Chapter 2053 - Help succeed!

Wang Lin watched Grand Empyrean Song Tian raise Origin Mountain into the sky, and the earth trembled as even more black light was released.

Their expressions were all calm as he coldly looked over.

The mountain rose higher and higher until it floated high above Song Tian’s head. He raised his right hand as if he was holding a mountain.

“Wang Lin, if you can withstand the power of this Origin Mountain, then I admit defeat!” Song Tian let out a roar as he waved his right hand and Origin Mountain smashed down on Wang Lin.

“This mountain is called Origin Mountain. It was the first mountain born in the Ancient Shi and has been here for countless. Its size hasn’t changed at all after all these years. I completed my dao and became a Grand Empyrean here. After I refined the mountain, I was able to release its suppression force.

“Wang Lin, take this attack!”

The world rumbled and the mountain howled loudly. The mountain was extremely shocking and instantly suppressed the area. The mountain was very strange,...

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