Chapter 206 - Divine Retribution

Chapter 206 - Divine Retribution

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but it caught his interest. This so called Gui Xi was when a Nascent Soul cultivator got invaded by demons and became trapped inside their Nascent Soul. The Nascent Soul couldn’t leave the body and the body entered a sleep-like state.

This state was named Gui Xi.

The only way to fix this problem was to place the cultivator in a safe place and allow them to drive the demons out of their body on their own. If someone from the outside wanted to help, then they must be several times stronger than the cultivator trapped in the Gui Xi state, or even stronger by a whole realm, otherwise, the trapped cultivator would just have to tough it out alone.

If a cultivator was stuck in Gui Xi for a very long time, then the demon would completely take over. Their soul would eventually disappear and their body would rot.

But, in general, most cultivators that enter Gui Xi will wake up, however, they lose some of their cultivation, which still beats losing their life.

This Gui Xi wasn’t a very common thing in the cultivation world. At least Wang Lin had yet to hear of any cultivator stuck in Gui Xi.

After Qiu Siping finished speaking, he looked at Wang Lin, trying to find some clues, however, Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all the entire time. It was still as calm as always.

Wang Lin pondered a little. The red light in his eyes dulled and he asked, “How do you know where there are Gui Xi Cultivators?

A wave of relief washed over Qiu Siping. As long as Wang Lin was asking questions, that meant that the earlier deal of only getting three sentences was null. Qiu Siping didn’t doubt at all that if his three sentences earlier hadn’t impressed Wang Lin, Wang Lin would have killed him without any hesitation.

Both of them were at the late stage of Core Formation, yet there was such a big gap in power. Qiu Siping bitterly smiled in his heart. He felt that the only reason Wang Lin was stronger was because Wang Lin had some treasure that allowed him to increase his attack power. How else would he be completely helpless in a fight against him?

When he heard Wang Lin’s question, he quickly said, “Fellow cultivator, this is a long story. How about we sit down and you let me tell it to you?"

Wang Lin looked at him and slightly nodded.

Qiu Siping quickly flew toward the mountain. Black fog appeared under his feet and quickly brought him to the pavilion at the top of the mountain.

After Qiu Siping left, Wang Lin gently moved his body and he arrived at the pavilion as well. He waved his sleeve, which caused a gentle wind that blew away all the dirt on the stone chair, upon which he sat down.

Although he left after Qiu Siping, he arrived the same time. Qiu Siping’s expression remained calm, but his heart was shocked and his pupils shrank, but they quickly returned to normal.

He knew that this must be a warning from Wang Lin, to warn him that even if he tries some trick to escape, he won’t get away.

In truth, this was...

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