Chapter 238 - Core Family Members

Chapter 238 - Core Family Members

Wang Lin stopped and looked toward the owner of the voice. In the distance, he saw a middle aged man in the corner. The weak middle aged man looked at Wang Lin with a reminiscent look.

Wang Lin felt like this person was very familiar. He took one step and arrived before the middle aged man. He knelt down and asked, “What did you say just now?”

The middle aged man hesitated for a bit. He bitterly smiled and said, “Senior, junior mistook you for someone else. Please don’t blame me, senior.”

Wang Lin carefully looked at the person and said, “Oh really? What did you mistake me for?”

The middle aged man bitterly smiled and exclaimed, “Senior, junior once had a junior apprentice brother. I was the one who brought him to the sect…”

Wang Lin’s heart shook. He finally remembered who this person was. He pondered for a moment, then waved his sleeves and disappeared from the He Huan Sect along with the middle aged man.

On a cliff hundreds of kilometers away, Wang Lin and the middle aged man appeared. Wang Lin placed him down on the ground and carefully looked at the person.

The middle aged man looked around him. He revealed a complex expression and softly said, “You…”

Wang Lin softly sighed and said, “Senior apprentice brother Zhang, if you had recognized me, why not just say it?”

The middle aged man’s body quivered. After pondering a bit, he bitterly smiled and said, “I….. well…”

Wang Lin looked at the person before him and scenes of the past flashed by. After a while, he asked, in a wistful tone, “How is the Heng Yue Sect now?”

The middle aged man whispered, “I haven’t gone back in many years…”

“Why is brother Zhang at the He Huan Sect? And your cultivation... “ Wang Lin frowned. He grabbed the middle aged man’s arm. He pondered a little and continued, “The spiritual energy in your body is a complete mess and your meridians are very fragile.”

The middle aged man bitterly smiled and said, “After you left and never returned, the ancestors put all their focus on me. They spent a lot of effort to raise my cultivation level to Core Formation. I then left the Heng Yue Sect with the idea to go out and experience struggles in hopes of reaching the Nascent Soul stage one day and re-establish the Heng Yue Sect. But I didn’t expect to meet a girl. That girl was a He Huan Sect disciple….Alas, my entire cultivation was lost. However, that bitch didn’t kill me due to our past feelings and is using my body to refine a He Huan Pill. Although I have become a complete waste, I’ll still be alive until the pill is complete. I would’ve already become a bag of bones if it was.

Wang Lin pondered a little. He slapped his bag of holding and took out a small, white jade bottle. He passed it to the middle aged man and said, “There are 7 pills inside this bottle. You must take one pill a month. After seven months, you should be able to recover at least half of your cultivation. Senior apprentice brother Zhang, I still have important things to do. I hope that after this goodbye, we will have another chance to meet.”

With that, Wang Lin looked at the middle aged man deeply, then his body moved and disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was in the air, standing on top of the mosquito beast as it carried the bodies behind it.

The middle aged man looked with envy at where Wang Lin disappeared from with a hint of melancholy. Truth was, he realized that it was Wang Lin when he called out Wang Lin’s name, but Wang Lin’s change was simply too great. He knew it was Wang Lin in his heart, but he still found it hard to believe.

Holding the jade bottle in his hand, he took a deep breath and slowly walked away.

While Wang Lin was flying, he spread out his divine sense. He noticed that all of the Teng family members in Zhao had moved using various methods just as he predicted.

Their destination was Teng Family City.

Wang Lin revealed a cruel look in his eyes. He thought, “All of you, move as you wish! When everyone has moved into Teng Family City, that is the day I will pay a visit to Teng Huayuan.

The widespread migration continued throughout Zhao. However, there were seven people that still hadn’t moved.

In these past few days of killing, Wang Lin had found out through various methods that the Teng family had nine core family members.

Besides Teng Huayuan, very few people knew what cultivation level these people were at. It could be said that they were the people Teng Huayuan was training to take over the Teng family.

In order to help those nine people’s cultivation, Teng Huayuan spent a lot of effort and resources to open up nine spirit caves. The nine of them spent most of their time cultivating inside.

All of the pills, magic treasures, and techniques needed were supplied by the family. The nine people’s only job was to cultivate.

Every once in a while, Teng Huayuan would take the nine of them to the dangerous areas in the neighboring countries to train. It could be said that whether it was their cultivation or combat experience, both had reached their peaks.

These nine could be said to have been created from all of the resources of the Teng family.

In addition to all that, it wasn’t like the nine never changed. Every 50 years, the Teng family members had a chance to challenge any of these nine people. If they win, they immediately take their spot and gain access to all of the benefits of being one of those nine and gain the full support of the Teng family.

As a result, among the nine core Teng family members, besides one, every other position had exchanged owners at least three times.

Under all these challenges, it was clear how high the core Teng family members’ cultivation levels were.

The seven unmoving points of light detected by Wang Lin were all core Teng family members. The other 2 were called back to Teng Family City.

Wang Lin revealed a vicious light in his eyes. Right now, every other Teng family member was moving toward Teng Family City just as he had planned. Right now, his targets were those seven.

Seven core family members that the Teng family spent countless years to cultivate.

These seven must die!

A powerful killing intent leaked from Wang Lin as he locked onto his target and slowly flew toward a sand dome in the distance.

Teng Nine was a name and at the same time it was an honorable title.

This name had changed owners many times. To be exact, it was six times.

Teng Nine sat inside a hidden room. The room looked very humble, but Teng Nine knew that this hidden room would make any Teng family member crazed with envy.

He once was one of those envious Teng family members after all.

He was a genius ever since he was a child and he had always dreamed of becoming a core family member. Only by becoming a core family member would he receive the support of the family, the notice of the ancestors, and have a chance of reaching the Nascent Soul stage.

Growing up in the Teng family, he had seen all of the cold and snobbish attitudes of the Teng family. Everything he had experienced as a child had turned his heart cold and made him willing to do anything to gain power.

This was to the point that when he heard that he could compete for one of the nine core family member positions, the first person he killed was his older brother, because his older brother was someone competing against him.

In the entire Teng family, the challenge ceremony against the nine core family members only happened once every 50 years, and every time, only nine people would be chosen to challenge the core family members.

Through various methods, he step by step became one of the nine core family members. This position was obtained through blood and sweat and with him giving up his dignity and humanity.

In order to successfully win the challenge, he practiced the most vicious art in the Teng family. This art let him consumes other people’s spiritual energy to increase his own cultivation level. Although this would greatly reduce his life span, it allowed him to increase his cultivation level very rapidly.

After all, his opponent was the previous owner of the Teng Nine name, whose cultivation level had already reached late stage Core Formation.

Teng Nine looked at the hidden chamber with a satisfied look. This chamber had 10x more spiritual energy than outside. Although this chamber looked simple, upon closer inspection, it was made entirely out of high quality spirit stone.

Below this chamber was a spirit vein. Although this spirit vein wasn’t large, to be used for just one person to cultivate was an unimaginable luxury.

Pills? Teng Nine wasn’t short on any pills. If he asked for a pill, the Teng family would use whatever method needed to get it for him.

Technique? Teng Nine had many. Any technique he wanted, the Teng family would get it for him.

Magic treasures? Teng Nine had many, and every one of them was a Nascent Soul level magic treasure.

Women? He was not short on any. As long as he asked, the Teng family would bring him a woman of at least a certain cultivation level for him to use.

Teng Nine didn’t have to worry about anything. This was the benefit of being one of the nine core family members. His only job was to cultivate, cultivate, and cultivate!

Wang Lin’s body floated in the air. With his divine sense, he could clearly see a hidden chamber under the sand domes. Inside the hidden chamber was his prey.

This person was the first Nascent Soul Teng family member he had met besides Teng Huayuan, and this person also had a strong murderous aura around him.

This murderous aura was impossible to obtain without killing a lot of people. Although it was several levels below Wang Lin’s killing intent, it was still a bit stronger than even some of the demonic cultivators’ in the Sea of Devils.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. This Teng family member made his eyes light up.

It has to be said that the requirement to become a devil is to have a ferocious nature. The more ferocious the person is, the more powerful they will be as a devil.

Wang Lin formed a seal with his right hand and pressed into the ground. On the sand dune, the imprint of a hand appeared and slowly pressed into the ground.

Inside the hidden chamber, Teng Nine suddenly opened his eyes and without any hesitation, he disappeared from the hidden chamber. The moment he disappeared, the hidden chamber collapsed and formed a whirlpool of sand.

When Teng Nine reappeared, he was already in floating in the air, emitting a murderous aura. He looked at the hidden chamber, then at Wang Lin as his murderous aura reached its limit.

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