Chapter 2046 - Punishment Slaughter!

The round meatball’s body was illusory, and after it appeared, it was surrounded by black gas. It let out a howl and flew toward Wang Lin’s five-element true body.

As it approached, its howl became even more sharp.

Just as it closed in, Wang Lin was still sitting inside the secret chamber and his right hand was still raised. In his right hand sat a small person who was also cultivating.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. After 100 years of time, Wang Lin was not the same as before. His expression was calm, and the moment he opened his eyes, the little person in his right palm also opened its eyes. Its eyes were filled with intelligence and there was a flash of divination in them.

In Wang Lin’s palm, the little person knelt down and kowtowed toward him. After nine kowtows, Wang Lin closed his right palm and the little person disappeared without a trace.

“The Soul Eye Dao is indeed mysterious!” Wang Lin muttered as he looked up and revealed a sneer.

“20 years ago, I used this spell to divinate a chance to completely fuse my slaughter thunder essence true body. After countless tries, I found that I needed the soul of a ferocious beast!

However, this soul will give me a chance to completely fuse this slaughter thunder essence true body! I divinated that on the day that I try to fuse my essence true bodies, someone will personally deliver it… This soul indeed came!” Wang Lin raised his hand and pointed at the sky.

With this, the entire sky changed drastically. The alternation of day and night suddenly stopped and even the countless restrictions stopped flickering.

Even the five-element true body stopped.

The Luo Huo that had been roaring and had rushed over suddenly paused and even stopped roaring. It seemed to be frozen in place, and while its eye was still ferocious, even this ferociousness seemed to be frozen.

Stop spell!!

When used with Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, its power was shocking. When the Luo Huo was stopped, the alternation of day and night returned to normal, the restriction essence true body recovered, and the five-element true body recovered.

Immediately after, the countless restrictions rushed into the stopped Luo Huo and entered its illusory body. Endless light flashed, and after absorbing all the restrictions, it shrank a bit.

The ferociousness dissipated and was replaced by an illusory figure. This figure was blurry, but it soon condensed into Wang Lin!

This figure that looked exactly like Wang Lin revealed a smile and walked out of the eye. As it stood there, it released a powerful restriction essence aura.

This was the restriction essence true body Wang Lin had formed by borrowing the power of this fierce beast!

At the same time ,the rising sun shot out from the alternating sky and entered the illusory body of the Luo Huo. The Luo Huo’s body shrank once more and another human-shaped shadow appeared.

The shadow shined brightly like the sun and smiled as it formed. It walked out from the eye and stood next to the restriction essence.

This body was the absolute beginning true body Wang Lin had condensed over the last 100 years by using his Flowing Time spell combined with the Dao Wang clan’s ability to create their own world. The purpose of this was to recreate countless cycles of day and night!!

Shortly after, the absolute end essence, which represented the dark night, flew out into the eye. The body of the Luo Huo shrank to only half its original size when the third essence true body walked out!

Absolute end essence true body!!

Over the past 100 years, Wang Lin had used Flowing Time and the Dao Wang clan’s spell to strengthen his absolute beginning and absolute end essences to the point of forming an essence true body. However, he could not fully integrate these special essences, so he had divinated and decided to borrow the power of the Luo Huo to attempt it.

The five true essence bodies all absorbed the soul of the fierce beast. They were borrowing the mutual attraction of the beast’s soul to try to integrate together!

Inside the secret chamber, after Wang Lin’s restriction, absolute beginning, and absolute end essence true bodies had appeared, a strange lightning spread across his body. Another overlapping shadow appeared as his slaughter thunder essence true body flew up into the sky from the secret chamber.

When the slaughter thunder essence true body flew into the sky, the black thunder spread out, creating a thunderous rumble.

“After 100 years of nourishment and a second refining, this slaughter thunder and I have become inseparable. There are no more signs of it defecting. The slaughter essence has also reached the point of forming an essence true body!

“Whether all five true bodies can fuse into one will depend on this!” Wang Lin’s expression was serious as his hands formed seals and his powerful divine sense shrouded the world.

The slaughter thunder body rushed toward the sealed Luo Huo and entered its body. The Luo Huo’s body trembled violently and shrank rapidly until it disappeared, leaving behind only the huge eye.

The eye was dim, and from a distance, it looked like an egg!

After one incense stick of time, countless cracks appeared on it until it exploded. Then wo figures walked out!

One was the thunder essence true body, which had formed an essence true body a long time ago. The other had a head of black a hair - it was the cold and indifferent slaughter essence true body!

After this essence true body appeared, it calmly looked at the sky and a shocking aura spread out. This was a destructive aura that represented destruction and slaughter!

“I am Slaughter…” the black-haired Wang Lin muttered.

He lowered his head and his gaze swept past everyone. When the guards on the ground were swept by the gaze, they all let out miserable screams. This was not because of pain or death, but from fear!!

A sense of fear that came from the soul!!

Inside the hall, the purple-robed young man trembled and his mind was filled with fear. Even Prince Ji Du was trembling, filled with fear.

“I am called Slaughter!!” The black-haired Wang Lin looked up and roared at the sky, but at this moment, a cold snort came from the palace.

When the cold snort entered the ears of the black-haired Wang Lin, his roar stopped. His face revealed pain and madness. Taking advantage of this moment, the thunder essence true body flew toward the black-haired Wang Lin and fused with him. This caused the black thunder in the area to lash out.

Shortly after, the restriction essence true body’s eyes shined and his body turned into countless restrictions. He created a restriction storm and fused with the black-haired Wang Lin’s body.

At the same time, the absolute beginning and absolute end essence true bodies both silently walked out. They turned into a two rays of light, black and white, and fused with the black-haired Wang Lin.

“I am called Slaughter!!!” The black-haired Wang Lin’s grunts turned into a roar. Four overlapping shadows appeared, seeming as if he was going to force the true bodies out of him.

“No one can control me, I am slaughter!” As he roared, the overlapping shadows in his body were pushed out several inches. This looked very mysterious!

A second cold snort came out. The black-haired Wang Lin trembled, and at the same time, the five-element true body appeared in the sky. The five-element true body shrank and waved his hand. A huge palm of five-element energy pressed down on the black-haired Wang Lin. 

“I am Slaughter!” The black-haired Wang Lin looked up and released a destructive force. Just as he was about to struggle, a powerful pressure appeared around him. This pressure contained a powerful divine sense that pressed down on him.

Also at this moment, the shadow of a Luo Huo appeared behind the black-haired Wang Lin. This Luo Huo’s shadow was in pieces, but countless black threads appeared and the pieces began to fuse. The overlapping shadows around the black-haired Wang Lin no longer spread out, but fused together.

“Because you are my second true body, you are Slaughter! From now on, you will replace me in hunting down my enemies! You will spread my destructive intent and kill those that seek to harm me!

“Your name is Slaughter and you dao name is Punishment!”

A powerful voice echoed in the world and the Luo Huo shadow behind the black-haired Wang Lin completely fused. The other four overlapping shadows also fully integrated and are now one!

The pressure dissipated and the world returned to normal. The black-haired Wang Lin was still black-haired. He stood there and slowly raised his head.

“I’m Punishment Slaughter!” This voice was calm and extremely cold. There was no emotion within, only indifference to the extreme. He represented Wang Lin’s slaughter and destruction, which would make the heavens and earth tremble. It would make Wang Lin’s enemies know fear.

As he raised his head, his cold gaze looked into the distance and seemed to be able to cross endless distances. His gaze directly fell on tip of the horn of Origin Mountain, on the shocked Song Tian!

“Not good!” Song Tian’s body trembled and he gasped. He subconsciously stood up and his expression changed. He grabbed Chi Man and flew into the air before the horn he was sitting on collapsed.

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