Chapter 207 - Killing people for their core!

Chapter 207 - Killing people for their core!

The white haired old man’s foggy eyes began to shine and his slightly hunched back started to straighten up. His whole body suddenly became more lively.

All of the cultivators in the city suddenly lost control of the spiritual power in their bodies, as if they were all having out of body experiences. This instilled fear in all of them.

This feeling came quick and left just as quick. The white haired old man’s body suddenly moved and disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, in the fog over the Sea of Devils, a laughter roared out as a one thousand foot long rock creature peaked out from the fog.

Its giant head created enormous pressure. After glancing down at what was below, it opened its mouth and sucked in a large portion of the spiritual energy in a 100 kilometer radius. Afterward, it burped, settled down, then left.

On its back stood the white haired old man. He shouted, “Bastard! I only asked you to carry me once and you ate that much spiritual energy. Aren’t you afraid of being stuffed to death? If you do die, it will let me see what your meat tastes like.”

Meanwhile, Wang Lin was sitting cross legged in his cave. He suddenly felt a sense of horror overtaking him. It was coming from above the Sea of Devils.

Wang Lin frowned. He moved his hand and went to put away the restriction flag, but found that the flag was surrounded by a mysterious power and couldn’t be put away.

This strange scene made Wang Lin change his expression. He stood up and performed multiple techniques on the flag, but when the techniques fell on the flag, they all were all blocked by the mysterious power. Not a single one could get through.

At that moment, the sense of horror became even stronger. He opened his divine sight, then his expression changed greatly.

Through his divine eye, he could clearly see that a thin, red line came out from the flag. It ignored the ceiling of the cave completely and went up into the sky.

Wang Lin’s face became dark. He immediately opened the cave’s door and charged outside. Once he got outside, he steadied his body and looked at the sky.

He saw the red line float into the sky and through the fog above the Sea of Devils. He pondered for a while, then pointed at his brow and brought the second devil out.

After the devil appeared, with Wang Lin’s order, it turned invisible. With Wang Lin’s eyes, he could see its figure fly up into the fog.

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. He looked around and saw many people walking around in Qilin city, but not one of them noticed the red line’s existence.

Wang Lin was very puzzled. That feeling of horror became stronger and stronger. The only other time Wang Lin had that feeling was when he saw the Ancient God Tusi.

He pondered a while. He flipped through the memories he inherited to try to find what was happening and why this strange scene occurred when the restriction flag appeared.

The second devil quickly flew through the fog. The devil was a flying beast before it was turned into a devil, so, after turning into a devil, it became even faster. Even Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to fly faster than the second devil.

When Qisiping trapped it inside the black fog six days ago, if it had just one chance, then it would have disappeared without a trace using its speed.

The second devil moved like lightning as it charged through the fog above the Sea of Devils.

At that moment, above the Sea of Devils, the red fog, which was more than 10 kilometers wide, suddenly began to shrink. However, as it shrank, a bump appeared in the center.

The bump began to grow bigger and bigger, as if it were full of water, and hung below the red fog.

Then, the bottom of the bump opened. A thunderous roar boomed and a pillar of red light that felt like it could destroy the entire Suzaku star fell from the sky.

The moment the red pillar of light fell down, the red fog suddenly shrank from 10 kilometers wide to around 7 or 8 kilometers wide.

The red fog that was lost was condensed into the pillar of light that was falling from the sky.

The huge red pillar fell at an unimaginable speed. In almost the blink of an eye, it fell from the sky and into the fog above the Sea of Devils. It created sonic booms the entire time it fell and sent out waves of pressure through the surroundings as it passed by.

Besides the pressure waves, many small cracks in space also appeared as it fell from the sky. There were so many cracks, the sky looked like a fractured mirror.

When the red pillar fell onto the fog above the Sea of Devils, it caused the fog to start boiling and caused all the beasts inside it to run away screaming.

Meanwhile, the fog above the Sea of Devils was evaporated into clouds and slowly floated upwards. It didn’t slow down the red pillar at all.

As the red pillar sank in more and more, all of the fog above the Sea of Devils, whether it was the inner sea or outer sea, began to concentrate around the red pillar.

If one looked from the sky, they could see that the entire fog above the Sea of Devils formed a whirl with the red pillar at the center.

The endless fog moved toward the center, and, as a result, more and more black clouds floated out from the red pillar.

Finally, when the red pillar had sunk about ⅔ of the way through the fog above the Sea of Devils, all the fog covering the outer sea had gathered there. For the first time in countless years, the fog covering the sky of the outer sea was gone.

Without the fog formed by the water that was in the sea before, sunlight shined for the first time on the outer sea.

It illuminated the dark land, the unpleasant city, and the cultivators, whose faces were filled with panic.

Some of the cultivators who had never felt such strong sunlight in their lives became excited.

If one compared the Sea of Devils to a circle, then all of the fog at the edge of the circle was gone. All of that fog either gathered at the center or turned into black clouds by the red pillar.

At that point, where the red pillar had been stopped inside the fog, the fog had shrunken down many sizes already. Then, the fog formed a giant black pillar and slammed it toward the red pillar.

Suddenly, when the two pillars collided, a shock wave was sent into the surroundings. Any living thing inside the fog that was hit by the shockwave was turned into dust.

At the same time, the red pillar finally dissipated.

But it was not over yet. The 7 or 8 kilometer red wide fog suddenly moved again and formed another red pillar that fell from the sky.

This time, all of the red fog fell with the pillar. There was no red fog remaining in the sky anymore, all of it fell down with the red pillar.

Because ⅔ of the fog was gone, in almost an instant, the new red pillar landed where the previous one disappeared.

A thunderous roar that could be heard by every cultivator in the Sea of Devils was sent out, and, at the same time, a large amount of black fog turned into black clouds and condensed in the sky.

The red pillar still continued to fall after shrinking down to less than half its original size.

The second devil had already retreated ever since he noticed that something was wrong. Wang Lin saw this shocking scene through the second devil.

At that point, almost all of the cultivators in the Sea of Devils came out their homes. Even the ones in closed door training stopped and came out to looked at the sky.

When Wang Lin saw the red pillar through the second devil, a phrase suddenly popped into his head from his inherited memories.

“Divine Retribution…”

Wang Lin was mumbling to himself as he scanned through the memories he inherited for anything about divine retribution. In the Ancient God Tusi’s lifetime, he had encountered countless divine retributions.

Only at the beginning was Tusi worried about divine retribution. After his body reconstructed four times, divine retribution stopped being a threat to him and turned into a really good supplement.

Also, whenever the ancient god was about to become stronger, it would incur divine retribution, and sometimes, they even used the strength of the divine retribution when creating magical treasures, to determine their quality.

The stronger the divine retribution meant the stronger the treasure, and if the divine retribution was too weak, that meant the treasure wasn’t strong enough.

Of course, this was only a really rough estimate and most of the time was very wrong. For example, the restriction flag Wang Lin had created. The power of the flag couldn’t even compare to the divine retribution at all.

The real cause of the divine retribution came from the ink stone. That ink stone had been inside the body of the ancient god for too long and had gathered some of its spiritual energy inside. That was why the divine retribution that hadn’t occurred in the cultivation world in such a long time appeared again.

Similarly, divine retribution hadn’t occurred for countless years, so even though it was only triggered by the creation of a magical treasure, it contained unimaginable power.

All of this information flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. He realized that it was the restriction flag that caused the divine retribution.

Without a word, he charged back into the cave. The flag was floating in the room. He began performing many techniques on the flag, trying to put it away.

With the information Wang Lin obtained from the inherited memories, if this flag were to get hit by the divine retribution, then it would be turned to dust.

Wang Lin wouldn’t let the treasure he had spent so much time making be destroyed by divine retribution. He performed many techniques to try to save the flag.

Slowly, the mysterious power holding the flag started to loosen, but still hadn’t let go. At the same time, a thunderous roar blared from the sky. For the first time ever in the Sea of Devils, there was no water in the sea or fog blocking up the sky, revealing a giant basin.

With nothing to block its path, the red pillar fell down toward Qilin city at an unimaginable speed.

All the cultivators in the city panicked and used all of their power to scatter.

The red pillar fell.

The moment it hit Qilin city, the giant creature’s head exploded and every scale on its body was blown off by the red pillar’s destructive power.

Wang Lin was inside the cave when he felt a powerful force from all sides that caused him to cough up a mouthful of blood. He sighed and was about to give up.

But at that moment, the mysterious force around the flag suddenly disappeared. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the flag with this right hand.

At the same time, he moved his body and rushed out of the scale just as Qilin city collapsed, but as he charged out, the red cloud formed a thin line and shot out from the collapsed Qilin city toward the restriction flag in Wang Lin’s hand.

The thread was simply too fast. Even if Wang Lin put the flag into his bag of holding, the result would only be the bag of holding being destroyed. At that moment, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and moved his right hand. Suddenly, the flag was in his left hand and an instrument not under his control appeared in his right hand.

All of this happened right before the thread landed. The moment the thread landed on the instrument, the thread broke the instrument and set Wang Lin flying.

However, after the instrument broke, a small amount of red thread shot out from it. This time, before he had time to react, the red thread landed on Wang Lin’s right hand.

Wang Lin’s body quivered and he coughed up several mouthfuls of blood. Even the core in his body had shrunk a lot. Only with all that did he manage to contain the explosive power of that red thread.

Wang Lin’s face was pale. All of the spiritual energy in his body was in complete chaos and he was solely relying on his core to contain the destructive force of that red thread. But he knew that his time was limited. If he couldn’t quickly remove the red thread, then all of his spiritual energy will be used up by his core, then his core will collapse. His body would follow. Not even his soul would be able to escape the divine retribution’s power.

Currently, there were many cultivators escaping from Qilin city, so no one noticed Wang Lin’s strange state. All of them were scattered in all directions.

All of Qilin city was destroyed.

At that moment, black rain began to fall from the sky. All of the fog that had been evaporated into clouds began to condense after the divine retribution was gone.

Even though it was black rain, it was the first time it had rained in the Sea of Devils ever since the water had all turned into fog.

This time, the divine retribution brought great change to the Sea of Devils. While the divine retribution killed some of the creatures living in the fog, many of them escaped from it.

Even some of the great and powerful beasts that lived inside fog appeared in the Sea of Devils. The Sea of Devil should now be more appropriately be renamed to the Basin of Devils.

Many uncommon beasts appearing triggered a series of battles. There were beasts killing cultivators and cultivators killing beasts. All of the cultivators knew that all of these beasts would have a core that could be used to make pills or be consumed directly to increase their cultivation.

Also, because all of the fog disappeared, the entire Sea of Devils lost its natural barrier, so all of the cultivation countries around the Sea of Devils turned their sights there.

It was a good thing that a few of the large sects that had been around for tens of thousands of years came out and managed to stabilize the situation.

But, secretly, many cultivators took advantage of this time to murder and steal treasures, causing the already confusing situation in the Sea of Devils to become even more confusing.

But none of this had anything to do with Wang Lin. Right now, he could clearly feel the core in his body constantly shrinking. On the core was a red thread, rapidly absorbing all of its energy. If the core were to crack and break, the only road that would await Wang Lin was death.

His current cultivation had already dropped from late stage Core Formation to mid stage Core Formation. Based on his calculations, he will drop from mid stage to early stage in three hours, and then, half an hour after that, his core will break.

Wang Lin couldn’t be bothered to worry about his meeting with Qiu Siping on the 7th day. His priority was to find a way to remove the red thread.

Wang Lin’s expression was grim. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with killing intent. In order to survive, he had to start a killing spree. It was too bad that he had used up all his spirit water in the land of the ancient god. Although he had gathered more in Qilin city, if he had enough, he could last a long time with just that.

At that moment, a black clothed middle aged man appeared before Wang Lin. He moved toward Wang Lin and said, “Mid stage Core Formation… it must be you!”

The moment his words reached him, red lightning flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. Although the man was at late stage Core Formation, Wang Lin charged at him rather than retreat.

The black clothed man let out a mocking smile. Just as he was about to make a move, his body suddenly trembled and his eyes immediately dulled. Wang Lin instantly appeared before the man and removed the core from the black clothed man’s body and threw it into his mouth.

He didn’t even have time to pick up the man’s bag of holding. He just quickly left. He spread out his divine sense like a starving wolf, hunting for his next target.

Sun Fan was currently running away from two beasts with the power of late stage Core Formation. If he slowed down the slightest, he would be eaten by them.

With his tiny Foundation Building cultivation, he didn’t have the power to fight back.

The two beasts came closer and closer. He could hear that the growl was right behind him. He let out a bitter smile and knew that he would not be able to escape this.

But just then, a gust of wind blew by him, causing him to spin around in place. After he finally stabilized his body, he heard the miserable scream of the two beasts chasing him.

He turned his head around and became dumbfounded on the spot.

Sun Fan saw a white haired youth, who was like a devil, reaching his hand into the beast and removing the core, then directly consuming it. The other beast was already dead on the side.

The white haired youth gave Sun Fan a cold look, then, without a word, he charged into the distance.

Although the Wang Lin had already left, Sun Fan didn’t dare to move at all. That look the white haired youth gave him was filled with killing intent. After a long time, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and quickly left.

The demonic look of that white haired youth would go on to haunt him for the rest of his life. Even after 700 years, after he had finally reached his dream of reaching the Nascent Soul stage, he was still terrified when he recalled that white haired youth and would even wake up in the middle of the night because of him.

In an area in the north were two small schools fighting over the core of a beast that was killed by the divine retribution. Flying swords and techniques filled the sky as they attacked each other.

When the cultivators of both sides were in the heat of combat, a white haired youth appeared. Without a word and with eyes glowing red like a demon’s, red lightning flew out and shot through the cultivators of both sides.

Meanwhile, the white haired youth quickly moved through the cultivators. He reached out his hand at the abdomen of each Core Formation cultivator, took their cores, and consumed them.

In only about 10 breaths of time, all of the cultivators in that battle died, and the beast core that caused the whole fight was also consumed by this white haired youth. His body turned into a blur as he shot into the distance.

Whether it was beasts or cultivators, male or female, as long as they weren’t at the Nascent Soul stage, they would be killed by Wang Lin.

As he swallowed more and more cores, his own cultivation gradually stopped dropping, until his core finally stabilized. However, the problem wasn’t solved at all. This stabilized state would only last a few hours. His core will soon start to rapidly shrink again, until it collapses.

The only way to solve this problem was to keep killing people for their cores until enough spiritual energy was gathered to force that red thread out of his body.

Therefore, he needed to kill a lot of people. Wang Lin’s eyes had never been as full of killing intent as they were now. He knew that his current kill speed was far too slow for what he needed to accomplish.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He sent out his divine sense and charged toward some beasts from the fog that were 100 kilometers or so away. He slammed his bag of holding and his poisonous black sword appeared.

As he killed the beasts and took their cores, hs didn’t pause for a moment and continued to rush out. At the same time, his divine sense spread out, looking for locations with lots of cultivators or beasts.

As he was flying, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. His divine sense found a large herd of beasts about 1000 kilometers to the east. He immediately turned around and charged to the east.

He quickly crossed the 1000 kilometer distance. There were many beasts in the herd. When he arrived, he pointed at his brow and the second devil came out. It charged into the beast herd.

Shortly after, the poisonous black sword moved as well. Even Wang Lin’s Ji Realm came out. All of these attacks charged into the beast herd.

But a ferocious roar came from within the beast herd. A giant octopus slowly rose from the ground. Its black eyes became cold as it stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took one look and found that this beast was around the power of a mid stage Nascent Soul cultivator, so he turned around and left. He had already encountered this many times. With a beast herd like this, there was bound to be some Nascent Soul level beasts inside.

Wang Lin’s body flashed and quickly faded into the distance. The octopus let out a roar and quickly chased after him.

Wang Lin didn’t turn his head, he just quickly fled. After the octopus had chased him a certain distance, it hesitated for a while, then stopped chasing. It returned to the herd and ate a few beasts before returning back to the ground.

Soon, Wang Lin found a group of seven cultivators about 2000 kilometers away. Three of them were at the Core Formation stage.

The seven of them had surrounded a beast and were currently attacking it.

But their smiles quickly froze as a black light flashed by, killing all 7 of them. The three Core Formation cultivators had bloody holes in their abdomens. There was also a hole on the head of the beast.

But at that moment, a low hum came from the distance.

“The Poison King’s Enchanted Palace has set a decree to stop all killing in the area. Don’t move!”

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. As those words were said, he started to back away.

The voice let out a sneer. The owner of the voice moved his body and suddenly appeared in front of Wang Lin. At the same time, he waved his right hand and a powerful force pulled Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body suddenly floated backwards. His eyes flashed as he looked at the middle aged man who wore a purple robe and had an indifferent face. After a few seconds, they arrived back at the bodies of the seven cultivators.

The person looked down and frowned. He coldly stared at Wang Lin and said, “Such savage behavior! Everyone else is killing people for treasures, while you’re killing people for cores!”

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed. This person was at the Nascent Soul stage based on the power he was releasing and the use of instant teleportation. Wang Lin speculated that this person couldn’t be at the mid stage of Nascent Soul. He was probably at the early stage.

This person didn’t come with a friendly intent. A cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes and he slammed his bag of holding. His poisonous black sword came out and floated above his head, releasing a cold light.

The middle aged man revealed a mocking look in his eyes. He moved his right hand and produced a black claw, which swiped toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin flipped the restriction flag with this right hand. The flag flew up and instantly grew very large, covering the surrounding 100 kilometers. The restrictions on it went off one by one. Dozens of restrictions quickly covered the black claw, and, with some hissing sounds, the black claw was destroyed.

The middle aged man looked at the restriction flag and sneered. He swiped his right hand at the sky and a purple flying sword flew out of his sleeves. It charged at supersonic speed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t move. His two hands crossed together and he shouted, “Break!”

The restriction flag immediately moved and restrictions flew out one by one, forming a black shield in front of Wang Lin. The moment the flying sword hit the shield, the restrictions moved onto the sword and the entire flying sword was quickly covered in restrictions.

The middle aged man frowned. He didn’t expect a mid stage Core Formation cultivator to have such a strange magical treasure. His right hand slammed his bag of holding. A bronze tiger seal appeared in his hand. He held the seal in his hand and said a few chants. The seal suddenly let out a roar and grew to 7 or 8 feet tall. The bronze seal cracked in half and a black tiger jumped out.

After the tiger appeared, it pounced toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin moved back a few steps, formed a seal with both of his hands, and shouted, “Trap!”

The moment he said those words, the restriction flag moved and the restrictions came one by one, forming chains. They came from all directions and formed a barrier before Wang Lin. When the tiger pounced on the chains, it rebounded.

Meanwhile, another chain wall formed behind the black tiger. Both walls moved toward each other and connected to form a sphere. The black tiger was trapped inside.

All of this happened in flash. The moment the the black tiger had pounced toward Wang Lin, it was trapped inside chains made of restrictions.

The tiger continued to roar inside the cage, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

The middle aged man’s face changed for the first time. He became serious and asked, “Whose disciple are you?”

In his view, someone who had such a treasure must have some deep background, or there was no way a mere Core Formation cultivator would have such a powerful treasure.

A bit of greed involuntarily entered his heart.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. It seemed the power of the flag was worth the divine retribution. This flag wasn’t even a single route flag. If it was, it would be even more powerful.

He coldly looked at the middle aged man. The current situation was not good. When he was fighting the middle aged man just now, his spiritual energy became unstable and his core shrunk a bit. If this continues, then his core will collapse soon.

Wang Lin said, in a dark tone, “My teacher is Gulan.”

The middle aged man was stunned. He carefully looked Wang Lin and sneered. He didn’t believe Wang Lin was Ancient Emperor’s disciple, because Ancient Emperor disappeared into the chaotic broken stars 200 years ago.

He was about to speak when his eyes suddenly expanded as he stared at Wang Lin. In Wang Lin’s hand appeared a bag of holding, and on the bag was embroidered the word “Lan” in blue.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and put away the bag. From the expression of the middle aged man, Wang Lin deduced that he should know about this bag, or has at least heard about it.

Wang Lin backed away. His hand formed a seal behind his back and the restriction flag backed away with him. After backing away 100 feet, he moved his hand again and the tiger that was trapped in the restriction was released.

At that moment, Wang Lin’s speed increased and he disappeared without a trace.

The middle aged man gloomily looked at the direction Wang Lin disappeared to. He wanted to chase after Wang Lin several times, but stopped himself. Even ignoring the bag, just the flag had caused him some fear. Plus, he knew that Wang Lin wasn’t even going all out using it. Although he felt confident that he could kill a mere Core Formation cultivator, the treasure Wang Lin had was simply too strange.

This caused his urge to chase after him to go down a lot. There was also that bag with the blue “Lan” embroidered on it. He knew that that label meant that it was something that belonged to Ancient Emperor.

Most people would not know about this. He only saw it himself by accident, when Ancient Emperor visited the Poison King’s Enchanted placed once.

As a result, although Ancient Emperor had disappeared 200 years ago, his reputation was still there, as well as his sect, so he completely disposed of his thoughts of chasing after Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin flew really far away, he quickly put away the restriction flag. With just that small fight, it used up a lot of spiritual power and his core shrank again. Based on his calculations, he must absorb more spiritual power, or the only road left for him will be death.

Wang Lin took out all the spiritual liquid he had saved up while in Qilin city. There were only about 100 drops. After taking 10 drops, he managed to barely stop his core from shrinking anymore. After pondering for a while, he darkly sighed. He had almost run out of solutions to his problem. There was only one method left.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth. He activated his soul devourer soul core and concentrated all of his soul on the core.

Wang Lin only ever used this technique once, in the foreign battleground, to leave the decaying lworld. He had spent many years to split his soul into tiny individual pieces so they can squeeze through cracks in space to leave the decaying world.

That time, he wasn’t able to recover part of his soul, and, even now, the whereabouts of that part of his soul was still unknown. In addition, Wang Lin knew that after splitting his soul, his power would weaken a lot and that he might never be able to form a complete soul again.

But now, if he still used the normal method to kill people for their cores, it simply wasn’t fast enough, so he had to risk splitting his soul again.

But this time, luckily, he had his soul core. The danger to his soul after he split it was much smaller. Before, when he split his soul, his soul fragments had no attack power and were in a state of chaos.

But at this point, because of his soul devourer core, to some degree, his soul fragments were the wandering souls from the decaying world.

There was only a small difference in form and behavior.

His soul, which was the size of dozens of Core Formation cultivators’ souls combined, gathered on the soul core and split from one to ten, ten to a hundred, and a hundred to a thousand.

The soul fragments came out of Wang Lin’s body one by one. Each soul fragment was in the form of red lightning. This had to do with Wang Lin’s Ji Realm. In fact, each soul fragment was a Ji Realm soul fragment.

A thousand Ji Realm soul fragments came out of Wang Lin’s body and disappeared as they scattered in all directions.

As for Wang Lin’s root soul fragment, it stayed in his body. Right now, Wang Lin’s soul was extremely weak. He slammed his bag of holding and the poisonous black sword came out and carved a hole in the ground. He sat down cross legged in the hole, then took out the restriction flag, took a deep breath, and held it up.

The restriction flag fluttered without any wind. It suddenly grew in size and covered up everything in a 100 kilometer radius.

Meanwhile, the restrictions came out one by one and landed in the surrounding area. Then, nine giant restriction symbols floated out of the flag and motionlessly floated in the surrounding area.

After spreading out the restrictions, Wang Lin let out a breath and began to digest the cores he had consumed earlier.

As for his soul fragments, when they met a cultivator, as long as they are below the Nascent Soul stage, then the soul fragment would kill the cultivator and steal their core.

Time slowly passed. Whenever a soul fragment managed to get a core, it would immediately come back, drop it off, then head out again.

As a result, the already chaotic Sea of Devils, in which frequent killing was already occurring, became even more chaotic. Even some of the mid sized sects were starting to move.

After two days, Wang Lin sat cross legged inside the area covered by the restriction flag. His face was pale and his core had already shrunken to the size of a thumb nail. His cultivation had dropped to the early stage of Core Formation.

All of the energy from the cores his soul fragments had brought back had been stored in another location. He was preparing for the critical moment, the moment to give that red thread the fatal blow.

Wang Lin formed a seal with his hand and shouted, “Soul fragments, return!” in a husky voice.

Suddenly, all of the soul fragments, no matter where they were, stopped and started to return. In the Sea of Devils, one could see lines of red lightning flash across the sky, all heading in the same direction.

As each piece of red lightning passed through the restriction flag and returned to Wang Lin’s body, his soul became more and more powerful. Once all the soul fragments had returned to his body, a flash of cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes as he controlled the spiritual power inside his body and attacked the red thread.

Three days later, in the area covered by Wang Lin’s restriction flag, the flag suddenly shrank, until it returned to its regular size and landed in the hand of a white haired youth.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and returned the restriction flag to his bag of holding.

His face was no longer pale. In these three days, he didn’t manage to eliminate the red thread completely, but managed to surround it with spiritual power, thus, solving the crisis of his core being destroyed.

Meanwhile, using all of the spiritual he had gathered, his core grew again. Not only did his cultivation not decrease, it increased to the absolute peak of Core Formation late stage.

Wang Lin believed that the only way to get rid of this red thread was for his cultivation to reach the Nascent Soul stage, and, as a result, he would be able to use a technique from Hunchback Meng called Poison Transfer to transfer the red thread to someone else’s body, which will solve his problem.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. His eyes revealed a bold look. He closed his eyes and tried to sense where the devil Xu Liguo was, but, because of the distance between them, he could only get a general direction. He quickly moved toward Xu Liguo’s location.

This time, Wang Lin used the earth escape technique in order to move faster. With the earth escape technique, Wang Lin’s speed exploded. The only downside of this technique was that it consumed a lot of spiritual power, which was why Wang Lin didn’t use it before solving the problem of the red thread.

He moved quickly while using his divine sense to check Xu Liguo’s location. After 7 days, he finally arrived at the place they agreed to meet, 3,000 kilometers away from Qilin city.

He could feel that the devil Xu Liguo was nearby.

That was indeed the case. When Wang Lin charged toward the peak of the mountain, Xu Liguo came out of the pavilion and entered Wang Lin’s brow again.

Meanwhile, Qiu Siping’s shadow appeared within the pavilion. Right now, he looked very beaten up and his breath was unsteady.

Wang Lin moved into the pavilion and sat down on the stone chair, examining Qiu Siping.

Qiu Siping let out a wry smile and said, “Fellow cultivator, I waited for over half a month here for you. If I didn’t believe that you were someone that would keep their promise, I would have already left.”

Wang Lin revealed an apologetic look and said, “There was a great change in the Sea of Devils, causing people to kill each other, and the sects came out to try to gain more power, resulting in a delay on my trip here. I have made you wait a long time.”

Qiu Siping let out a sigh and wryly smiled. He said, “It’s fine. I have killed quite a few greedy cultivators and have also gained some benefits. Fellow cultivator, how do you feel about us going to that place right now?”

Wang Lin stood up and nodded his head. He said, “That’s fine. Fellow cultivator, please lead the way.”

Qiu Siping’s eyes lit up and he smiled. “Fellow cultivator, you and I are now considered allies. May I ask what your name is?”

Wang Lin looked at Qiu Siping and said, “Wang Lin!”

Qiu Siping clasped his hands and said, “Brother Wang, the distance to that place is quite large. If you don’t mind, we can take my cloud boat.” As he finished speaking, he slammed his bag of holding and a cloud boat appeared.

This cloud boat was about 10 feet long and was filled with patterns of spirit beasts. The head of the boat had a carving of a bird that looked alive.

Qiu Siping’s body moved and slowly landed inside the body. He turned to look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin scanned the cloud with his divine sense. After finding nothing abnormal about the boat, he took a step and landed on the boat. Qiu Siping formed a seal with his two hands and sent a technique into the bird carving, which made the boat start moving.

Riding the cloud boat was a bit slower than flying, but because it didn’t require any spiritual energy, it was a lot less taxing. Wang Lin stood in the boat, looking at the light barrier that surrounded it. The barrier blocked out all the black rain that had been pouring down for more than half a month.

Countless roars of thunder could be heard in the rain, creating a “Thunder falling in the night” feel.

Qiu Siping stood on his seat and asked, “Brother Wang, how do you like the boat?”

Wang Lin nodded his head and praised, “It’s very good!”

Qiu Siping let out a laugh and said, “This was made by me. Brother Wang, besides studying restrictions, I also like making these things. It took me years of hard work to get the materials to make it.”

At the same time, a bolt of lightning suddenly split the sky. Although the thunder was far away from the Sea of Devils, one could still feel its power.

This lightning was many times stronger than lightning created from a technique. It was on a completely different level.

Qiu Siping looked up into the sky and muttered, “I was born in the Sea of Devils and have lived here for more than 200 years. In this past half a month, it was the first time I saw the sky.”

Wang Lin was about to speak when his eyes suddenly locked onto something in the distance. Following some thunderous roars, a giant turtle appeared in the horizon.

On top of the turtle stood an old man. He was pointing at the sky and cursing none stop. Although he was far away, his voice still traveled to them.

“This old man is not done with you, divine retribution thief. Let’s continue with your 3,783th crime…”

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