Chapter 2050 - Black, White, Gold!

When Wang Lin opened his eyes inside the secret room, the figure covered in fog on top of the tower on Mount Gu Dao let out a sigh.

“There are… 400 years…”

At the celestial clan, the 72 souls had calmed down after howling and begging at the sky. However, only Grand Empyrean Jiu Di knew what had happened, and his heart was disturbed. He was cultivating, but he constantly looked at the sky with awe and longing in his eyes.

In his entire life, he longed for that legendary realm, but he still could not take that step.

“The reason Grand Empyrean Gu Dao is the strongest Grand Empyrean must be because he has taken that step!! I don’t know when I’ll be able to as well…” Jiu Di remained silent and he had a complicated expression for a long time before he let out a long sigh.

On Mount Emperor, Hai Zi was standing at the top of the mountain in a white dress. Her clothes danced in the wind and there was hesitation and confusion in her eyes.

During the previous divination, she felt a sense of familiarity. She hadn’t told Jiu Di about this as even she felt like it was just an illusion.

In the Ancient clan, on Origin Mountain, outside the Ancient Shi imperial capital, Grand Empyrean Song Tian’s face was pale. He looked into the distance with a complicated gaze, and it was unknown what he was thinking.

“Tec… Teacher…” Chi Man’s hesitant voice came from behind him.

“Shut up for me!” Song Tian didn’t turn around and interrupted Chi Man’s words. He didn’t want to listen to anything right now. He had to think about whether the upheaval in the 36 countries was related to Wang Lin.

Although he didn’t think there was a connection, there was a small chance that it was Wang Lin. In the case, he would need to change his decision-making and thought process.

“Forget it, I’ll go meet him and find out!” A moment later, Song Tian’s eyes lit up and he raised his right hand. As he pointed at the sky, a thunderous rumble echoed and power gathered from all sides. When the clouds scattered, a huge rift was torn open in the sky.

A giant head came out of the rift. This head was green and had two horns - it was an ancient devil! Large amounts of black gas surrounded the ancient devil, and as it roared, two large claws came out of the rift. It tore the rift open even wider and its whole body walked out.

Its body was 100,000 feet tall, and after it walked out, it let out a roar before kneeling down before Song Tian.

Staring at the giant ancient devil before him, Song Tian’s eyes lit up. His left hand touched his forehead and a ray of green light shot out toward the ancient devil and disappeared between its eyebrows.

Song Tian sat down with his eyes closed, but the ancient devil’s eyes revealed a monstrous light. It had a gloomy expression as it moved back into the rift and disappeared.

The moment the Ancient Devil disappeared, Wang Lin let out a deep breath in the Luo Huo country. His eyes were filled with determination, and after he checked his body’s cultivation level, he frowned a moment later.

He couldn’t tell what cultivation level he was at now. He had passed peak Void Tribulant but was not a Grand Empyrean. He felt like the so-called Grand Empyrean was half a step from his current state.

This half step seemed very short but was actually a large gap that was very difficult to cross.

“Halfway into Heaven Trampling…” Wang Lin rubbed his temples and he looked at the Celestial Emperor’s soul he had been refining inside his soul fire for 100 years. The ancestral curse still remained and he had found it difficult to refine with his previous cultivation level.

At this moment, his eyes lit up and his right hand reached toward the Celestial Emperor’s soul. When he grabbed it, the soul fire around it disappeared, leaving only the soul.

Looking at the soul, Wang Lin had a strange feeling. He had an illusion that he didn’t need to use too much effort to easily remove the ancestral curse.

This was naturally due to the fact that there wasn’t much of the ancestral curse left. It had been shared by Jiu Di and the others, and he had been refining it for 100 years in his soul fire. However, even so, if it was before, he would have needed to refine it for 100 more years in his soul fire before he could expel it completely.

With that strange gaze in his eyes, Wang Lin’s left index finger penetrated the soul and touched the grey gas inside it.

Wang Lin softly whispered, “Scatter.”

The moment he said this one word, a distortion appeared inside the secret chamber and countless lines appeared around Wang Lin’s left index finger. The lines entered the grey gas inside the Celestial Emperor’s soul.

This mass of grey gas trembled and then rapidly dissipated until none remained.

After removing this small portion of the ancestral curse so easily, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. Now that the ancestral curse was gone, the Celestial Emperor’s eyes trembled as if he was going to open his eyes.

Wang Lin didn’t do anything but watched the Celestial Emperor’s soul open his eyes. After a moment of confusion, his gaze turned into viciousness and hatred.

“Wang Lin!” A divine sense rushed toward Wang Lin, but to Wang Lin, this divine sense was insignificant.

Seeing that Wang Lin wasn’t affected at all, the Celestial Emperor was startled. The moment he felt startled, Wang Lin’s right hand squeezed.

With this, a powerful rushed into the Celestial Emperor’s soul and, with a bang, the Celestial Emperor died completely. His soul turned into a mass and was about to dissipate. Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and his left hand reached at the void. A giant head suddenly appeared inside the secret chamber.

It was the Celestial Ancestor’s head, and when it appeared, a dense, golden light scattered. This caused the world to change colors and filled the chamber with dense celestial energy.

“With the soul as a guide, fuse!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and the Celestial Emperor’s soul split into seven strands of gas that flew toward the Celestial Ancestor’s head.

These seven strands of gas rushed toward the seven orifices!

Wang Lin suddenly stood up and walked out of the secret chamber for the first time in 100 years. He stood over the Celestial Ancestor’s head and waved at the sky.

A giant sun appeared behind the Celestial Ancestor’s head. This sun was black and white, and it was only an outline rather than corporeal like a real Grand Empyrea sun.

“With my previous cultivation level, I couldn’t do it, but now I should be able to do it. With Lian Daozhen’s soul as a guide, I can fuse the Celestial Ancestor’s head with my Grand Empyrean sun. With it, my Grand Empyrean sun will form completely!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his hands formed seals. Green lights followed the seven strands into the Celestial Ancestor’s seven orifices, causing the head to tremble.

At this moment, the sky was dim and a powerful pressure descended, shrouding the area. Even if one was very far, they would feel it clearly.

As Wang Lin continued to form seals, the Celestial Ancestor’s head trembled violently and fine cracks appeared on it, spreading across the entire head. However, it showed no sign of breaking or melting.

Wang Lin didn’t make a sound as his hands formed seals and he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of green fire. The fire burned the Celestial Ancestor’s head, then the head finally showed signs of melting.

The moment it started melting, Wang Lin’s black and white sun shrouded it. It shined brightly and began to rapidly absorb it.

However, the speed at which the head was melting was slowing down, and as time passed, it showed signs of stopping.

“Indeed worthy of the Celestial Ancestor, who stepped past the eighth Heaven Trampling Bridge. Even after being dead for so long, just his head is so difficult to refine…” Wang Lin murmured. He thought about who could kill the Celestial Ancestor but found no clues.

“However, in the end, this is just a head.” Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached at the void. The dim sky suddenly changed colors and countless fine lines appeared. Others couldn’t see then, and only after becoming a Grand Empyrean could one vaguely sense them. However, even Grand Empyreans had touch on the tip of controlling these fine lines.

Only after taking that step into the first Heaven Trampling Bridge could one really extract them from the world and put them to use.

 Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he muttered to himself, “No wonder it is rumored that Grand Empyrean Gu Dao could kill other Grand Empyreans and that several Grand Empyreans died by his hand in the great war countless years ago…

“With this power to manipulate the world, it shouldn’t be difficult to kill Grand Empyreans!”

“The Celestial Ancestor is indeed someone who walked past the eight bridge. After his head is fused with my Grand Empyrean sun, it will become a powerful aid and treasure!”

It was at this moment that a thunderous rumble echoed in the sky in the distance and a huge crack appeared. Large amounts of black gas spread out and a giant ancient devil walked out.

However, just as the ancient devil walked out, it was startled. Song Tian’s divine sense was inside the devil, and when he felt the strangeness here, his expression changed. He saw Wang Lin in the distance. Wang Lin completely ignored him and seem to be grabbing countless fine lines in his hand. All the lines were wrapped around the head and then Wang Lin bit his tongue to spit out blood that fell on the lines and the head.

At this moment, the Celestial Ancestor’s head began to melt rapidly and was rapidly absorbed by Wang Lin’s Grand Empyrean sun. As the Grand Empyrean sun rapidly condensed, a third color, gold, appeared!

“Controlling the law of the world!! This… This…” The ancient devil that just appeared let out a shriek of disbelief.

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