veins popped on his forehead. They were black because Wang Lin’s soul devourer soul was flowing through them along with the blood.

It didn’t last long, but Teng Eight’s painful scream continued. His voice was already hoarse and he was covered in cold sweat. After a while, his body suddenly shook violently and he fell to the ground.

As his body fell, Wang Lin’s soul devourer soul took Teng Eight’s Nascent Soul and soul and returned to Wang Lin’s body. Teng Eight’s soul was placed in the soul flag and his body was bound by the dragon banner.

From the time Wang Lin appeared until now, it wasn’t long. Most of the time consisted of Teng Eight screaming. After Wang Lin’s soul returned to his body, he didn’t hesitate and charged toward the next target.

Teng Six was not young. 200 years ago, he was already a core Teng family member, but had lost his title to a challenger. Luckily, he didn’t die and went into years of closed door cultivation. After he came out, he went to where the then Teng Six was cultivating and killed the challenger that beat him before. This was all done without the permission of Teng Huayuan.

Afterward, although he received punishment from Teng Huayuan, he held on to the name of Ten Six.

Although his cultivation level was only Nascent Soul, his cultivation method allowed him to transform murderous aura. It was because of this ability that Teng Huayuan allowed him to keep the position of Teng Six.

But today, the line of Teng Sixes will end. From today onward, there will never be another Teng Six.

Teng Six licked his lips as he quickly flew through the air. His reason for leaving was the complete opposite of Teng Eight’s. He left his hidden chamber because he felt a sense of danger.

Since he transformed all of the murderous aura in his body, he gained a new ability. This ability has saved his life many times.

He believed in this sense of danger he was feeling, so he quickly flew toward Teng Family City.

He didn’t believe that his journey would be a peaceful one, even though Teng Family City was only fives days of travel time away, because during the trip, the sense of danger became even stronger.

Wang Lin’s divine soul was already locked onto the person ahead of him. This person’s cultivation level was mid stage Nascent Soul. He licked his lips as he flew closer to that person.

As Teng Six was flying, he felt a killing intent covering him. He secretly complained. If he hadn’t felt that sense of danger, he would go and fight this person. But now, he clenched his teeth and both of his feet suddenly exploded. Thanks to the explosion, the blood formed a mist and covered his body.

Enduring the intense pain, his speed suddenly increased by several times. His body formed a bloody meteor and disappeared.

Wang Lin frowned. This person was very decisive and had used a forbidden technique. At the cost of burning part of his soul, he was able to increase his speed by several times, making it impossible for Wang Lin to catch up.

Wang Lin stood in place and looked at the direction Teng Six escaped toward. He pondered for a while, then took out his restriction flag to cover the area within a 1000 kilometer radius.

Shortly after, Wang Lin pointed at his brow and the devil Xu Liguo and the 3rd devil appeared. Wang Lin ordered them to protect him as he took out the bronze mirror. The bronze mirror floated above Wang Lin’s head and slowly wobbled.

After doing all that, Wang Lin took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Soon, black fog started coming out of Wang Lin’s head. The black fog grew until it was like a black cloud.

Suddenly, the black cloud moved and quickly spread out and covered the entire country of Zhao. This black cloud was Wang Lin’s soul devourer soul. This time, his soul devourer soul completely left his body.

Teng Five was a very handsome middle aged man. It could be said he looked very much like Teng Li from back then. Beside him were two very beautiful female cultivators. All three of them were quickly flying toward Teng Family City.

Seeing that they were about to be within 10,000 kilometers of Teng Family City, Teng Five let out a sigh of relief. But just at that moment, the sky suddenly darkened and black clouds covered the sky.

As Teng Five stared dumbfoundedly, the black cloud quickly descended and surrounded him. Then, the black cloud left with Teng Five’s soul and Nascent Soul.

A shout of anger came from Teng Family City as Teng Huayuan rushed out of the city like lightning. Just now, he felt Teng Five’s presence. Then, Teng Five’s presence was suddenly gone. At that moment, he also felt a presence powerful enough to cause his heart to pound.

Just as Teng Huayuan arrived, the black cloud in the sky moved and formed a face, Wang Lin’s face.

He coldly looked at Teng Huayuan. He let out a cruel smile and disappeared.

Teng Four’s cultivation level was not high. He was only in the early stage of Nascent Soul. After all, he had only received the position of core family member 20 years ago.

Currently, he was standing on a flying sword as he quickly flew. He felt very grief stricken because of the family members that had died. One of them was his own younger brother.

This was the reason he left the hidden chamber. He didn’t leave to go back to Teng Family City, but to get revenge for his younger brother.

Unfortunately, this was a quest for vengeance he could never complete, because the current him didn’t even notice the cloud above him become more dense.

In one day of time, out of the seven core Teng family members outside, five had already died. One of them was still not moving from their hidden chamber and the other was quickly moving.

But this person wasn’t by himself. Beside him there was a male and a female.

If Wang Lin saw those two, he would have immediately recognized them because one of them was Wang Zhuo!

Wang Zhuo no longer had the normal dark expression on his face, but instead showed a sense of relief because currently someone was wiping out the Teng family.

Although he didn’t know who was doing this, that didn’t affect his mood. He hoped that that person would continue to kill until all of the Teng family was wiped out.

He looked at his wife and felt very complicated. He originally didn’t have any feelings for this woman, but due to the pressure from Teng Huayuan and to protect himself, he married her.

But a person isn’t made of wood. Although he hated the Teng family, his feelings toward his wife were very complicated.

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