Chapter 2047 - Trample the Heavenly Path, Void Extinction Dao!

In the Luo Huo Continent, after a part of the Luo Huo’s soul was devoured by Wang Lin, Prince Ji Du coughed out a large mouthful of blood inside the hall.

After he coughed out this mouthful of blood, an invisible seal inside his body collapsed and was broken.

Prince Ji Du’s eyes revealed a strange light and he could feel a power awakening inside his body. This power filled his body and made him close his eyes.

Outside the temple, the black-haired Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from Origin Mountain. His gaze was extremely cold and ruthless.

Beside him was Wang Lin’s five-element true body.

Although these two true bodies looked the same, the feeling they each gave off was completely different.

The five-element true body represented Wang Lin’s life of cultivation. It would give people a gentle but powerful pressure of someone strong.

The slaughter essence true body represented Wang Lin’s life of slaughter. It would make one’s heart feel cold and not dare to get close.

A moment later, a calm voice came from the secret chamber and echoed across the world.“True body, return!!”  The five-element true body looked down at the secret chamber and turned into a ray of five-colored light that disappeared into the earth.

As for the slaughter essence true body, it also didn’t hesitate at all. Its black hair and black robe fluttered in the air as it slowly walked toward the earth. Its body turned into black strands and dissipated.

Inside the secret chamber, Wang Lin sat down. The five-element true body and slaughter essence true body were standing before him. He looked at the two essence true bodies with a solemn expression.

“100 years of cultivation to finally form this slaughter essence true body…  I wonder if my cultivation take a step past peak Void Tribulant after it fuses with my original body!

“If my cultivation level can increase again, perhaps I can completely expel the ancestral curse in the Celestial Emperor’s soul and take control of it!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and drew his gaze from his true bodies. He looked at the soul being burned by his soul fire in the middle of the room. Over these past 100 years of refining, the grey color of decay had been condensed into the size of a baby’s fist, but it could not be expelled completely.

“My cultivation path is completely different from that of others. After peak Void Tribulant, there are Empyrean Exalts and Ascendent Empyreans. But these were added by others, and in reality, both are part of peak Void Tribulant.

And every time my cultivation level increases, it is based on the division of realms…” Wang Lin was suddenly filled with expectation. He wanted to know what his cultivation level would be after taking a step past peak Void Tribulant.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with with excitement as he muttered, “Grand Empyrean… Or would it be…” 

“Or would it be… The fourth step!! But does the fourth step really exist in this world… Could the Ancient Ancestor and Celestial Ancestor have been at the fourth step…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he felt expectation in his heart. He raised his right hand and the five-element true body walked forward. It overlapped with Wang Lin and completely fused with him.

When the five-element true body returned, Wang Lin’s white hair flowed without any wind and his cultivation erupted. At this instant, he reached peak Void Tribulant, and after 100 years of closed door cultivation, he was filled with power. This was him in peak condition.

Looking at the black-haired slaughter essence true body, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and revealed a decisive gaze. He pointed at the slaughter essence true body and the true body looked up at him with its indifferent gaze as it walked over.

In the blink of an eye, the slaughter essence true body closed in on Wang Lin. It didn’t stop until it started overlapping with him. It overlapped with Wang Lin completely and then they began to slowly fuse.

As the fusion went on, confusion gradually appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. At the same time, his cultivation level increased at an indescribable rate, and the world changed colors. Wang Lin’s cultivation seemed to have broken through a bottleneck and was still rapidly ascending toward a mysterious realm.

During this process, his cultivation level instantly surpassed the so-called Empyrean Exalt stage and soon climbed to the so-called Ascendant Empyrean stage.

This continued with no sign of stopping. Wang Lin’s eyes became even more confused, as if he was going to lose his mind. Everything felt like an illusion.

As his cultivation level continued to increase, it went beyond Ascendant Empyrean, rising toward another boundary. This was the boundary of a Grand Empyrean!!

After an unknown amount of time, the slaughter thunder essence true body and Wang Lin were almost fully fused, though a bit of overlapping remained. It looked like they were about to fuse completely. Wang Lin’s eyes released a silver light and were filled with confusion.

Finally, he felt a rumble in his mind and felt like his soul had left his body. His soul left his body, left the chamber, and appeared in the sky.

The sky was not blue and there was no sun, moon, or stars. At this moment, only Wang Lin’s soul existed. He looked down on the earth to find that it was covered in a white fog. This made it so he could not see the earth.

He looked at the sky. The sky was obscured by thin lines that seemed to contain their own laws.

“This is the sky…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion. He could not see the sky,only the fine lines. Even when he used his full power, he could only see countless fine lines without any end.

With confusion in his eyes, Wang Lin wanted to fly out. He had a vague feeling that if he could step out of these endless lines, he could take the step past peak Void Tribulant!

This step would be an ascension, a metamorphosis where one break out of their shell and transform into a butterfly! This feeling was extremely strong, as if it came from the depths of his soul.

After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin suddenly looked up. Although his eyes were filled with confusion, there was even more determination. He charged at the endless fine lines!

He moved very fast. Even though he could not feel it clearly, he rushed into the sea of fine lines. He allowed the lines to surround him, but he continued forward.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin saw a bridge appear before him in this endless sea of fine lines!

To be more accurate, this wasn’t one bridge, but nine bridges!!

After this bridge, there was one that looked like a rainbow, and after that… There was another rainbow-like bridge. They expanded into the vast space and gave off an ancient aura that made it seem like they had existed since the world was born.

After the distant ninth bridge, there was an illusory image that looked like another world, and he could vaguely see a few figures inside. However, when Wang Lin took a closer look, he couldn’t see a thing; it was completely blurry.

“Heaven Trampling Bridge!” Wang Lin muttered to himself, then he looked at a huge, stone tablet before the first bridge. There were three large words engraved on this stone tablet. These words were very strange. Wang Lin had never seen them before, but the moment he looked at them, the meaning of these words appeared in his mind.

On the stone tablet, aside from these three words, there was a row of smaller words. Wang Lin silently looked over.

“Trample the heavenly path, Void Extinction Dao, Immortal Soul, Worshipped by all!”

Wang Lin went into a trance. He vaguely remembered that if there was still a fourth step, its name was Heaven Trampling!

After standing outside the first bridge for a long time, the confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared. His eyes shined brightly and he walked toward the first bridge.

Step by step, the first bridge looked very close, but it took a few hours to get there. When Wang Lin was before the first bridge, he finally saw the entirety of it.

This bridge was an illusion without any substance. It could be seen but couldn’t be felt by divine sense. The ancient aura coming from it was not something that could be created by humans.

“Heaven Trampling Bridge…” Wang Lin raised his right hand to touch the bridge, but his hand easily went through it. He was startled for a moment and he carefully looked at his right hand.

There were some crystal clear particles of light in his hand. Each particle contained powerful vitality, and they all flew back toward the first bridge.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and stood there for half an incense stick of time. He suddenly opened his eyes and raised his foot to talk toward the first Heaven Trampling Bridge!

The moment he stepped onto the bridge, he could clearly feel that his soul body was undergoing a transformation, as if a large amount of laws of the world had become clear to him. He had never felt this before, and he stood motionless on the bridge.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a deep breath and looked at the bridge with a strange gaze.

He stepped forward step by step. When he arrived at the end of the first bridge, the changes in the law of the world had been engraved in his heart and could not be erased.

Looking at the distance, the vague, illusory picture at the end of the ninth bridge became a bit more clear. It seemed to be a beautiful place, but the human figures were still blurry; he couldn’t even tell how many people there were.

While silently pondering, Wang Lin walked down from the bridge and went toward the second Heaven Trampling Bridge. He had a strong feeling that if he could walk past all nine bridges and see the illusory scene at the end, he could break past the third step and enter the legendary Heaven Trampling realm!

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