Chapter 208 - Final Destination of the Ji realm

Chapter 208 - Final Destination of the Ji realm

Wang Lin frowned. His gaze fell on the giant turtle under the old man for a bit. The aura this giant turtle gave off was very similar to the giant dragon in the land of the ancient god.

Most importantly, this giant turtle looked exactly the same as a giant turtle in the ancient god’s memory.

“Xuanwu!!” Qiu Siping’s eyes suddenly opened wide as his pupils shrunk and his face suddenly changed color. He formed many different seals with his hand and sent them into the statue at the front.

Suddenly, the entire boat started to turn so it could go around the old man.

“Xuanwu…” Wang Lin stared at the turtle for a while and pondered. In the memories, there was no Xuanwu, but a creature called Ti Shou.

This beast mainly ate spiritual energy. Its attack was a roar that, when heard by a normal cultivator, their spiritual energy will go out of control, causing their body to collapse and become the beast’s food.

The old man that had been cursing took out a big dirty gourd. After drinking a big gulp, he started to curse again. He didn’t even look at the boat Wang Lin and Qiu Siping were on.

Sweat appeared on Qiu Siping’s forehead. He carefully controlled the boat to slowly go around the old man. Only after flying far away from the old man did he finally let out a breath and turn to Wang Lin. He said, “Since that person can use a Xuanwu as a mount, his cultivation must be at an unimaginable level. It seems this change to the Sea of Devils has caused a lot of powerful old timers to come out. Fortunately, he didn’t bother with us, or we would be out of luck.”

Wang Lin looked at Qiu Siping and said, with a dark expression, “That might not be so.”

Qiu Siping was stunned. Wang Lin pointed with his right hand. Qiu Siping turned to that direction and saw the scene from before.

The old man was standing on top of the giant turtle, cursing loudly.

Qiu Siping pondered a while and said one word, “Formation?”

Wang Lin didn’t bother with Qiu Siping. He walked up to the head of the boat and looked around. When the boat turned earlier, he felt there was something strange, like a fluctuation of power coming from the legs of the turtle.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin said, “This is not a formation, but some kind of restriction!”

Qiu Siping slightly frowned. He looked around and bitterly said, “With just our cultivation, it can’t incentivize this senior to place this restriction just for us right?”

Wang Lin didn’t speak, but kept his divine sense scanning the area. This old man wouldn’t just stop them for no reason. It seemed there might be some trouble ahead.

The old man seemed to be tired of cursing. He took another big gulp from the gourde and sat down. His gaze fell on the boat Qiu Siping and Wang Lin were on.

This old man grabbed with this right hand and the boat suddenly flew toward him. Soon, the boat was only 10 feet away from him.

Qiu Siping quickly...

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