Chapter 219 - Two Months

Chapter 219 - Two Months

The truth was that Wang Lin was not as ruthless as he sounded to Li Muwan, but his avatar needed to reach the Nascent Soul stage. If he were to get involved with Li Muwan now, then that would cause inevitable changes in his original plan, changes that could lead to serious consequences.

As a result, Li Muwan could be dragged in as well and that was not something Wang Lin wished to see.

He sighed. His mood started to fluctuate and he was unable to calm himself down. He left the southern courtyard with complex feelings in his heart.

He calculated that there was less than half of those 15 minutes remaining, so he had to act quickly. His body suddenly moved like lightning and he soon arrived outside of the western courtyard.

After Wang Lin arrived, he didn’t immediately enter. Instead, he quickly circled the western courtyard and placed restrictions. He then quickly entered the courtyard. With his strong divine sense, none of the patrolling disciples could detect him. All of the cranes landed and refused to fly, no matter how much the girls on their backs urged them to.

Wang Lin’s figure moved quickly through the fog and entered the western courtyard.

Looking from outside, this place looked like a fairyland and it looked even more like one on the inside. The level of exquisiteness of the buildings here were several times higher than the buildings outside.

A ray of rainbow colored light came from the depths of the courtyard, acting like a bridge as all of the girls of the western courtyard floated by.

But unfortunately, all of the cranes were on the ground, trembling. Thus, this place was missing a beautiful scene.

Following the path Cheng Xian told him about, Wang Lin walked quickly through the courtyard and arrived at Gongsun Tong’s room in the western part of the courtyard. He spread out his divine sense and found a very strange scene.

He slightly frowned, then leapt into the air and arrived inside the room. There was a screen in one side of the room and behind the screen were two exquisite figures taking a bath.

Looking through the screen, both women had very nice curves as they touched each other’s bodies. Soon, their bodies hugged each other as they began to move.

At the same time, moans came from behind the screen.

Under Wang Lin’s divine sense, the two girls’ actions were clearly seen. Currently, the girl that was gasping for breath said, “Sister Tong, that Cheng Xian… ah!” Just as she was speaking, the other girl moved as she touched a sensitive spot.

After a long time, a lazy and tender voice came from behind the screen and said, “Ling Er, are you still worried about that Cheng Xian? Yes, I cheated him, but it was all because you were short on cores for your pill recipe. I just had my sights on his spirit apes.”

“But… what about Lu Song?” The girl being called Ling Er was Cheng Ling.

“Just trust me. When Lu Song comes tomorrow, I’ll deal with him. I promise there won’t be any problems. That Lu Song… at most, I’ll let him have a little taste. Ling Er, elder sister has served you well. Now it’s your turn.”

Wang Lin didn’t go inside, but pointed to his brow. Xu Liguo came out of Wang Lin’s brow. He stared at the screen with an excited look in his eyes.

“I don’t care how you deal with it, just find out what happened to the spirit ape and take both of their souls.” Wang Lin turned around and slowly walked out of the room.

Xu Liguo had never been this excited before. He felt that following Wang Lin was definitely the right thing to do. Right now, he felt like his blood was boiling even though he didn’t have any blood after becoming a devil.

But that didn’t affect how he felt.

Xu Liguo let out a devious smile and went through the screen.

Not long after, he came out with a very satisfied looked on his face. He spat out two souls, then went back into Wang Lin’s brow.

At the same time, he sent out a message. “That spirit ape is dead.”

Wang Lin waved his hand and a soul flag appeared. He threw the two souls into the flag, then went into the room. He put away the two girls’ bodies into his bag of holding, then left the room.

In that moment, those 15 minutes had passed. Wang Lin called back the restriction flag. The flag turned into a black mist and quickly left the southern courtyard.

At the same time, an angry roar erupted from the Nascent Soul cultivator. He spread out his divine sense, locked onto the western courtyard, and quickly charged toward it.

Shortly after, in the western courtyard, a fierce divine sense also spread out. After it found Wang Lin, a woman came from the middle of the courtyard.

Without a word, Wang Lin turned to leave.

This woman’s body was surrounded by fog, so her appearance was hidden. The moment she appeared, her body moved like lightning after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. Seeing that she was getting closer, he let out a cold smile. He moved his hand and sent out waves of restriction circles toward the woman.

“You don’t know your place!” The woman let out a cold snort. She waved her hand and a flower basket appeared in her grasp. The moment she waved it, numerous colorful flower petals appeared. Each of the petals carried a destructive force as they floated toward the restrictions.

This woman’s cultivation level was early stage Nascent Soul. Although Wang Lin’s expression was calm, he sneered in his heart. The moment the restriction circles got close to the flower petals, they instantly broke up into numerous smaller restrictions and spread out. Although some were destroyed by the petals, many reformed into restriction circles after passing the flower petals.

Their speed was very high. The moment they reformed into restriction circles, they landed on the western courtyard.

Wang Lin already knew that this entire western courtyard was being lifted into the air by a giant restriction. If Wang Lin had the time, he would be able to completely break this restriction. However, Wang Lin’s goal wasn’t to break the restriction, but to make it lose balance.

Normally, regular restrictions wouldn’t even be able to do that, but Wang Lin’s restrictions were ancient restrictions. Combined with the fact that he had already placed some restrictions ahead of time, the moment the restriction circles landed, tremors spread throughout the western courtyard.

The large restriction instantly lost its balance, causing the western courtyard to tilt to the side. Waves of screams came from the western courtyard and large amounts of female cultivators flew out with looks of fear in their eyes.

While Wang Lin was doing all of this, he never stopped as he quickly flew into the distance. The woman chasing him clenched her teeth. She stopped chasing after Wang Lin and quickly returned to the large restriction to reinforce it.

Wang Lin left the western courtyard without any more hinderances. But he knew that soon, the middle stage Nascent Soul cultivators from the Cloud Sky Sect will arrive.

Just at that moment, a very powerful divine sense came from the distance. The moment the divine sense went past Wang Lin, it let out a cold snort. Wang Lin remained calm. If it was anyone else, their soul would have taken damage, but Wang Lin’s soul was extremely large. If his soul came out of his body, it wouldn’t be any weaker than the soul of Spirit Severing cultivators. Although his soul was currently trapped inside his body and couldn’t leave, how could it be damaged by a mere Nascent Soul cultivator?

His body basically didn’t stop at all as he continued to move forward.

The owner of that divine sense was stunned, but quickly locked onto Wang Lin as Wang Lin’s main body approached.

A black shadow quickly came and landed in Wang Lin’s hand. This black shadow was the restriction flag and behind it was the angry Nascent Soul cultivator Wang Lin had trapped.

After the restriction flag landed in his hand, Wang Lin let out a cold smile. He landed on the ground and turned. Instantly, a restriction appeared under his feet and his body disappeared without a trace.

Even the divine sense that was locked onto him lost track of him.

Wang Lin’s main body had already returned to the cave outside the sect, and that cave was covered with restrictions that blocked divine sense.

Meanwhile, at the yard Wang Lin lived in, his avatar appeared from the restriction circle in the room. He quickly cleaned up a bit, then sat down to cultivate.

This matter was considered over. In the next half a month, the story of Wang Lin’s main body spread throughout the sect. Various versions could be could be found everywhere.

It has to be said this is something that hasn’t happened in the Cloud Sky Sect in a long time. The person got into the sect in broad daylight, killed someone, then disappeared in front of their eyes. It was like slapping the Cloud Sky Sect in the face.

This even alerted the few Nascent Soul ancestors who were preparing to tackle Spirit Severing. They came out to investigate and found out that the two that were killed were Gongsun Tong and Cheng Ling.

Everyone who was related to them, like Cheng Xian and Lu Song, were questioned. Even Wang Lin was questioned. In the end, a Nascent Soul cultivator even used his divine sense to check if Wang Lin was lying. However, since Wang Lin’s soul was much larger than that Nascent Soul cultivator’s soul, he wasn’t able to find anything.

For some unknown reason, this matter was left alone.

As for Li Muwan, she wasn’t dragged into any of this. This was all the work of her senior brother. His schemes were very deep. He knew that the person responsible was Li Muwan’s friend. That person’s technique made him very scared. Even three Nascent Soul cultivators weren’t able to stop that person from entering and exiting the Cloud Sky Sect as he wished. As a result, how would he dare say anything? If he talked, then that person would appear unnoticed and kill him.

Wang Lin’s life returned to being peaceful again, but, in his mind, Li Muwan’s sad smile kept emerging. Every time he saw that sad smile, it felt as if his heart was being pierced.

This feeling reached its limit when the Cloud Sky Sect announced to the entire country of Chu that one of the three rank 5 alchemists, Li Muwan, will form a cultivation pair with outer sect elder Sun’s son, Sun Zhanwei, in two months.

Wang Lin quietly sat inside the room. After a day and night of thinking, he let out a sigh and revealed a determined look in his eyes. A cold light flashed across his eyes as he got up and walked toward the southern courtyard.

The entire path wasn’t smooth as he was blocked by the white fog. However, after he announced his name, someone went to inform Li Muwan and a path opened up.

Wang Lin slowly walked forward. Although his steps were slow, there was a feeling of determination with each one.

After arriving outside of Li Muwan’s house, Li Muwan’s voice floated out, “Your teacher’s closed door training is almost over. If you have any questions, you can ask him once he comes out. From now on, unless I call you, don’t come here anymore.”

Wang Lin pondered for a while, then slowly said, “I want a pill. A pill that can raise my cultivation level to Nascent Soul in two months.”

Li Muwan was startled. She stood up, opened the door, and stared at Wang Lin. She asked, with a trembling voice, “Who...who are you?”

Wang Lin revealed a gentle look, which was a rare sight. However, that trace of gentleness was replaced by calmness as he asked, “Is there such a pill?”

Li Muwan bit her lower lip. Her eyes revealed a never before seen happiness as she stared at Wang Lin. She still had a feeling of uncertainty in her heart, but soon, her expression suddenly changed as her eyes became cold. She shouted, “Who the hell are you?”

Li Muwan immediately remembered that the drop of blood in her brow didn’t react. Clearly, this person wasn’t the person she was thinking of. Slowly, the hatred for that person appeared and was redirected to Wang Lin, who sounded almost exactly like that person.

Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan and let out a sigh. He put his hand on his bag of holding and took out a piece of jade. After looking at it for a bit, he threw it at Li Muwan.

The moment the jade appeared, Li Muwan’s entire body went soft. After catching the jade, she leaned against the wall as tears of joy flowed down her face.

“Killing Sun Zhanwei is easy, but it has to wait until my cultivation level is high enough to make sure that no one in the Cloud Sky Sect dares to speak up. When I reach the Nascent Soul stage, I can take you anywhere in the entire country of Chu and no one will dare to stand in my way.” Wang Lin’s voice was dull, but his words were filled with arrogance.

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