Chapter 2051 - Tenth Sun!

Grand Empyreans could explore the edge of the law of the world. With their powerful faith, they could borrow these laws to make things corporeal. The so-called “creating something from nothing” was this.

However, it was simply turning the illusory into real - they could not grasp the laws and use them as they wished like Wang Lin. This was not borrowing, but a higher level of manipulation of the law of the world!

Song Tian could not do this. In his memory, when he had gone to meet Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, he personally saw something similar.

“This is impossible!!” The ancient devil containing a hint of Song Tian’s divine sense revealed a look of disbelief. He could not believe what he was seeing at all, that Wang Lin, who he considered not worthy of his concern, could control the law of the world after coming out of closed door cultivation.

The moment his ancient devil walked out from the rift, he was completely startled. His mind was completely blank and there was no thought other than Wang Lin reaching toward the sky and all the laws gathering.

Wang Lin was not concerned about the appearance of the ancient devil, and he didn’t even look at it. He focused on melting the Celestial Ancestor head before him. With his mouthful of blood and the law the world, most of it had already melted.

The parts that had melted were completely absorbed by his Grand Empyrean sun. The golden light became brighter and brighter and the three-colored Grand Empyrean sun released a strange light.

The Celestial Ancestor’s head shrank rapidly as golden light penetrated it. A moment later, only a small portion of the head remained. It no longer looked like a head, but a mass of golden light.

As it became smaller and smaller, Wang Lin’s three-colored Grand Empyrean sun rapidly became brighter and more solid. Once the head completely melted and the three-colored Grand Empyrean sun fully absorbed the head, it would become a real Grand Empyrean sun and Wang Lin would become a real Grand Empyrean!

He would be the second strongest Grand Empyrean on the Immortal Astral Continent after Grand Empyrean Gu Dao!!

In the distance, the ancient devil with Song Tian’s divine sense gasped and recovered. He didn’t want to believe what he was seeing, but reality was before him, so he had to believe it. At this moment, his heart trembled and he didn’t hesitate to slowly retreat.

Seeing Wang Lin ignore him, he retreated at the quickest speed back into the rift that he had arrogantly torn open.

As a Grand Empyrean, he rarely did such a thing, feel timid before he even battled. Compared to how arrogantly he had arrived, his escaping figure was too much of a contrast.

However, just as the ancient devil closed in on the rift and was about to enter it, a cold voice echoed across the world.

“Are you just going to leave like that?”

This voice caused the ancient devil containing Song Tian’s divine sense to be startled and then move at full speed as if it had gone mad.

However, just as the cold voice echoed, Wang Lin’s cold gaze landed on the ancient devil. Fine lines appeared around the ancient devil and wrapped around the ancient devil’s body. The ancient devil trembled and became motionless, as if it was frozen.

Wang Lin had speculated a long time ago that the Stop spell was related to the law of the world. With his current cultivation level, he no longer needed to form seals - just a gaze could make them appear.

What was stopped by Wang Lin’s gaze was not just the ancient devil, but also Song Tian’s divine sense. The divine sense trembled and couldn’t move at all.

At the same time, far away, on Origin Mountain, Song Tian was sitting there, and he suddenly opened his eyes. His face was pale and contained a trace of fear. His divine sense had been frozen, and it almost affected his origin soul.

“Open the Origin Array!!” Song Tian didn’t hesitate to immediately let out a roar. As the roar echoed, all the powerful people that followed Song Tian were startled and quickly flew around to set up the formation.

“Teacher…” Chi Man didn’t know what had happened, but seeing his teacher’s gloomy expression, he felt a pressure and knew that something bad was going to happen.

“Shut up. This lord don’t want to be bothered right now. If not for your throne, how could I activate the Origin Array?” Song Tian turned around and looked at Chu Man with a cold gaze.

“I have already done my best. If I fail, then you will not become the ancient emperor in 100 years, that Ji Du will!” Song Tian also felt anger. After he finished speaking, he flew into the sky and then reached down. The Origin Mountain trembled and a ray of light shot out. It was a giant war axe!

This war axe was covered in rust and was not beautiful. However, when Song Tian held it, a roar came from the axe and inexhaustible green souls flew out of it and surrounded Song Tian in a green light. This made Song Tian look very strange.

As Song Tian prepared to go all-out, in the Luo Huo Country, Wang Lin let out a long howl at the sky.

As he howled, the sky changed colors. The Celestial Ancestor head that had mostly melted and turned into a bright ball of golden light had begun its final stage of melting.

It became smaller and smaller. A moment later, it was only the size of a fist. The Grand Empyrean sun became even more solid than the Grand Empyrean suns of Grand Empyreans.

Staring at the fist-sized golden light, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. He raised his right hand and reached at the palace below. Wang Lin’s life and death, karma, and true and false essences flew out from the secret chamber and into his body.

At this moment, when all his essences had returned to him, a thunderous rumble echoed inside his body. His hair moved without any wind and he released a shocking aura. Wang Lin looked at the melting Celestial Ancestor’s head and spat out a mouthful of essence aura.

This aura was invisible and only Wang Lin himself could feel it. The moment this aura touched the head, the head suddenly trembled and melted!!

It melted completely and was completely absorbed by Wang Lin’s three-colored sun. After absorbing the head, the sun became a corporeal object!!

Wang Lin completed the Grand Empyrean sun and sent it into the sky of the Immortal Astral continent so it could become the 10th sun. This was a symbol of him truly becoming a Grand Empyrean. Before, Wang Lin could not be considered a true Grand Empyrean!

The moment his Grand Empyrean sun formed completely, Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the sky. This three-colored Grand Empyrean sun seemed to be held up and slowly rose up to the sky.

Looking at his own Grand Empyrean sun rush toward the highest place in the sky, Wang Lin suddenly recalled when a trace of his divine sense entered the Immortal Astral Continent and saw the strange scene of nine suns in the sky.

“Grand Empyrean…” Wang Lin muttered as he looked at his own Grand Empyrean sun releasing a powerful burst of three-colored light.

At this moment, when Wang Lin raised his own Grand Empyrean sun into the sky, it affected the Grand Empyrean suns of all the other Grand Empyreans!

In the celestial clan, in the Dao Yi Sect, the Northern Continent, the Purple Yang Sect, and Mount Emperor, each respective Grand Empyrean sun rose up and shined brightly.

Shortly after, inside the ancestral city, a golden sun appeared, forming the fifth sun of the celestial clan!

At the same time, in the Ancient clan, Xuan Luo’s Grand Empyrean sun appeared over the place where he was in closed door cultivation. In the Ancient Jiu, the extremely mysterious Grand Empyrean there also had his Grand Empyrean sun appear in the sky!

And Song Tian’s Grand Empyrean sun also appeared without his control and flew into the sky.

The last to appear was Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s Grand Empyrean sun. At this moment, 10 suns suddenly appeared above the Immortal Astral Continent!!

The remaining nine Grand Empyrean suns hadn’t appeared because their owners wanted them to, they had been attracted by Wang Lin’s Grand Empyrean sun.

No Grand Empyrean was surprised by this. Aside from when the Celestial Emperor inherited their Grand Empyrean power, this was a heavenly sign that appeared whenever someone became a Grand Empyrean!

And at this time, because all the Grand Empyrean suns were in the sky, the energy in the Immortal Astral Continent surged. This allowed the other Grand Empyreans to clearly feel the aura of the new Grand Empyrean!

There were a clear size difference in the 10 suns. The largest was Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s - his Grand Empyrean sun was almost equivalent to the total of all the other eight suns, excluding Wang Lin’s three-colored sun.

The second largest was Wang Lin’s three-colored sun. Although not as large as Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s, it was nearly half its size! It radiated light no weaker than Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s sun.

“Godfather… Grand Empyrean…” In the Luo Huo Country, Prince Ji Du revealed never-before-seen excitement and laughed out loud.

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