Chapter 235 - Because His Name is Teng

Chapter 235 - Because His Name is Teng

Heng Yue Mountain.

The Xuan Dao Sect was shrouded in rain and fog with bolts of lightning flashing down accompanied by the roar of thunder. The foliage made popping sounds as the rain poured down.

On this rainy night, a white haired youth walked slowly through the forest. Every step he took in the soaked foliage created a rustling sound.

From a distance, this person looked at the Xuan Dao Sect on top of Heng Yue Mountain. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze. His target this time was a small village hundreds of kilometers away.

In the middle of the night at the mountain village, besides the roaring thunder, there was only the sound of rain hitting the ground. Of course, there would be a few howls from some of the dogs raised by the villagers. It was as if they wanted to defy this weather. However, the only response was even louder thunder.

The entire village was dark as the white haired youth walked along the main road, looking at the familiar scene mixed with unfamiliar elements. His eyes were no longer filled with coldness, but with melancholy. This melancholy could even melt ice as it was filled with an unimaginable amount of familial love.

400 years had passed in an instant. Although it didn’t seem long for cultivators, it had been many generations for ordinary people. All of the houses in the village had been rebuilt by their descendents and now looked different from before.

This person was Wang Lin.

He looked around at the houses in the village. His gazed stopped at one house, remembering that there used to be a large tree there. He often read books and played with his friends under that tree.

In the blink of an eye, all of that had disappeared.

Wang Lin secretly sighed and slowly walked forward. After a short period of time, he stopped as he stared at a very familiar house. His body started to shake as he looked at the house. All of the other houses in the village had changed, but this house was still exactly the same as it was back then.

Wang Lin bit his lower lip and opened the main gate. The gate creaked as it opened. He closed it after he entered.

In the yard was a wooden table with several small wooden chairs under an overhang. Wang Lin silently watched the scene as tears fell from his eyes.

After a long time, Wang Lin walked to the house, opened the door, and stepped inside. Everything was left as he remembered, as if nothing had changed.

At the moment, Wang Lin felt like everything that had happened in the past 400 years was a dream and that he had just woken up. His parents were no longer dead and their souls weren’t inside the heaven defying bead. They were inside his house and they had gone to bed in this rainy night.

However, with his divine sense, he knew without even spreading it out that there was no one inside this room.

In the center of the main room, Wang Lin saw two memorial tablets, one above the other. The one above read:

“Wang Tianshui, Zhou Tingsu”

The lower tablet read: “Eldest son: Wang Lin”

Under the two memorial tablets was an incense burner with some unused incense sticks next to it.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with sadness as he lit up three incense sticks and placed them in the incense burner. He slowly knelt on the ground. He mercilessly kowtowed a few times and muttered, “This unfilial son is here to offer incense this time. Next time, I’ll build a tower made of the Teng family’s heads for my parents.” An aura of killing intent escaped from Wang Lin. The room instantly became even colder than the rainy night outside.

After he finished, he pondered for a while, then suddenly moved and disappeared from the spot.

After a while, one could see a horse carriage racing toward the house from the mountain village. Driving the carriage was an old man in white robes. It was clear that he was a martial artist in the mortal world.

He snapped the whip in his hand and, with a popping sound, the horse moved even faster.

The ground was uneven, which caused the carriage to keep bobbing up and down, but the old man seemed to be glued to the carriage. He remained unfazed and would sometimes shout, “Go!”

Soon, the carriage got close to the house. The old man let out a shout and tightened his hold on the reins. The horses let out a cry as their front legs went up into the air and the carriage stopped in front of Wang Lin’s home.

The old man jumped off the carriage and respectfully opened the door. The moment the door opened, a girl jumped out of the carriage. She was wearing a green shirt, her hair was tied up in a bun, and she looked very pretty.

After the girl got out of the carriage, her body shivered. Clearly, the coldness of the weather had gotten to her. However, she didn’t mind. She opened up an umbrella and said, with a crisp voice, “My lady, we are here.”

An exquisite figure came out of the carriage and stood under the umbrella. This girl’s face was pale. It had the look of a sickly beauty.

The moment she came out, her body shivered. The servant girl quickly held the umbrella in one hand and grabbed a large purple coat from the carriage with her other hand. With the help of the old man, they placed the coat on the young woman.

At the same time, the servant girl said, with discontent, “My lady, why did we have to come here tonight in the rain? We could have just come tomorrow instead. What if you catch a cold?”

Even the old man’s eyes showed a sign of regret in his warm gaze.

That young lady smiled. As she walked, she said, “You guys don’t know this, but before grandfather died, he said that no matter what happens, a descendent must come here to visit this place on this day. It is a family tradition.”

The servant was still not happy and said, “My lady, this place is so far from the capital. Why must we come here every day? Could there be something important hidden here? I heard from the other servant that this place used to be one of the Wang family’s branch locations.”

The young lady stopped the old man from opening the gate and raised her own jade-like hand to push it open. She smiled at the servant girl and said, “This is the first time you’ve come with me, so you don’t know. When we have time, I’ll tell you.”

After entering the courtyard, the three of them didn’t hesitate and immediately entered the house. The servant girl closed the umbrella, shook the water off it, then curiously looked around the room.

As for the old man, he silently stood at the doorway.

The young lady took a deep breath. Just as the servant girl was about to walk up, the young lady stopped and said, “You wait with grandpa Li out here. I’ll go in myself.”

The servant pouted, but obediently nodded.

The young lady smiled, coughed a few times, then slowly walked toward the main hall. After entering the main hall, the young lady looked at the two tablets. She took placed some bedding in front of the tablets and knelt on the ground. After kowtowing a few times, she was about to take out a few incense sticks, but her eyes suddenly locked onto the three incense sticks that were almost burned out. Just as she was about to cry out, she felt a gust of cold air in the room. She froze up and her forehead was covered in cold sweat. She felt that if she moved, she would be killed instantly.

She saw a young man with a head full of white hair slowly walk into the room.

Wang Lin looked at the young lady and blandly asked, “Whose descendent are you?”

The young lady’s face was filled with horror.

She constantly trembled as cold air penetrated her body. Even her voice trembled as she asked, “Who are you? And why are you at the Wang family’s ancestral home…”

Wang Lin looked at the young lady. He waved his hand. The cold air around her disappeared and was replaced by a sense of warmth. The young lady’s body felt warm as she revealed a shocked expression and looked at Wang Lin. However, she secretly moved her right hand and touched her waist.

Suddenly, a fierce gust of wind created by the force palm rushed into the room along with the old man. However, the moment the old man entered the room, he slumped over and fell asleep.

The young lady’s face became pale

Wang Lin didn’t even glance at the old man that passed out and blandly said, “I’ll ask you again: whose descent are you?” In reality, the moment he saw his house, he already had a suspicion. It was impossible for the house to remain the same without someone taking care of it. Although the house looked the same, it had been rebuilt to look like what it was before.

The young lady revealed a determined look. She clenched her teeth and said, “My father is Wang Yun. Since you already followed me here, why even bother asking these questions?”

Wang Lin frowned and asked, “What do the people whose names are carved on these tablets have to do with you?”

“... it’s the ancestral home of my ancestor’s brother.” The young lady was very confused. If he was someone sent by one of her father’s enemies, why was he asking these questions?

Wang Lin’s heart shook. His voice was no longer bland. It instead trembled a bit as he asked, “What is the name of your ancestor?”

The young lady hesitated a bit and answered, “Ancestor’s name is Tian Tu…” She felt that this person was very strange.

After Wang Lin heard the name, his body immediately shook. He muttered, “Fourth uncle…” Speaking of the Wang family, aside from Wang Lin’s own parents, the one he cared the most for was fourth uncle. After hearing news of fourth uncle, he couldn’t help but become excited.

Scenes of fourth uncle replayed in Wang Lin’s head. After a long time, he sighed and looked at the young lady. His gaze was filled with a complex emotion, a look one would have when looking at their own descendent. He slowly said, “Your ancestor… at what age did he die?”

The strange look on the young lady’s face became even deeper as she answered, “Ancestor died at the age of 98. When he was middle aged, he caught the attention of an immortal of the Piao Miao sect. After he got off the mountain, he started his life in the capital and became one of the vassals of the royal family. That was also when the foundation of the Wang family started.”

There was a hint of relief in his eyes as he asked, “Fourth… your ancestor’s son, Wang Hu, also died?”

The young lady’s eyes were shocked as she muttered, “ do you know about the ancestor’s son, Wang Hu? Three years after the ancestor died, he also died.”

Time passes and people come and go. After Wang Lin heared about fourth uncle, his mentality underwent a change. After a long time, he looked at the young lady and slowly said, “There is harmful Yin energy inside your body. Was your mother injured when she was pregnant with you?”

After hearing Wang Lin’s words, the young lady’s mind was in complete chaos. It has to be said that if Wang Lin had carefully inspected her and had some clues, then it would have made sense if he managed to guess some of her secrets. However, very few people knew about the Yin energy in her body and most just thought that she was born with a weak body.

The young lady looked at Wang Lin. She asked, with a trembling voice, “You...who the hell are you?” The young lady had already thrown out the idea that he was an assassin sent by her father’s enemies. If he was, why would he know so many things?

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a cloud of green mist started to gather at the young lady’s forehead. The color of the cloud became deeper and deeper until Wang Lin finally waved his hand and the gas disappeared without a trace.

The young lady suddenly felt her body warm up. The coldness that had bothered her for 20 plus years disappeared with just a wave of his hand. This suddenly reminded her of a type of person from the myths.

The young lady bit her lower lip and asked, “You… you are an immortal?”

Wang Lin chuckled, “Immortal… sort of.” Seeing that fourth uncle had descendants and that they were doing well in the capital, Wang Lin couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Wang Lin pondered a little. He looked at the young lady and said, “Speaking of which, I’m considered your ancestor too. I made an agreement with fourth uncle that if I successfully become an immortal, I would protect his family to repay him for giving me the chance to become one.” With that, he slapped his bag of holding and took out bottles of pills and continued, “There are 72 pills here. Every descendant can take one pill. They mustn’t be greedy, but you are allowed to take 3.”

After giving the bottle to the young lady, he pondered a bit and pointed his finger between her brow. After extracting a drop of blood, he slapped his bag of holding and took out a piece of jade. He left a sliver of his Ji Realm inside the jade, then turned to the young lady. His expression was serious and cold as he said, “I have left a small piece of my divine sense inside this piece of jade. No cultivator in Zhao will be able to last more than a moment under its might. However, this jade can only be used three times. For now, you hold onto it. Only descendants of the Wang family can use it. Be careful and use it wisely.”

After throwing the jade at the young lady, Wang Lin waved his sleeves and disappeared from the room.

The young lady stared dumbfounded at the pills and jade in her hands, still feeling like she was dreaming. The old man that fell on the ground slowly woke up. His eyes suddenly lit up as he got up, walked next to the young lady, and asked, “My lady, what exactly just happened?”

At this point, the servant girl also came in. Only after seeing that the young lady was fine did she let out a breath. Her face reddened as she said, “My lady, Cui Er was too tired and accidentally fell asleep.”

The moment the old man heard those words, his face became ugly. He clearly remembered that the young lady had sent him a signal, but the moment he entered the room, he lost all control and fell asleep.

“It’s okay. Don’t overthink all of this. Let us go back to the capital.” The young lady took a deep breath and stood up. The sickly complexion had disappeared from her face and was replaced with a healthy, red glow.

The old man was the first to notice the abnormality. He said, with a shocked voice, “My lady, you…”

At that moment, the servant girl also noticed the difference and revealed an expression of disbelief.

The young lady let out a smile. She didn’t explain. She turned around and looked at the two tablets in the room, especially the one that said Wang Lin. Then, she turned around and left the room.

With her cleverness, she already had an idea of what happened, but to confirm her speculation, she must check the family tree back at the capital. She believed that this time, father will take time from his busy schedule to check the family tree with her.

After leaving the village, the warmth on Wang Lin’s face disappeared as he became more serious. His entire body emitted a strong murderous aura. He quickly flew in one direction. His heart was set on completing his revenge.

If he directly killed Teng Huayuan, then all of the descendents would scatter, preventing Wang Lin from achieving his dream of wiping out the Teng family.

Most importantly, if he simply killed Teng Huayuan, it wouldn’t appease the anger in his heart. He wanted Teng Huayuan to watch as he killed all of his descendents, to suffer through the pain of having your family killed. Only after that would Wang Lin finally kill Teng Huayuan.

He spread out his divine sense and easily covered the entire country of Zhao. He easily found Teng Family City where Teng Huayuan was and flew toward it like lightning.

Wang Lin stopped 10,000 kilometers away from Teng Family City. He stuck a formation flag into the ground and with a wave of his hand, the flag disappeared.

Then, Wang Lin flew around the Teng family city and placed 16 formation flags. He stared at Teng Family City with eyes filled with bloodlust, let out a cruel smile, and whispered, “Starting today, one can enter Teng Family City, but they can’t leave. Teng Huayuan, my revenge has just started.”

His eyes were cold as he quickly formed seals with his hand. He floated up into the air. As he let out a roar, he quickly hit pressure points on his own body. Soon, a green gas came out of his body and wrapped around him. Behind him, a figure that looked like an ancient demon god appeared.

Wang Lin put one knee on the ground. He poked his right finger and a drop of blood appeared. He shouted, “Teng Li’s soul, appear!”

Suddenly, the illusionary demon god opened its mouth and swallowed the drop of blood. Then, it spat out a weak, green light.

The green light slowly descended. Wang Lin caught the green light and the illusionary demon god slowly disappeared.

This was a small technique he learned from the memories he inherited from the ancient god. This technique allowed him to recover the soul of anyone he had killed. However, the soul would only last half an hour.

The returned soul didn’t have any memories, only some basic instincts. To the Ancient God, it was a useless technique that could only really be used to temporarily increase the power of magical treasures.

But the moment Wang Lin found this technique, he came up with a series of revenge plans.

Holding Teng Li’s soul, Wang Lin swallowed it without a second thought and covered the entire country of Zhao in his divine sense again. Slowly, one bright dot after another appeared in Wang Lin’s divine sense with the help of Teng Li’s soul. Each of those bright dots represented someone with Teng family blood in their body. These people, no matter if they were from the main branch, sub branch, or were descendents of Teng family females that married out, they all appeared in Wang Lin’s divine sense. It could be said that as long as they had any Teng family blood in them at all, Wang Lin had found them.

Wiping out a family was not something as simple killing all of the Teng family members. Wang Lin must kill anyone with Teng family blood to wipe out all descendents of the Teng family. That is what it truly means to wipe out a family.

Gradually, more and more bright dots appeared in Wang Lin’s divine sense and his smile became more and more cruel. Throughout the years, the number of descendents of the Teng family had already reached an unimaginable degree and every single one of their soul signatures was memorized by Wang Lin.

Half an hour passed in an instant and Teng Li’s soul that was devoured by Wang Lin dissipated.

Wang Lin’s right hand slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast suddenly appeared. He stood on the mosquito beast and flew toward the closest sect. There was a total of seven Teng family members there.

Teng Xuan was one of the 6th generation disciples of the Teng family. He had already reached the early stage of Core Formation. One of the reasons he had gotten this far was because he was from the Teng family. The other reason was that he entered the sect as a disciple of one of Tian Dao Sect’s Nascent Soul ancestors.

The Teng family had a total six family members in the Tian Dao sect and all of them had considerable status in the sect. Of course, the one with the highest position was still Teng Xuan. After all, the other five were only at the Foundation Establishment stage.

Teng Xuan was very satisfied with what he had, whether it was his cultivation partner or his current position. Of course, all of this was nothing compared to the core members of the Teng family, but he knew his own limitations and that those were not people he could compete with.

Even among the countless Teng family members, how many could really compete with those geniuses? Teng Xuan only wished to reach the late stage of Core Formation before he dies.

Today, his little sister, Teng You, will be visiting him. When he thought of his little sister, his lower half heated up. He and his little sister had a great secret.

They had slept together when they were young and have kept doing so in secret. Teng Xuan knew that his little sister was very lewd. As they grew up, many other Teng family members had a taste of her and even some family members of the previous generation have had some affairs with her. But he didn’t care. Whenever he thought of the bedroom techniques his little sister had learned in the He Huan Sect, he just couldn’t wait.

He quickly arrived at the loft in the back mountain with those heated thoughts in his head. He opened the door and suddenly, a very seductive body emitting a soft fragrance landed in his arms.

Wang Lin traveled quickly and soon saw the sect on top of the mountain peak. The three words on top of the main entrance read: “Tian Dao Sect”.

Wang Lin didn’t stop at all and charged toward the sect. Suddenly, a light screen appeared as the grand formation protecting the sect activated to block Wang Lin. Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared in his hand. Wang Lin shook the flag and dozens of restrictions shot toward the light screen.

Without any hesitation, the light screen broke and a rumbling sound spread throughout the Tian Dao Sect as rocks and dust flew all over the place.

Almost instantly, the few Nascent Soul ancestors came out of their closed door training and looked at the sky in shock.

The mosquito beast under Wang Lin’s feet noticed his master’s killing intent and quickly charged toward the Nascent Soul cultivators. Those Nascent Soul cultivators secretly cursed. Just as they were about to take out their magic treasures to fight, Wang Lin sent out a message that came down upon the entire sect like divine retribution.

“I have a personal grudge with the Teng family descendents. Anyone that gets in my way will die!”

Wang Lin put a bit of his divine sense into his message. This message came from the sky and the lower it got, the lower it became. The message roared across the Tian Dao Sect. The Nascent Soul cultivators that heard it coughed out blood, causing them all to reveal horrified expressions.

At the same time, Wang Lin jumped off the mosquito beast. His gaze quickly fell on one of the disciples of the Tian Dao sect in the square outside the main hall. The youth was terrified.

Wang Lin let out a cruel smile. He waved his hand and the youth flew toward him. The youth’s hand was around his own neck as he struggled and tried to say something. It was unfortunate, but he shouldn’t have been named Teng.

Wang Lin squeezed his right hand and with a cracking sound, the youth’s eyes bulged and he immediately died. Wang Lin’s left hand slapped his bag of holding and took out a soul flag that absorbed the soul of this Teng family member.

Wang Lin threw the youth’s body behind him. At the same time, a long dragon banner flew out of his bag of holding. The banner wrapped around the body. The banner was held by the mosquito beast.

All of this happened in plain view of the entire Tian Dao Sect. Wang Lin killed this person quickly and cleanly. Then, he charged into the main hall toward another youth. The youth had a look of indignation and his fists were clenched. After this, he would never have the chance to unclench them.

All of this was because his name was Teng!

Wang Lin’s right palm hit the youth’s head. The youth’s internal organs were destroyed and his soul was taken away by the soul flag. There was no pity in Wang Lin’s eyes as his body moved again. At that moment, the Nascent Soul cultivators of the sect had caught up. A red faced man quickly appeared before Wang Lin. Although he was frightened, he quickly said, “Fellow cultivator, please stop. If there is any problem, we can talk about it.”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the person. His Ji Realm immediately moved and in a flash, the red faced man’s eyes went dim. As Wang Lin moved past him, he hit him, causing his body and Nascent Soul to shatter into pieces and fall to the ground.

A voice as cold as winter came out of Wang Lin’s mouth. “Anyone who tries to stop me has committed the same crime as the Teng family!”

The hearts of the surrounding Nascent Soul cultivators suddenly shivered. They froze and didn’t dare to move again.

Wang Lin left the main hall and flew within the sect. The Nascent Soul cultivators all hesitated. One of them took out a piece of jade, imprinted a message on it, then threw it out. The jade quickly flew away and disappeared into the distance.

Then, the Nascent Soul cultivators all looked at each other. They bit their lower lips and decided to follow Wang Lin. Although they didn’t dare to stop Wang Lin, if they didn’t even dare to follow him, then they really weren’t fit to be Nascent Soul ancestors.

A very beautiful woman was flying toward the Tian Dao Sect with a panicked expression. She didn’t want to die.

Her eyes were filled with fear. She didn’t want to die, but her name was Teng!

Wang Lin ruthlessly crushed the woman’s spine. After collecting her soul, he threw her body backward. The dragon banner once again flew out and wrapped around the body. At the moment, there were three bodies on the dragon banner.

Wang Lin didn’t stop. Of the four people remaining, two of them were in the back mountain and the other two were running away. One of them was almost out of the Tian Dao Sect’s formation’s range.

Wang Lin’s eyes were as cold as ice. He moved and instantly appeared outside the Tian Dao Sect. He saw a youth frantically flying and constantly looking back.

However, the head that the youth turned back would never have a chance to turn back around again because his name was Teng!

Wang Lin flicked his finger at the youth’s chest. The youth’s body shook and he immediately died. Wang Lin trapped the youth’s soul, threw the body back toward the dragon banner, then flew toward his next target.

The Nascent Soul cultivators following close behind him were horrified. They all had the same thought: when did the Teng family offend a fiend like this?

This fiend’s cultivation was at an unimaginable level, yet he didn’t go fight Teng Huayuan. Instead, he was here killing the Teng family descendents. Clearly, he had a very deep grudge against the Teng family and wanted to wipe out the entire family.

These Nascent Soul cultivators felt a chill in their heart and their steps unconsciously slowed down.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold as killing intent slowly surrounded his body. He let out a cruel smile as he locked onto the 5th person. This person was the oldest out of everyone here. His hair was already all white, but his cultivation level wasn’t very high, only at the peak of Foundation Establishment.

The old man’s face didn’t show any signs of panic or grief, but instead had a very serious expression. As he was flying, he repeatedly took out message transmission jades, filled them with a bit of his divine sense, then threw them out.

However, his fate had already been decided because his name was Teng!

When Wang Lin appeared before him, he stopped flying as he sullenly looked at Wang Lin and said, “Senior, what grudge do you have with our Teng family? There must be a misunderstanding...”

Wang Lin didn’t say a word. Without letting the old man finish, he waved his hand and a black flying sword flew out of his bag of holding. The black sword pierced through the old man’s chest. The old man’s body turned black. He died before he could finish speaking.

Wang Lin sealed the soul, bound the body, and flew toward the back mountain.

Every time Teng Xuan met with Teng You, he would open up the formation for the loft in the back mountain to hide all traces of their presence. However, this also meant that he wouldn’t be able to feel the outside, but in terms of safety, this was the best way.

After all, he and Teng You were brother and sister. If he was found out, his reputation would be ruined. Although Teng You had been sleeping around with a lot of people, including Teng family members, people kept that in their hearts and never spoke about it. If he was caught in bed with her, then it would be a completely different matter.

As a result, he didn’t know about anything that had happened outside. All he saw was Teng You’s alluring eyes and delicate body.

After a few piercing growls, Teng Xuan fiercely pounded Teng You as if he is trying to rip her apart. Teng You quickly activated the He Huan Sect’s technique and at that moment, both of them reached the peak of bodily pleasure.

It has to be said that Teng Xuan and Teng You were considered lucky. Although the two of them will die, they at least experienced great pleasure before they died together.

Teng Xuan took a few deep breaths and got off Teng You’s body. However, he immediately noticed that something was wrong, then noticed that there was an extra person in the room.

His heart shook. Just as he was about to speak, the person moved in a flash. That was the last scene he ever saw.

As for Teng You, just as she opened her eyes, she saw Teng Xuan’ head fall to the ground. She immediately let out a scream, however, this scream wasn’t as alluring as the screams from before and would be the last scream of her life.

They were bound to die because these two siblings were named Teng!

After killing the two of them, he sealed their souls, bound their bodies, and left the loft. The Nascent Soul cultivators of the sect all stood outside the loft in silence. Wang Lin didn’t even bother to look at them as he jumped onto the back of the mosquito beast and left with the dragon banner trailing behind him. On the dragon banner were seven corpses.

Wang Lin didn’t stop moving as the mosquito beast flew away from the Tian Dao Sect. From a distance, the seven corpses bound by the dragon banner looked like the tails of a peacock emitting a bloody light.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin disappeared in the horizon that they all finally let out a breath. One of them whispered, “The Teng family is finished…”

Another person muttered, “Not just the Teng family, the entire country of Zhao is going to go into turmoil.” Then, he took a deep breath and said to the elders of the Tian Dao sect that were looking his way, “Send out the order to call back all disciples that are training outside. Cut off all business relations that have to do with the Teng family. Any of the disciples that are training outside and have formed cultivation partners with Teng family females are to be expelled from the sect. From this day on, we will have no connections with the Teng family.”

After killing seven members of the Teng family, Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold. One must have a firm heart to wipe out an entire bloodline. If one had a moment of weakness, they couldn’t act decisively when needed and won’t be able to go through it all. After all, wiping out a bloodline was not something that just anyone could accomplish.

Wang Lin’s next goal was another sect that was tens of thousands of kilometers away. There were a lot of Teng family members there, a total of 93.

Wang Lin was in no hurry. He wanted to slowly kill them to allow Teng Huayuan to struggle with the pain of watching his family die, but be unable to do anything. He wanted Teng Huayuan to feel the pain of wanting to rip open his own chest to see if his heart had shattered yet.

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